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Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Filter

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Filter.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Protec WF2 Extended Life Replacement Humidifier Filter
  • Previously Kaz WF2 Extended Life Replacement Humidifier Filter
  • Fits Design V3500
  • Fits Design V3100

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Size: 2 Pack ProTec Extended Life Humidifier Wicking Filter -2 pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Filter.

Question Question 1

Our Smells Awful After 1 Night. Did That Happen To Everybody Else?

Yes, we simply put a brand-new one in, and after 2 usages there was this rank odor, i opened it up and there was this odd white grainy/ mushy things, it was actually horrible.

Question Question 2

Is This Rate For 1 Box Of 2 Filters, Or For 2 Boxes That Each Have 2 Filters Inside (As Revealed)?

The amount of each box is just one. The number 2 in the corner is for the design number. It’s type of hard to see. Hope this assists. So, if you purchase the 2 boxes then you’ll just get 2 filters, the 3 boxes then three filters and so on.

Question Question 3

Would This Filter Likewise Appropriate For A Walgreens Cool Mist Humidifier?

we are unsure, we would search for online to compare filters

Question Question 4

What If We Run The Humidifier Without The Filter?

It’s not a “filter” it’s a wick that pulls the water up.The fan vaporizes the water off of the “filter” to produce the humidity.If you run your humidifier without it, you are simply running a fan with a water tank connected to it.

Question Question 5

Will These Filters Fit The Vicks Vev320 Series Humidifier? Are They Comparable To Safeguard Pw2 Replacement Filters?

we believe so.

Question Question 6

We Have The Vicks Series Vev400 Which Require The Pwf2 SeriesFilter Will The Wf2 Work?

we have a Honeywell so we have no concept. If you take a look at the label it reveals the systems that these filters fit or am we missing out on something?

Question Question 7

Will This Fit Duramaxx?

we have a Holmes.It likewise fits some Vicks, Honeywell, however we do not see Duramaxx on the list

Question Question 8

Will This Fit In The Honeywell Hcm-350? That Utilizes Replacement Filter A. Thanks.?

we have the Vicks V3100 and it fits fine.we can permit presume it will fit if it’s noted on the front of the plan along with the design we have.

Question Question 9

It’S 4 Filters For $1616?

Yes, 4 filter.2 in each box.

Question Question 10

What Are The Components In The Protec?

It states on package the filter is dealt with with aquastat SR, which is an antimicrobial representative intendedto extend life by preventing the development of mold, mildew and algae.It does not state what the real filter is made from that we might find.

Question Question 11

Does Anybody Have The Dimesions For This Filter?

we are unsure which measurements you desire. we presume the size you desire is when set up in the humidifier. These are approximate measurements when opened for setup. Inside diameter around 4 1/2 ” outside approximately 6 1/2″ and 5″ high. These are when damp. The filter is somewhat versatile when damp.

Question Question 12

Is This Filter Suitable To The Hc-888- Tgt Humidifier Filter?

That is not one of the humidifiers that’s noted on this plan as working

Question Question 13

We Have A Pro CareHumidifier We Have Actually Utilized The Protec For Design Wf813 Is The Wf2 Compatible?

The designs on package are Vick s VEV320, V3500 N, V3100, V3900, V3700, sunbeam 1118 series, Honeywell HCM-350 series

Question Question 14

Does This Work For He205 A1000?

we do not understand however these filters are dreadful. Full of mold in 2 weeks of usage.

Question Question 15

Do These Filters Work For Vev320 Series?

yes, they do.we have had genuine best of luck with these filters.last longer than the suggested 2 months

Question Question 16

Does It Fit A Kaz That Utilizes A Wf2?

our humidifier is a Vicks (design #3500 N) That’s a possibly as we can no longer find the book that came with the humidifier.The filter that our humidifier utilizes is Protec (Design WF2.

Question Question 17

Will These Operate In The Honeywell Hev320 B Humidifier?

we do not understand that answer. Tey operate in our “Vick’s Germ Free” humidifier. Sorry we might not be of more helk. GK

Question Question 18

Is This A Single 2 Pack Or An Overall Of 4 Filters?

Overall of 2 filters

Question Question 19

Does This Fit Honeywell Hcm350 W?

we do not have package in front of us today. However, we would venture to state yes, after searching for images of the Honeywell replacement filters for your design.

Question Question 20

What Are The Chemicals That Make This Antimicrobial?

No concept, suggest sending out an e-mail to them. Sorry.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Pro Tec Extended Life Humidifier Filter, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have a honeywell humidifier and we have constantly put a hygrometer on top of it to see just how much humidity is coming out of the top of the device. With the oem wick we were getting a max of 25%, however with this wick we are getting as much as 55-65%. It’s incredible how altering the wick can lead to more than two times the efficiency of the humidifier. For individuals who are stating that their wick began turning brown immediately or started to smell musty, it’s due to the fact that of particles that develop in the water. As the water vaporizes from the wick it leaves any solids, and those requirement to be cleaned out frequently. Attempt cleansing the tray that the wick beings in. You will most likely find a great sediment in it. You are likewise expected to rinse and turn the wick whenever you fill up the water tank. That will assist your wick last longer and carry outbetter We believe these wicks are excellent. Utilize them effectively and they will work well for you.

These are amazing if you understand how to utilize em. However 2 to utilize interchangeably. Utilize one one week, rinse completely at end of week, permit to dry for a week, and utilize the other one throughout that week. Then change back. Et c.

Like other evaluations, it gets a filthy brown color. However our company believe this is what itsfor Its filters the unclean air and water. So im not going to grumble about the color. The mold we would grumble. Thankfully, my own have actually not had any mold or mildew. Which is odd as our first filter we left in for about 5 months. Yes the filter was blemished and disintegrating, which is why we purchased these replacements. These are the very same as the old one, however have extra metal circuitry inside. A little bit larger, so a tighter fit. We have actually had no problems with this brand-new one. Up until now have it in for about a month and some color modification, however still works as meant. We will keep it going for a minimum of 3 more months. We do rinse it out whenever we include more water to the tank. In general we are pleased with these filters. Gotten rid of one star for its a little bit huge, and feel a couple $ can be cut off the rate. We will keep this upgraded in time.

Update: after the first number of nights the odor disappeared, and the filter “shrunk” so that it fits better now. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ not actually sure aboutthese It’s getting the job done due to the fact that our hygrometer is increasing. However the “new smell” (?) is quite horrible. We are hoping it will disappear after a few utilizes. It likewise is a little too huge for the vick’s v3100 We needed to crush it together to make it suit the base, today the tank isn’t sitting right on the base that makes us worried. Another evaluation cut theirs in half which is what we will attempt, however still hoping the horrible chemical-ly odor disappears.

If you’re looking for the very same filters that came with your honeywell hcm350 humidifier, our company believe these are what honeywell consists of with brand-new systems. If they’re not, color us shocked due to the fact that they look and function precisely the very same and consist of the very same foil support and antimicrobial treatment. The majority of the generic replacements out there (a minimum of the ones on ), do not consist of these functions — they’re simply paper wicks and for some factor they cost more than these pro tec filters. That’s most likely why can’t keep the pro tecs in stock in winter season. Our guidance is that if you have among the suitable humidifier systems and understand you’re going to require filters, buy these in the offseason when they’re more affordable and easily offered. Turn the filter over with every tank refill and each filter must last an excellent while (depending naturally on the quality of your water, frequency of usage, etc). Simply do not anticipate them to last permanently. They aren’t inexpensive, however neither is your health.

Due to the fact that of the giant “2” in the upper right corner of package, we believed we were getting 2 filters in each box for an overall of 4. Rather each box includes just 1 filter each for an overall of 2. It does state in little yellow bar at the bottom that it includes 1 filter however on our phone we could not even see it. These filters work simply as great as the original that came with our vicks cool mist humidifier. We provided 4 stars bc of deceptive product packaging.

They are much thicker size than the one original came with the vickwe humifier so it was a little more challenging to fit it into location. Check out the guidelines damp with cool water wear t twist to rinse simply let the excess come out it s own. Functions great putting in now. They wear t last too long even when not utilized and if you have water in the tank you will see the staining on the filter. We believe we change them as soon as 6-8 weeks.

We are so happy these are offered on in a 2 pack. These are excellent replacements for vicks humidifiers of all types along with other brand names of humidifiers. We have 2 various vicks humidifiers that we utilize quite frequently, and these filters are excellent due to the fact that we can buy a 2 pack and they suit both makers. They last about 6 months when utilized frequently. Nevertheless, if you let them sit with water in the humidifier for more than a few days, they can begin to grow mold. So tidy out your humidifier when not in usage.

As lots of other evaluations state, you do need to damp the whole wick when you change it. Make certain to pipe out your humidifier prior to doing so. We run our humidifier throughout the day and all night, and these normally last us a number of months. If we had the cash, we would change them more typically for tidiness, however they do continue to function, though the humidifier output decreases in time. Keep in mind that when you first change your filter (or wick, who are we joking), you might require to turn the device to a lower setting, as it will be more effective than an old, dirty, dry wick.

Been utilizing these filters for years. They hold up well if you take great care of them. We soak the filters in cold water after running the device all night. In some cases they get yellowed/brown where the filter dries up from usage however after taking in water they return to life. They likewise start a bit large and diminish after a week or 2 of usage, this doesn t trouble us at all. We utilize one filter for about 2/3 months. The 2 pack lasts us the entire brand-new england winter.

It’s dry out here in the forty mile desert. Pilgrims headed to california in the 1800 s rushed past this location in the evening and shed their ownerships to make the journey possible. We have a humidifier to make it more comfy. The water has lots of firmness that makes filter replacements essential typically. We get a consistent supply through from different great companies.

These are okay filters, work well, and last about as long as a honeywell filter for proportionally less cash. With the minerally water in our town, among them lasts about a month in our humidifier. When it’s done however, it almost breaks down in our hand if we attempt to rinse it out.

Exceptional worth for a 2 pack. We go through these a fair bit in the winter season with winter so the heat is on a fair bit and dealing with kids and the sniffles. These are best for our vicks humidifier and assists with their space in the evening.

We get more than 30 days utilize out of this filter. The just factor we need to alter it is because by 30 days, there is a moderate sour smell. When we bought this very same filter from wal-mart, the filter did not last 2 wks and we were utilizing pure water at that time. We utilized faucet water with the filters bought from. Extremely suggested for now. We hope we are not dissatisfied with this 2nd order.

Couldn t find these filters throughout shops. Lastly found them on. Fit our humidifier best and last about a month prior to we needed to alter it. Was utilizing it daily.

These appear to do what they’re expected to. They begin to turn brown as they age which is to be anticipated. We do not dry ours out as frequently as we must so we change them monthly. We docked a star due to the fact that the metal piece that goes throughout the filter harms like a mf when you’re attempting to smash it into the humidifier. Beware due to the fact that we have actually cut ourself on this thing.

Great filters, fit in our vicks cool mist vaporizer along with our shop brand name filter. We rinse them about as soon as a day to get any residue off of them, and they last a minimum of a month. We utilize the cartridges that drop into the water tank to extend the life of the filters, and we have actually observed a huge distinction in the condition and life of the filters when utilized with the cartridges.

We have a nursery-sized blue humidifier which we believe is vicks brand name. It predicts stars onto the ceiling in rotating colors. Anyhow, these filters fit simply as well as the one that came with the device.

These work well and are quite durable. They’re easy to tidy (in some home vinegar). Make certain you rinse completely after cleansing. These can last you a few months if you clean them – it’s well worth the effort.

Functions as anticipated. We changed our filter and it had the ability to begin putting more water in the air a lot quicker. We will state that it did have a somewhat strange odor when we began with the changed filter, however that just last a number of days. It was moderate, however visible.

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