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Ricola Dual Action Cough Suppressant Drops

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  • Natural flavorings only
  • Natural colorings only
  • Vegetarian

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The first multi-symptom cough drop from Ricola provides relief for coughs and sore throats, all in one drop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Are They Individually Wrapped Within The Bag?

Yes. each one individually wrapped.The best cough drop we have used

Our Insights:

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These are very strong cough drops, but they absolutely cut the cough for us and are the only ones we will use now. The cherry flavor makes them a bit more palatable than, say, fisherman’s friend (which are also strong but don’t taste as good). They have a hard outer shell and a semi-liquid center that has the cough suppressant in it, so it takes a while to get to the effective part but it still helps, even initially. Also, once they cut the cough, these cough drops really quiet the throat and the impulse to cough, so you don’t need another one for a good while afterward. We use them sometimes in church, and we don’t cough at all during the pastor’s 45-minute sermons. We think the number of cough drops in the bag is a good value for the price. We would recommend these cough drops to anyone who has a chronic cough.

We get bronchitis about twice a year and these have been great for suppressing our cough. The flavor is nice so it doesn’t feel like you are taking medicine and the wrapper isn’t made of paper so when the cough drop gets warm the wrapper doesn’t stick to the drop making it difficult to consume.

Husband is picky about taste. Normally hates cherry but loves these. Lost his voice because of coughing so hard & it helps soothe his throat so he could speak again.

We have a chronic cough.

Opens up our nasal passages and has wonderful flavor.

These work better than any cough drop.

Ricola dual action is helpful.

These get us through the tough days of sore throats and the “tickle” that accompanies them.

Taste great.

Powerful, great taste.

Like price.

Ick. We don’t like the flavor, but our cough is soothed and our throat. Aaaaaah. What a relief. Lost one star for the taste, but it does the trick. Maybe we will try the honey lemon next time.

This unassuming cough suppressant took second place of all the brands and formulas we tried for a painful harsh dry cough. They don’t stink, nor smell medicinal. Those centers are the main star though. In dire straits, crunching the center while carefully leaning forward (like a bike rider) helps so fast. Have no idea how much it was, don’t care. Ended up going through 4 total packs. It was in stock, both times, shipped beautifully, and worked.

We filling surprised me, as a fan we know our ricola. It still works in killing an oncoming cold in its tracks. We take it after anything done in public to kill any bugs coming our way. Love the cherry flavor too.

We have tried many cough drops. They are more expensive than others but well worth it. They with immediately were other bands take more than one and take a while to take effect.

These are the best because of the individual wrapping. Typical drops wrapped in waxed ‘paper’ always melt in a pocket or hot car, but these do not. And they handle a cough quickly.

These prevented a sore throat. Not just candy. They do the job.

Clears up nose quick.

Depends on user.

We found these at walmart a couple of years ago when we couldn’t find cherry halls. These are much better than halls. It makes you forget about your throat troubles. Totally five star ?.

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