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POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms

POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • BREATHE EASY & STAY HEALTHY – Dry humid air can affect your health, skin, and condition of your home. Dry and itchy skin, irritated eyes, allergies, sore throat are mostly caused by dryness in the air. To breathe more easily and keep your body healthy, the new Pohl + Schmitt Humidifier is the ideal choice. Its stylish design makes it perfect for any bedroom or baby’s room and many other rooms. Sleep more peacefully and feel like you are breathing fresh air in your home.
  • 1.5 LITER WATER TANK – Compact and powerful. Add more moisture to the air in any room you want. Besides bedrooms and baby’s rooms, breathe fresh air in the office, living room or any other medium-sized rooms. Up to 16 hours of continuous operating time with adjustable mist direction as well as high and low speeds.
  • COZY NIGHT LIGHT – For maximum relaxation and a restful sleep, this Ultrasonic Humidifier offers a pleasant blue glow and whisper quiet operation during the night time. Improve your sleep cycles and wake up happy, healthy and rested.
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES – When the level of water in the water tank is too low, the unit will automatically shut-off. The indicator will let you know every time you need to refill the water tank keeping the air fresh in your home 24/7. With our special design, you can clean your Humidifier daily with ease and convenience.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms.
The Pohl + Schmitt Ultrasonic Humidifier is what every dry humid household needs. A whisper quiet operating system will give you up to 16 hours of continuous mist, feeling like you live in the center of the forest. No more dry lips and skin or waking up with a sore throat and allergies. Stay healthier with this small but powerful appliance. A soothing blue night light is perfect in the bedroom or baby’s room. With the 1.5 liter water tank and adjustable mist speed you can keep the whole family happy as well as your pets and houseplants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms.

Question Question 1

Can You Turn The Night Light Off?

Mine came with an on and off switch for the night light.

Question Question 2

If It Doesn’T Need A Filter, Why Does It Say That An Extra Filter Is Included With The Purchase?

Same here. we just received mine yesterday (09-Dec-2019) and it doesn’t have filter. we were disappointed because we were expecting a product just like the picture shows. However, a small sealed white sponge measured 3″x2″x1″ is included in the box. Don t know what it s for, not mentioned in the Instruction Manual. Both the Same here. we just received mine yesterday (09-Dec-2019) and it doesn’t have filter. we were disappointed because we were expecting a product just like the picture shows. However, a small sealed white sponge measured 3″x2″x1″ is included in the box. Don t know what it s for, not mentioned in the Instruction Manual. Both the box and the product state the model no is HU 11. we wish the seller updates the picture and the product name if it is no longer using filter.

Question Question 3

The Light Turns Red And It Stops Misting Half Way Through The Second Night. Has This Happened To Anyone Else? Is There Any Reason Why It Stops Misting?

Mine stops when there is no more water. If we want it to work throughout the night we fill it up just before going to bed

Question Question 4

Does This Use Uv Light To Heat The Water?

No it just lets you know when you are out of water and it acts as a night light too.

Question Question 5

Can You Put Vick’S In This Model?


Question Question 6

Will It Continue To Operate After A Power Failure?

It doesn t operate while the power is out, as it needs to be plugged into a wall socket, but it will resume operation once power is restored.

Question Question 7

We Just Feel Our Mouth And Our Nose Are Really Dry At Night, Could It Help Us ?

we felt it helped our son when he has coughing too muchwe also feel our mouth is less dry when we have it on

Question Question 8

Will This Work With 220V?

It is a 120 volt unit

Question Question 9

Our Item Has Broken, The Red Light Won T Turn To Green But The Second Unit We Bought Is Working Fine.?

The same happened to me

Question Question 10

What Is The White Sponge That Comes With The Humidifier For? Is It A Filter? If So Where Does It Go?

we are pretty sure it s to wipe it dry after each use.

Question Question 11

How Often To Replace Filter Amd Where Do I Get One?

The filter is built in and is just washed and replaced every 3 years According to the manual

Question Question 12

Have A Humidistat?

No it does not

Question Question 13

Is It 110V Or Can Be Used In Eu With 240V Power?

It s a 120v. it s not for 240v power

Question Question 14

Why Does Our Humidifier Stop Working After A Few Hours? Lights Stay On But Steam Stops Coming Out And Water Level Stops Dropping? Defective?

Don’t know the answer to that, we never had that problem. we would call them and return for a replacement.

Question Question 15

How On Earth Do You Clean This? Can T Figure Out How To Take It Apart.?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAZ4Q2k3Gg, You Tube video on cleaning

Question Question 16

So Does It Need A Filter Or Not?Does It Come With A Filter?Does It Make White Dust In The Room?Thank You.?

It’s a no mess no fuss. Filter included only needs water

Question Question 17

Does This Have A Medicine Cup?

No, there is no medicine cup with this one.

Question Question 18

Does This Humidifier Need Filters Or It S Filterless?

No filters

Question Question 19

Can You Use Vinegar Or Citric Acid To Clean The Unit?

we just use warm water

Question Question 20

Does This Product Contain Bpa, Bpf, Bps, Or Any Other Bisphenol As An Ingredient In Its Production?

Sorry.we don’t know.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms, these might be useful for better understanding.

We were told that we should really sleep with a humidifier by one of our friends who also has really bad allergies similar to mine and we can’t believe how long we have been living without this thing and knowing how amazingly it works for us. So far, it has worked better than any sort of over the counter pill we took for the past 5 years, and believe us we have tried everything.

We really like this humidifier especially since it doesn’t require a filter. It is small enough so that we can have it on our nightstand. It also holds a lot of water which means we don’t need to get up in the middle of the night to refill it. We like to have it on high humidity, so this has been an excellent purchase. We really appreciate the fact that it also turns off by itself when the water is out so it doesn’t waste electricity.

For the past couple of years we have had a severe nose irritation which caused us to sneeze and cough a lot. We have found out about this humidifier from a friend which had a similar problem. After several days, we have started to notice the improvements as we didn’t sneeze that often anymore, and also our throat wasn’t sore anymore. We keep it on the night stand because it has a really nice blue glow making it a night light as well.

If plants in your home start to look dull and lifeless, imagine what dry air does to your skin. We always had dry and irritable skin, sensitive to sun, wind and literally everything. We bought an orchid last year and noticed how leaves started to dry and get wrinkles. Our skin was itchy and dry, and one night we couldn’t even breathe how dry air was. Ordered this the same morning, kept wet towels around to breathe till it arrived. Thank you also for faster than expected delivery, hated the smell of wet cotton.

Our bulldog always struggled to breathe which just got worsened since we moved to a new apartment. We took him to a vet the first day we saw that his snout is dry and he makes some weird sound when he breathes. Turned out that nothing is wrong other than dry air. We went home happy that it wasn’t something serious and ordered this one immediately since the vet said she has it. Very happy problem got solved easily, that our dog is back to normal and that it didn’t cost us an awful amount of money to fix it.

It really feels like this thing can open your lungs and help you breathe, especially when it’s hot outside and you don’t have an air conditioner in your room. It is small enough to be placed almost anywhere, looks great with the glowing blue light but the color can not be changed. It also holds a lot of water so you don’t need to change it too often. It’s very quiet as well so you can place it near you while sleeping. One of the best features, other than adjustable humidity level, is the automated shutdown once it runs out of water. Overall we love it, we just wish there was a way to change the color of the light.

Quiet and easy to use a humidifier that’s perfect for our baby’s nursery. She’s been sleeping a lot easier ever since we put this humidifier in her room because of the more humidity. She’s a pretty light sleeper too and the lack of noise made this humidifier perfect for our needs. We are generally a really picky consumer but we are pretty happy with this humidifier except that we would really like to be able to shut off the light at night.

We have been using this for about a month now and it has been working pretty good so far. We just have to order another one since it is hard to have just one do the job if there is a high ceiling, so we will have to add one or even two more. Sleek design and quiet while turned on, night blue light is very calming, kids love to fall asleep when it is in their room.

Whole our life we have struggled with asthma, making our childhood and adult life marked by different breathing aids, such as pumps and, of course, air humidifiers. Too dry air really makes us struggle to breathe, not to mention constant dryness of mouth and throat. Since we tried so many different humidifiers over the years, we have to say we are really content with this particular one.

This is an excellent humidifier for the money. We simply agree with all other positive comments about this equipment. The only reason for subtracting 1 star is that the manufacturer could make the reservoir 30% or even 40% larger. They evidently do not experience the bone dry condition in the southwestern usa. For hot and dry nights of peak summer, the tank won’t last 8 hours at the highest setting. A straight up reservoir can hold 40% more water. Yet, this minor oversight is not a deal breaker.

Pictures added with soda can for size reference. Nightlight function is on in one picture and off in the other two. Bought this humidifier to counter the unforgiving, dry winter air which has seeped into the master bedroom. We have had the humidifier on for the past two nights and can already tell a big difference. When we have a cold (as we do now), we find that we tend to sleep with our mouth open. Which means, in the morning, our throat has more cracks in it than a dry riverbed. But, this ultrasonic humidifier has left us waking up feeling as though someone sat up all night watching over us with a water bottle making sure that our throat was constantly covered in a fine mist of moisture. The tank appears small at first glance and, when you turn the humidifier on, the amount of mist coming up on the lowest setting may prompt doubts the humidifier would last the night. We are very happy to report that this machine is very efficient and makes it all the way through the night with water to spare (on the lowest setting, which is still more than enough for our master bedroom). Nighlight function is great. Not too bright that it would keep us up, but not so soft that we can’t use the light to guide us to the bathroom door. Finally, the feature that won us over when considering whether or not to purchase this humidifier was: we can fit our hand into the tank, which means we can clean the inside of the tank. One of the uploaded pictures shows the bottom of the tank (soda can placed into water opening for reference).

We got this humidifier about a week ago to alleviate the dryness in our apartment, and so far it’s working great and our skin is quite thankful for it. The humidifier is easy to fill up, operates silently, and is fairly easy to clean and dry. We also appreciated the clear and thorough instruction manual on its operation and maintenance to avoid any health hazards that can arise from using a dirty humidifier. We haven’t been using it regularly, but the night light is a nice touch. The “easy to clean” rating of 5 stars would be 4. 5 if were to let us give it. For now, there’s no issue, but due to the shape of the water tank, we think it will be difficult to reach some parts of the inner surface. However, 1) with regular rinsing per the instructions, there wouldn’t really be any accumulation where the lack of easy reach would be a concern, and 2) that seems to be a fairly normal “issue” among comparable units, so it’s probably a non-issue after all.

This humidifier is perfect for a bedroom or office space. Extremely thoughtful design. Easy to fill. Easy to clean. Other reviewers have talked about the many features. Do not forget to disinfect this humidifier regularly. An important con: these types of inexpensive humidifiers do not have any anti-bacterial/anti-mold features. They will grow mold on the hard plastic. You have to take the machine and the reservoir apart (we do it once a week) in the sink and spray it will diluted clorox or high concentrate vinegar. Be sure to spray the tube that the steam flows through also. Let it sit. Then rinse well. If you don’t do this, you will be spreading mold spores in the air. Not a good thing and likely to make you ill. For the price and design features, we do recommend it. If you aren’t willing to disinfect periodically then you should consider spending more money to get a humidifier that has built-in anti-bacterial & anti-mold features.

We bought this because we wanted a small humidifier that could fit on a night stand, but would have enough water to last through the night. This is perfect. We are glad you can choose to turn the night light off. We do not want the extra light but our kids like that. This weekend we took a road trip out of state and it was nice to throw this in the suitcase. Hotels are so dry.

We were having problems with our humidifier when we received it. They personally got back with us to make sure we received a new one. This one works very good with no problems and does what we were glad for it to do. The humidifier and customer service are both great.

Easy to use. We hated the vicks vaporizer because of the complications of using it. You had to add salt and watch to make sure it didn’t boil over or run out of water and overheat. This humidifier is much easier to use. You just fill it up and turn it on. You can adjust the flow and it has a nightlight with an on/off switch. We love it.

The humidifier was very easy to use. We were slightly confused by a white foam rectangle in plastic wrapping. We are not sure if we are supposed to do something with it. We could not find it in the instructions anywhere. We also thought there was supposed to be two filters but we may have been wrong.

So, the title of the product didn’t say this was a cool mist, so we thought it would be warm, and obviously, it wasn t, but that s totally our fault for not reading the description. As for what it was, it was wonderful. Produce an abundance of vapor, lasted a long time and looked pretty easy to clean. We thought for a minute it was broken, because the vapor wasn t coming out after we refilled it, but what you have to do is pour out what s still in the bottom part when you refill it, before you replace the refilled tank. We figured that out after we had decided to go ahead and return it, so we went ahead and did, since it wasn t what we really need anyway, but it s a wonderful product. ??.

This has been our second humidifier. We have read a lot of reviews before zeroing in on this one. Packaging was fine except that there were a few marks on water tank. It was able to be set up and running in a few minutes. It is easy to clean and is quiet except for the sound of water dripping which we assume is common with most of the other humidifiers. The mist output has a wide range controlled by a round knob, so that the output could be reduced once the room has enough humidity. Liked the switch that turns on and off the blue light. Humidifier came with a demineralization cartridge as a screw that could be fixed to something but the manual doesn t mention how it has to be assembled, it need to be fixed on other side of the water release switch. Most units may already have it attached. It would be of help if the manual mentions how user knows if the filter has to be replaced, is it supposed to be once every 3 years? will keep this review updated on observations per usage.

This product works just fine. The noise is barely perceptible, it will run all night at the dial set at 3/4. We keep a towel under our table to catch any moisture that might accumulate which we think is a good precaution with any humidifier. We haven’t seen the need to clean the container yet but we do use it 7 days a week and so the water is changed each day. The blue nightlight can be switched on or off. There is a small gasket that keeps the lid from leaking when tightened. If you cross thread the lid when installing then it will leak. We have not had any problems with water leaking after filling the container and running the machine. Have used two months now and am very happy with the price we paid for how we use it.

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