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Puffco Air Shifter Glass with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate

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PuffCo’s imagination behind this originality is something to see. A 20 2nd warm up time is something no one can grumble about. The Peak does it’s task to be familiar with you, the user, with 4 various heat settings, and then remembering your setting so your sessions are simply as pleasurable whenever. The water filtering system optimizes the flavor output.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Puffco Air Shifter Glass with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate.

Question Question 1

Does It Deal With The Alexa?

What? How even?

Question Question 2

Zen Carpet Concentrate? What Is That?

This is a oil diffuser utilized for various type of shatter, wax, collapse, etc. (21+ product is utilized for smoking cigarettes functions.)

Question Question 3

Does This In Fact Feature The Puffco Peak Or No?

Yes and it comes with 1 year factory service warranty.

Question Question 4

What Is The Od Of The Offered Bubble Cap?


Question Question 5

How Do I Know Our Seller Is Reputable If They Have No Evaluations And I Cant Find Their Shop Anywhere?

You then understand not to buy their scrap.

Question Question 6

Does It Feature The Taking A Trip Case?

Ours do come with the bring case, carbohydrate cap, extra bowl, cotton bud, filling tool, tether, micro-USB SuperCharger and obviously the system itself.

Question Question 7

Is This Genuine? Genuine Puffco Product?

we can just speak for our systems however in our case: Yes, it is the Peak byPuffco Warrantied and supported by Puffco themselves. We are a licensed reseller.

Question Question 8

What Are You Offering? A Knock Off Peak?

No it’s a main peak. we are an authorized merchant, so you get the factory service warranty likewise.

Question Question 9

Does It Feature A Cars And Truck Band Tether Too?

Mine did

Question Question 10

Do You Honor The Puffco Peak Service Warranty? Since We understand If They’Re Offered Under A Specific Quantity Often They Don’T Is This A Legit Puffco Brand Name Produc?

A legitimate factory defect that they are ripping everybody that purchases it off.

Question Question 11

Do They Offer Chargers Seperate?

Yes of course.They are the usb phone charger.they can be found anywhere.

Question Question 12

Is This Legit New Puffco In Box With Case And Whatever?

Yes, it will come brand-new in the Puffco Bundle and be backed by the Puffco service warranty. Ours do not come with the Boveda 62% 8 gram humidity loads.

Question Question 13

Is This Product Worth Purchasing?

Yes definitely like it.

Question Question 14

Does It Feature The Case And All Devices?


Question Question 15

Can This Be Utilized With Flower?

No. Conserve ur cash. this product is scrap. 3 usages and it broke

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Puffco Air Shifter Glass with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Mine works fantastic and whatever, however we are unsure whats up with the noting the seller as puffco. Its absolutely not and when you get the system they have a sheet in there advising you not to inform puffco you purchased it from a 3rd party website. This is a quite expensie product and we sense that if we were to have problem with it we would be out of luck. As far as warrnt service from puffco. Worth the $50 cost savings? haha for now.

We like it. We require it. 10/10 Would smash once again.

It’s a genuine puffco and it works fantastic. We were truthfully doubtful when we purchased it on sale and backed by prime however we are more than pleased that the seller and product are genuine.

We would have provided 5 stars, however we paid for the earlier shipment ($30+), it did not begin time and the usps mail male will not leave it at the door action unless somebody is house to sign for it. So being that we were currently int he woods outdoor camping, our friend could not simply drop in and choose it up off the door action. So take care if you remain in a rush to get this. Lol aside from that, this thing rips. We have ended up being lazy as we have aged (we are 27 lol) and this is the most hassle-free setup ever. So hassle-free, it’s pissed our relative off, however she’ll get it over it. The battery strength is outstanding too. Even the cleansing is incredibly easy. If you resemble us and searching through evaluations attempting to choose if this deserves it, this is the evaluation you were lookingfor All around amazed. Likewise, as soon as you get your product you can message the seller for a real invoice so that your service warranty stands in case something is incorrect. We messaged them for our invoice and they reacted within 10 minutes with our copy.

Dope af had it for a month now and like it invested $680 in devices and sets to repair the atomizer, had a great fall at 4ft endured with a vanity mirror on it and fortunate no water damage still runs incredible with the bit of water that did leakage prior to any major damage. Fantastic product.

Truly gorgeous?? in love utilize it every day now require to keep tidy.

It s fantastic and all however the only issue we had was that it didn’t come with the benadiva or whatever it was called.

Fantastic product. Precisely what we desired.

Compact and easy to utilize.


This product is definitely incredible we bought one from their site and after tax and all this would have been the very same cost. The adaptability and ease of this product is un matched. When we first recieved our puffco peak it remained in the case and so light that we questioned if it were even therein. The touch reaction is fanominal a lot so that if you packed it and set the temperature for them a blind individual might utilize this daily. It has vibration reaction and a stunning color ring display screen to show temperature levels or different concerns like the atomizer not being connected totally. In general we would suggest this to everybody from our grandma to any concentrate lover, it completely integrates appeal, ease of usage, long-term battery, fantastic flavor, gorgeous clouds, and a lotmore Our recommend would be to buy now.

We understand not whatever works appropriately all the time. Mine was available in with a faulty battery. The charging function is expected to shut the led light off after its completely charged and my own would never ever stop blinking. Likewise mine passed away way quicker than the advised usage out of it. So we delivered it back and needed to pay for shipping which is reasonable, however other than that we like it to death gon na get another one once we get our refund.

Shipping was alright, came with all parts and works incredibly.

We were a little doubtful to invest the cash on this. However am we delighted that we did. Our relative and we like this. It takes a little work to call it in due to the fact that it offers such huge dab strikes compared to typical torch rig or our e-mail. It’s little and hassle-free and suits the middle of your vehicle console for easy travel. Really easy to tidy up with rubbing alcohol. We went and purchased a 2nd atomizer so we might have one cleansing in alcohol and another one to utilize. We suggest this. The just issue we have with the rig is you need to shut it off by itself in between usages. With today’s technology there’s no factor that it should not shut down by itself after 15 minutes to conserve battery life. We have kept mine plugged into an aftermarket usb cable for 3 months and we have had no issue with the battery. Simply waiting for the 2nd edition to come out so that it has an automated turned off function. Ps we did drop the glass from 5-ft high onto a wood flooring and it bounced like it was made to do that. We do not suggest attempting it however it has shown to be really long lasting. We have not even got to the taste or how well it works and that is a 10- star evaluation in 5 star due to the fact that we have yet to have a dab rig that taste so well and provide such tidy hits and utilize all the product. We really think your most significant issue will be recognizing how little you can utilize and how well it gets to task done.

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