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RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder.

  • Hand MADE
  • Made from Brown knotwood
  • Minimal edition
  • Genuine Product

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More Info:

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RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder (Minimal Edition)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder.

Question Question 1

Are You Getting Any Longer If These Go Out Of Stock?

These are unique restricted run, when they are gone we are uncertain when they will be back

Question Question 2

Will Pre-Made Ryo Filter Tobacco Cigarette Tubes Snugly Fit This Holder, Such As Zen, Bettor, Premier, Etc?

Yes, they should, its made standart ciagarette size

Question Question 3

Do We Need To Sign For This? It’S Currently Delivered And We Would Actually Not Like To Sign?

You require to compose the seller you purchased it from directly.You can find that info in your “orders” section.There are few sellers of this product, so you are publishing a question to everybody that offers them.

Question Question 4

What Size Raw Cones Fit This?

Any size fits. It’s an excellent peace to have we like it

Question Question 5

Will This Deal With Blunts?

It fits completion of a joint with a paper pointer completely. So you would simply need to make completion of the blunt right and little and it will work. Done it often times.

Question Question 6

Would Roor Glass Tips Fit In This?

No glass suggestions will not fit, however paper filter suggestions will fit. The just way glass suggestions will fit is if you drill or sculpt out a bigger gauge.

Question Question 7

Can You Smoke Just 2 Blunts Rather Of Three Without Squandering Weed? Will The Other Open Hole Result The Way It Strikes?

You can utilize just 2 however you will absolutely require to cover the 3rd opening to get a full hit off of “the tobacco” you are cigarette smoking.

Question Question 8

Can It Fit Cigars In It??

Depends upon the size of the stogie.

Question Question 9

Is This Cured Wood?

Um our company believe the exterior is however the within isn’t. we couldn’t inform you how it smokes because mine was divided a bit and air flow was cut

Question Question 10

Will It Hold Swishers?

Will hold whatever you desire it too.

Question Question 11

How Long Is Shipping? Will It Get Here (Van Nuys, Ca) Prior To Or After Xmas?

It is December 23 rd and we deliver from Kentucky – there is no chance it will get here by Christmas at this late date. Have yourself some Delighted Vacations. PipeScreenZ values your service.

Question Question 12

What Is The Thinking Behind Smoking Cigarettes Three Joints Simultaneously?

Simply a various way of enjoying your tobacco.You can have 3 various types at the very same time or simply utilize it as a novelty way of cigarette smoking.

Question Question 13

Do We Need To Sign For It Or Do They Simply Leave It At Our Door Action?

Not if you purchase from me.Unless you request it, we usually do not need a signature.Jane’s Jungle Safari

Question Question 14

Does It Can Be Found In Discrete Product Packaging? I Don’T Want Individuals Understanding What I Bought.?

It practically appears like a plan when it shows up however when you unwrap it it s absolutely not gon na be discrete

Question Question 15

How Do You Tidy It Out?

pipe cleaners.soap and water is great, simply do not leave it taking in the water. Enable to totally dry prior to using.It is wood, so tidy it like any other wood item.we would not utilize chemicals as you can consume them while utilizing.

Question Question 16

Can You Smoke Through It?

It is developed as a cigarette holder – you can smoke three cigarettes at one time. It is a celebration favor. Thanks for your question.

Question Question 17

Do You Need To Sign For This?

we can deliver without have a signature needed if that is what you are asking?.

Question Question 18

Do The Documents Include?

Not on our listings.You get the pipe, bag and package it is available in. Thats all.You can constantly call us if you wish to acquire documents with this purchase.Jane’s Jungle Safari

Question Question 19

Will This Hold King Precones?


Question Question 20

Does It Include Cones Or Buy Different?

Got ta buy the cones seperatley brother. However if your knowledgeable at rolling you can simply twist your own cones up and insert and delight in:-RRB- In either case the RAW Trident goes hard as hell. Hope this assists.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on RAW Trident Wooden Cigarette Holder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Wish to get boosted fast. Look no more. This will leap up on you smack you in the head and call you it’s bitcha needs to buy along with the cones. And have an excellent night.

If you like joints and cigarette smoking with pals, this thing is right up your street. It pulls well from all three consumptions, is little enough to put in a bag or pocket, has a good feel and surface, and fits even fatty joints with ease. Blunts are little hit-and- miss out on, however being a wooden holder, the trident can quickly be adapted to fit. A little sandpaper is all it takes. While the trident can absolutely be dealt with by a single skilled stoner, it does it’s finest operate in the group setting. Roll a handful of cones prior to your next party and break out this bad kid to truly get the party/concert/weekend began.

Bought this from our sibling as a christmas present and he enjoys it we like the truth that you can utilize it as a three player to smoke with or you can utilize it as a stem in the bong and struck three at a time that way.

Shocked husband with this simply for enjoyable, he enjoys it. Said you can utilize just one at a time if you wish to, simply cover the other holes as you inhale. It s wonderfully made and excellent quality.

This trident is a should have. It strikes like a monster. We extremely suggest utilizing it for a celebration setting, or you can carb a couple of holes to get a stunning draw from it. Don t miss out on out.

Worked well sibling in law liked it. Great quality worth the cash.

We like it a lot.

This thing is dope. Its precisely what you believe it is, and it rips hard. If we wish to get a great deal of individuals high fast, this is the tool we utilize. When you hold it, you can inform that it’s a quality product. #rawlife.

We utilize it whenever we have a huge group of pals over.

Genuine cool specifically for celebrations. Liked it a lot we purchased 2 more for back up.

Got this as a present for a friend and they liked it. It gets a great deal of action.

Badass present.

Love it.

Precisely what we desired it to be. Air flow is on point pulls like a dream. So pleased with our purchase.

Buy it, relax, and watch your face melt off.

Well made piece of wood.

Amazing buy, fast and quick shipment. Simply what we desired and anticipated.

This product is so cool, easy to utilize, and an outright celebration piece to share with your pals. Extremely suggest it.

No issues. It does what we desire it to. Appears like it should.

Got this for a friend for christmas and he liked it (:.

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