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After four years since their last full-length studio album, GRAMMY -nominated Relient K returns with their seventh LP project, Collapsible Lung, on July 2 (Mono Vs. Stereo). Relient K is a band that writes from personal experiences and this has paid off with over two million records sold, three RIAA Gold-certified albums and a highly dedicated fanbase. As a prolific songwriter, Relient K’s frontman, Matt Thiessen, has paved a road with pop hits over the last four years including co-writing Owl City s 2012 summer hit “Good Time,” Kelly Clarkson s Long Shot” and the award-winning “When Can I See You Again” from the animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Like previous efforts, Collapsible Lung also stems from the band’s personal experiences; however, this time around they chose to mix-it up and co-write for the first time ever on a Relient K album. This time around, we wanted to have a collection of songs that surprised even us,” states frontman Matt Thiessen. To do that, we teamed up with several other writers in LA, Nashville, and New York City. This ensured that the new LP would be unpredictable. Each song includes a different combination of authors, yet there is an underlying thread that ties the tunes together thematically. We took an experimental approach creating the album, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

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Like ecclesiastes, we think this album requires careful reading and listening. And all the bible needs the guidance and teaching of the holy ghost. ๐Ÿ™‚ we have been a fan of relient k since they released their first label album in 2000. We have enjoyed following the band since and we have seen them in concert multiple times before and we would love to see them in concert again. Relient k rocks. ๐Ÿ™‚ rk is still one of our favorite christian bands ever and one of the few we like to keep up with today. We have also been a follower of christ for many years and we can identify with a lot of rk’s observations in their songs in our own walk with jesus. And for all fans who are disheartened with the “collapsible lung” album and question the band’s spiritual stance, let us just say that we certainly understand your concerns and we do not mean to belittle them, but hopefully maybe assuage them some. We hope you will enjoy our review regardless of your outlook of the band. And let us also say this- if you do feel concerned for relient k and their standing with jesus, pray for them. (, pray for them even if you don’t feel worried about them spiritually. ) we do think ecclesiastes may have had a huge influence on this album. And much like the message of that bible book, we think we find along with relient k that everything is vanity- everything is meaningless- (as switchfoot put it, nothing is sound :-)). But like ecclesiastes, there is a catch- life itself is meaningless without the life maker. Our human relationships can never bring the fulfillment that only comes from a right relationship with god. We think rk very honestly admits in this album that they (or the singer, we will say) fell away from that relationship, but has made a resolve to take the righteous path again- and get back on the narrow road with jesus. And the grace of god poured out upon us through jesus’ death and resurrection is still greater than all our sins. For those concerned that the album glorifies sexual immorality and drunkenness, we would argue that it does just the opposite. Yes, many songs do talk about shallow relationships and quite possibly allude to promiscuousness, but we don’t see any song that ever presents it as good or right. We would say the same for drunkenness. We think relient k points out that nothing really satisfies like we think it will without christ. And god our father is such a loving father who watches down the road for us to return to him. And though we may be covered with mud and dirt and sweat and pigs’ dung, he sees us struggling down the road to him and races out to meet us with a speed faster than the flash and piledrives us with a ferocity of love and grace that leaves us taken quite aback. Before we can even make our feeble attempts at apologies, god is hugging and kissing us all over and rejoicing at our return. The forgiveness is held out to us and with gratefulness we accept it wholeheartedly in a spirit of repentance, acknowledging our helplessness and god’s holiness. Even if some view rk as a prodigal son, may we all join them at the side of our father, embracing his love and forgiveness. “we cried out to him with our mouth; his praise was on our tongue. If we had cherished sin in our heart, the lord would not have listened; but god has surely listened and heard our voice in prayer. Praise be to god, who has not rejected our prayer or withheld his love from me. ” (psalms 66:17-20)(see comments for link to full review on our blog. ).

Some people are getting upset and criticizing the lyrics of this album, but if you’ve followed the story of “forget and not slow down” (and even better if you have experienced this sort of thing in life) you will clearly see where they’ve gone with this album. It isn’t a rejection of standards. It is a heartfelt, honest story, and the last song helps make sense of it all. As a young man, these last few albums have been so relevant to life.

Its just like relient k. They do surprise you with their different styles. This is no the different. Matts voice is definitely the showstopper. This is his album. Justin who? matt is awesome in every song. It is new and fun, the whole album combined with the relient k genius. Im looking forward to it everyday. They definitely depict a character in this one, maybe matts thinking, his being. We are all human and in his shoes, we can relate. They do an artistic beautiful fulfilling act here. Releasing a cooling breath of fresh air. Breathing, alive this album is.

We have loved this band since the beginning and this album had just a great sound to it as all the others. The only complaint we have is that since they have switched record labels, they have moved away from their christian lyrics that we love so much. Their past stuff especially on their mhmm album has some of the best lyrics. It’s a shame they don’t write that way anymore. Regardless though, the album is very good :).

Relient k is our favorite band, and this cd- like all their others- is nothing like their others. We love the lyrics and the sound of these tracks, and am almost ready to make it one of our favorites. Mmm-hmm also took us a while to get used to, but it’s a favorite now. Funny how this band can change their sound so often, and be awesome each time.

Not the usually relient k, but we love the different music types. Not as witty as some of their previous songs, but very catchy.

Usually when you purchase an album there are only some good songs the rest are not so good, well on this cd has great songs. We think we found one we didn’t like but seriously buy this cd. You won’t regret it.

Super awesome cd. We love relient k, and we enjoy how they’re changing their sound. It’s the same witty matthew thiessen as from the very first album, just with a more contemporary atmosphere. Worth the money.

Product was as advertised.

Favorite band in the entire universe. We absolutely enjoyed this album. We are vintage rk fangirl but it’s always exciting to get new music from them and we will buy whatever we can from them as long as we can.

We bought this for our husband. Relient k is his favorite band and he enjoyed this cd as he does all of their cds.

You are seriously looking at the reviews before buying this cd?. It’s relient k, of course you should buy it.

A gift for our son, this is one of his fav bands.

Never a bad track. First love.

Very relaxing.

A different album than we expected from them, but enjoyable nonetheless. They seemed to have drifted a little more from their christian roots. That can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. And similar to their last album, there weren’t any goof off songs, although we enjoy their funny songs. They seem to have gone the way of blink 182 in that respect.

This album as a whole is really fun. Tracks 1 & 11 in particular are brilliant. Thank you very much.

Good music.

Excellent album, as always. Relient k never disappoints.

Love this album.

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