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Relee Portable Humidifier - Pocket Sized Diffuser - Travel Humidifier

Relee Portable Humidifier – Pocket Sized Diffuser – Travel Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Relee Portable Humidifier – Pocket Sized Diffuser – Travel Humidifier.

  • POCKET-SIZED AND LIGHTWEIGHT :Moisturize your skin, hydrate cracking lips or ease the symptoms of a stuffy nose on the go, with a mini humidifier that fits right in your pocket. Our small humidifier is cordless and easy to carry, so it s great for flights, hotels and camping.
  • COMFORT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS : If you suffer from dry or irritated skin, you ll love the moisturizing mist from our travel humidifier. People frequently use our diffusers to combat dry air and ease headaches, bloody noses, dry throats, coughs, chapped lips, congestion and more.
  • ULTRA QUIET FOR DEEP SLEEP : Forget about noisy humidifiers for bedrooms that have you tossing and turning all night. Our portable humidifier is as quiet as a whisper, so you ll sleep soundly and comfortably. It also makes a fantastic baby humidifier for nursery rooms.
  • LATEST VERSION & LONG-LASTING :AUTO-STOP HAS BEEN REMOVED Charging your air humidifier is easy. Just plug the travel diffuser into any USB source including a laptop, power bank or wall adapter and enjoy a full 2 hours and 45 minutes of battery life. No more scrambling to find wall outlets.
  • SHIPPING DAMAGE&100% MONEY BACK :”No Questions Asked  you do not have to give a reason to return. If you are not happy with something you bought, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Relee Portable Humidifier – Pocket Sized Diffuser – Travel Humidifier.

Question Question 1

Can I Take It To Plane Or Train ?

You should probably contact the airline or the train line and ask them directly, you’ll get more accurate information that way.

Question Question 2

Does It Work By Using Cotton Swabs?

No cotton swabs are used. Simply put distilled water in it and turn it on.

Question Question 3

How Long Is The Humidifer Working Time?

have not used it that long, still on and rain here.

Question Question 4

Our Device Only Stays On For About 2 Mins, Then Doesnt Mist Anymore, When I Turn It Off And On It Will Mist Again For About 2 Mins. Not Sure What To Do?

This is normal.It’s so that if it accidentally slides on while in a purse or bag it does not stay on indefinitely.we found ourself irritated by this feature until we were in a situation where we left it on in our bag–then we were grateful it hadn’t stayed on.Hope this helps.

Question Question 5

So, The Battery Lasts Quite A While, But How Often Do You Have To Refill The Water Reservoir?

The reservoir probably holds between half to three quarters of an ounce of water, hence the name “portable”.it’s not meant to be used for long durations, as you would with a full size unit.

Question Question 6

It Only Stays On For A Few Minutes Then Has To Be Restarted. It Still Has Water. Is There A Way Around This? Apparently Autostop Had Not Been Removed?

This feature is to prevent it from staying on if it accidentally gets turned on in a bag, etc.

Question Question 7

How Long Do You Need To Charge It?

20 min

Question Question 8

Is It Work With Albuterol?

This is not a medical device, see your doctor or pharmacist for the proper equipment to use with your medication.

Question Question 9

How Loud Or Noisy Is This Machine When In Use?

Its not noisy at all

Question Question 10

How Long Will The Humidifier Last When Fully Charged?

Actually, it depends how often you use it; It can use last 4-5 hoursif you are not used often

Question Question 11

How Can I Use It As A Nebulizer With A Mask?

Likely not. This humidifier would not provide any sort of pressurized vapor and should only be used with water (preferably distilled or filtered water) not medication. The mist comes out of the long side so it could not easily be aimed into a mask either.

Question Question 12

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide Or A Saline Solution In The Relee Humidifier?Also Is A Humidifier The Same As A Nebulizer?

Humidifiers and nebulizers are NOT the same.we have both. and would never mix the use of them.Totally separate with distinct purposes. Humidifiers and nebulizers are NOT the same.we have both. and would never mix the use of them.Totally separate with distinct purposes.This helps keep our nasal passages hydrated.and reduces our need to use the nebulizer.but does not replace it.

Question Question 13

Can You Use It With Essential Oils?

Yes, but only essential oils that are water-soluble. Otherwise, the oils will corrode your humidifier diffuser.

Question Question 14

Albuterol For Asthma? That’S Why I Need It. What About Water Tank? How Does This Device Work With The Albuterol?

You should use only purified or sterile water.

Question Question 15

Any One Have The Sellers Contact Info Because We Emailed (Bounced) & Called The Seller (Disconnected) For An Answer On The Fungal/ Bacteria Question?

Contact , they maintain control over their vendors.

Question Question 16

Would It Be At All Practical To Use This While Hiking Or Jogging For Half Hour In Winter Weather?


Question Question 17

Can I Use This Humidifier On An Airplane? We Will Be On A 20 Hour Flight.?

You can bring it on the plane but the flight attendants will most likely not allow you to use it in the cabin.

Question Question 18

It’S Unclear To Us What They Mean As Use 10% Make-Up Water. Anybody?

It’s unclear to us too since nobody said 10% about anything, you may want to give it another read.

Question Question 19

Does This Have Any Metal Inside It Or Metal Parts?

we didn’t see any metal but the plastic melts when you turn it on. And it doesn’t work for more than a few times before it just freezes up. we have bought two of them and both of them. Did the same thing?

Question Question 20

Has Anybody Had Trouble Getting The Lid Off? We Can’T Seem To.?

we have two of them and did not have any problem. Took it off by just twisting the cap. If we were you, we would not try hard. we would contact customer care instead.It can be faulty too.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Relee Portable Humidifier – Pocket Sized Diffuser – Travel Humidifier, these might be useful for better understanding.

As a frequent flyer, this is a must have for us. Tiny size wont take a lot space, and even fit into our pocket. A portable humidifier in hand is probably the only useful solution for the dehydrated in air especially flight over 10 hours. The water is good for about 20-30 mins, and the battery is pretty strong (last more than 3 hours). The only complaint we found is that it will stop every 3 mins and we have to restart it manually. Very annoying.

We purchased the relee portable humidifier because it is exactly what we were looking for. We are very pleased with its performance and ease of use. We definitely recommend purchasing one and adding it to your list of must haves when you travel. Portable and ready to use just about anywhere you go. We also use our relee with essential oils, but be sure to follow the instructions on using a water-soluble essential oil only–one very small drop will do it. The reservoir is small so be sure to have water near by to refill as needed. We love it and the price point so much we are buying more for friends and family; a great stocking stuffer and one-of-a-kind gift. Who wouldn’t want one?.

So, we purchased this minwe humidifier for an odd reason. Our dwarf bunny has some respiratory issues and giving breathing treatments to a tiny bunny is not as easy as one may think ;)we can put a tiny drop in the tiny reservoir and administer tiny amounts of life saving meds to our teeny tiny, mr. Buns. Its very quiet and we love that it is usb powered. Thanks so much.

This minwe humidifier is adorable, easy to use and incredibly beneficial. From the photos we could not tell there is a little heart shaped gem on the case. The soft blue light when it is on, is also delightful. Our daughters are so jealous. They want one too. Sorry. This one s just for mom. ??.

Really cool device. Bought is see if we can incorporate in a portable cpap humidifier. Unsure how long the water tank will last, due to small size, but that also makes it perfect for travel.

Doesn t look cheap, easy to clean and very good for long drive. And last but not least, customer service is amazing. They solved our issue with the product quite fast.

This works wonderfully – we had our doubts but – it’s quite lovely. While our intentions were for it to be a movable humidifier for fussy houseplants, we also think we shall use it for its intended purpose – for skin hydration on longhaul flights etc. One fills it with purified or mineral water and out comes the super fine mist. We might have used it for a few hours on the first go, including some time where we had neglected to check if it was empty (it was). So we can’t be sure how long it lasts, but a decent time to be sure. Charges easily plugged into one’s computer via usb. Jolly good.

Cute little traveling humidifier that surprisingly blows steam very well. It may be small but it s mighty. Seems to help our dry skin when we use it in smaller locations, like in the car, sitting next to me, or on nightstand before bed. No batteries, just charge and go. The charge seems to keep very well too. It also automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. Extremely quiet, easy to carry and we are very happy with this purchase.

Our relative was recently diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer, a very aggressive type that has no proven successful treatment. Surgery was unsuccessful in removing the tumors. A tracheostoour was applied during surgery and this causes breathing issues. Your simple little inexpensive device gives her a little more freedom and comfort when she s away from her compressor supplied moist air. Thank you for offering such a practical device. We would accept a discount coupon but would ask first for prayers to help us deal with this awful disease.

We have had asthma our entire life, so finding a reliable portable humidifier is extremely important. After our last humidifier (different brand) died, we were on the search for a new one. We came across this smaller humidifier for a very reasonable price. Too good to be true? nope. This item is fantastic. The battery lasts forever, the steam vent has not been clogged once and it doesn’t leak. We are going to be buying another one soon for our son as well.

Got this for our 15 year old musical theater performer. He absolutely loves it and now everyone in the cast of his current show want to get one. He said it works very well and it s so tiny that he s easily able to keep it on or near him during a show so that he can use it in between songs when he s backstage.

This arrived fast without defect or damage. This is one of the smallest and attractive lil portable humidifiers we have seen. It is very easy to fill , clean and use. It works well and we think would make great gifts too. Excellent for travel as well as many other uses . Great first impressions. Very cute , compact and effective.

So far, we like the product. However, it’d be nice if it included an instruction sheet. In trying to remove the cover, we didn’t realize it was a twist off and we almost broke it trying to pull it straight off. Also, we figure that it needs to be used only with distilled water, but nothing on the packaging specified. But, otherwise, it’s pretty nifty.

It s easy and convenient to use. It s small size and simple that you can bring anywhere as long as you have water and portable battery. It start working after put in water and use it. We have allergy and it s help us when it s dry skin and itchy nose.

We really like this small humidifier and plan on buying more. We have been placing it under our indoor orchid plants each day just to give them a little humidity. It lasts a decent amount of time for what we need. Will get one to use in our office at our desk as well. We recommend.

We use this when we are in the office and it works great. The mist it makes is just right that we smell it and it doesn’t bother our coworkers. It doesn’t turn off when the water runs out so you have to check every once in a while if it’s still diffusing. Charge time is pretty quick. Don’t think you can use it while it’s charging. Cleaning is also easy. The tank isn’t that deep so you can just rinse it off with water and wipe it dry.

This little humidifier is a great little gadget. We keep it at our desk and it does everything our full size unit does at home. Great little product. The only thing which is minor is that depending on what your using this for it does automatically shut off after a few minutes of running.

Great and versatile, but requires distilled water. Hard to find when you travel. That wasn’t listed in the description, so we returned the product.

This little device is just darling. Compact enough to fit in a pocket. We get so dry in the winter months that we are looking forward to taking this with us where ever we go. What’s also clever about this minwe humidifier, being able to set it down anywhere we are sitting and have instant humidity.

We love the compact size of the humidifier. We have a dog with breathing issues, specifically bought this for him because humidity helps him when he’s struggling, and this does the trick perfectly.

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