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Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf

Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Polartec Neofleece Combo Scarf is a FACE MASK AND NECK WARMER IN ONE
  • Neofleece 5 layer construction KEEPS YOU WARM with a tough outer shell, waterproof and breathable liner, fleece lined neoprene, Thermolite synthetic down insulation and microfleece wicking lining.
  • Adjustable Velcro closure ensures a COMFORTABLE AND SNUG FIT Easy On, Easy Off

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf.
The Neofleece Combo is one of those great two-in-one items that we all love. This Neofleece Neck-Up Combo by Seirus is the #1 selling face mask in the world. It is a combination of a face mask and a scarf, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of wearing tons of uncomfortable garments when you want to feel free as the falling snow. The Neofleece combo scarf is a face mask along with a 200 wt Polartec neck-up. The neofleece is Velcro adjustable making for easy use and wear. This combo provides warmth for your nose, face and neck while still remaining completely breathable and moisture-wicking. The breath holes in the mask allow interior moisture to escape, enough air to come through but not enough to freeze your face. The NeoFleece mask sits comfortably on face and provides instant warmth in any condition. Perfect for use while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, shoveling snow, etc.Specifications: GTIN: 0090897268218 Model Number: 2705.0.0012 Product ID: 95722 Type: Face Mask Material: Synthetic Warranty: Other Material: Neo Fleece

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf.

Question Question 1

Can It Fit An 8 Yr Old?

The item is considered to be “Adult unisex” There is a size small available but fit would depend on the size of the child.

Question Question 2

Will This Warm The Air Being Breathed In?We Are Wondering If The Holes Are Big And Allow Cold Air In When Breathing Through Nose Or Mouth.?

There are probably between 80-100 holes about 3/16″ diam. for air intake it does warm the air, but we have COPD and we can’t get enough air through the mask.Because the mask kept sliding down the bridge of our nose, we cut a hole in the mask where our nostrils are to allow for more air for us to breathe. But it did seem t There are probably between 80-100 holes about 3/16″ diam. for air intake it does warm the air, but we have COPD and we can’t get enough air through the mask.Because the mask kept sliding down the bridge of our nose, we cut a hole in the mask where our nostrils are to allow for more air for us to breathe. But it did seem to warm the air for us. This is our experience. we hope this helps you.

Question Question 3

How Can I Know Our Size?( I Wear Medium Size Helmet.) Thank You.?

we wear medium helmet as well, we bought medium for this maskBut this mask is little rough on your skin. Material is little roughSoft face.

Question Question 4

Does The Mask Keep Our Face Warm? We Are Looking For Mask That I Can Wear It Between Our Class Do You Think This Mask Work For Our Needed? Thank You.?


Question Question 5

Has Anyone Used This For Running? Does This Keep Cold Air From Burning Your Throat While Running?

Well it keeps cold air from burning our nose and throat while snowboarding at 30+ mph so i would think you would be good running

Question Question 6

Have Any Women Tried This Scarf And If So, What Size?

its a great product, i went and bought 2 more after i got the 1st one. love it. use it for skiing, snowmobiling, and early spring late fall motorcycle rides. The sizes are true. we bought a Medium for our GF, and it fit her. Im a bigger guy, so the XL is perfect for us.

Question Question 7

Is There A Size Chart? In Hats We Wear A Large?

Circumference inches.Small 21 1/4-22″, Med 22-22 3/4″, Large 22 3/4-23 5/8″, Xl 23 5/8- 24 1/4″.

Question Question 8

We Are 22 Year Old Male Weigh About 135Lbs, But I Also Don’T Want It To Be Loose, Idk If I Should Go With The Medium Or Large?

we bought the the medium size for our husband, he’s 5’9″ and weighs approx 195lbs. we also borrow it now and then and it did fine because the Velcro in back is adjustable. we are 5’3″ and weigh approx 135

Question Question 9

Do These Mask’S Get Soggy From Your Breath?

This probably depends on how you plan to use the mask.we use it for brisk walks of five miles and under those circumstances the mask does indeed get soggy.For this winter we plan to cut open the mask a bit where the holes are.Will this allow some cold air in, probably, but we hope it will make the mask more palatable.

Question Question 10

Can It Fit An 16 Yr Old ?

It probably would. it is held on by velcro strips in the back, so there is some adjustability for different head sizes.BUT if he/she is very small frame/head size, then we don’t know. maybe not.

Question Question 11

Are They Detachable – So That You Could Wear The Scarf Without The Mask And Vice Versa?

This is the seirus comboscarf. It covers your nose and mouth and neck to keep the winter cold air from getting in. And there is nothing detachable. It all comes together as one. It straps goes around to the back of the head.its made very well and fabric is smooth and fits comfortable.

Question Question 12

What Size Do We Need For 9 Year Old Boy.He Is 75Lbs.?

Hey Robert, we would go for the smallest size possible.Thanks, Hey Robert, we would go for the smallest size possible.Thanks,Justin

Question Question 13

We Dont Know What Size To Purchase. We Wear A 7 1/8 Fitted Hat Size?

You would be a size medium according to your hat size.

Question Question 14

What Size Would Be Best For A 9-Year-Old Boy?

Probably small possibly medium depending on the size of the child’s head

Question Question 15

How Do We Wear This Mask With Glasses On? It Keeps Blwoing Steam On Our Glass Lenses.?

we do not have this issue with mine.

Question Question 16

Won’T The Tip Of Your Nose Get Really Cold And/Or Frostbite?

Every time we snowboard in Tahoe we wear it and we have never had any problems with the tip of our nose getting too cold. The tip of the nose part hangs down far enough to block it from oncoming wind and still allows you to breathe fine.

Question Question 17

Im A Size 7 5/8 In Hats, What Size Should I Be For This Mask?

The mask is Velcro adjustable. But they fit slightly large so if you are in between on your size, go down a size. The best rule of thumb is as follows:Extra Small – childrenSmall – big children and small women The mask is Velcro adjustable. But they fit slightly large so if you are in between on your size, go down a size. The best rule of thumb is as follows:Extra Small – childrenSmall – big children and small womenMedium – teens and womenLarge – men

Question Question 18

What Is This “Multicolored” Type? The Photos Look Identical. And It Came Up By Default For $5 More Than ‘S “Black”.Is It Worth Returning?

We are not sure why has this black color listed as black or multicolored.They both are black.All the color combo scrafs are found under a different listing.https://www. .com/dp/B00DT01P0W

Question Question 19

Does It Fit Tight Enough To Not Fog Glasses?

we are sorry no.

Question Question 20

We Ride A Bike To Work And On Freezing Cold Days I Cant Breath With The Wind Blowing In Our Face. Will This Mask Alow Us To Breath?

It should. We’ve had tons of testimonials from people who say that they use it for that exact purpose. The mask blocks wind effectively and the breath holes are designed specifically for ease of breathing.Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. It should. We’ve had tons of testimonials from people who say that they use it for that exact purpose. The mask blocks wind effectively and the breath holes are designed specifically for ease of breathing.Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.Cheers,The Seirus Team

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Seirus Innovation Unisex Neofleece Combo Scarf, these might be useful for better understanding.

So this old lady (me) has been totally frustrated during the arctic temps of the past two weeks whenever we tried to keep our face warm by pulling our fleece neck warmer over our nose- our glasses would fog up immediately. So we hunted down a solution. And this product is it. After sifting through reviews on multiple options for half-face masks, we chose this one because it came in different sizes (mine is a size small) and people reported that you can wear it without fogging up your glasses if you breathe through your nose (update and not fogging up your goggles with breathing through mouth and nose) and if you pull the velcro upwards snug in back (in our case we velcroed it over the back of our hat). It arrived yesterday so we tried it out this morning during the start of our big “bombogeneisis” storm (jan 4 2018) as we went about our farm chores and found that this product really is wonderful- super comfy and warm, and yes, hooray, our glasses did not fog up (as long as we breathed through our nose). Update: we just went out for a hike in the storm with both our glasses and our goggles on and breathed through both our mouth and nose and the googles provided such a good seal over the mask that we had no fogging at all, even with both mouth and nose breathing. Excellent. We love my mask. It is a great product for any of us who live where real winters happen and have to spend a lot of time outside.

Bought this for snowboarding and needed to return for a much smaller size. In fairness, how can one tell anyway??? we are 5’3″ asian girl, with a rather smallish head. We think we got a small which was still big, and needed to get an extra small, which was still slightly loose. Regardless, we do love this product. Does a good job of keeping us warm and mobile while snowboarding in the mountains. Seems to wick sweat, is light, durable, etc. It was a really great buy and we would recommend it to anyone. Plus you look like you’re a fighter from mortal kombat.

Live in chicago. Yes, its gets colder than the outer reaches of our galaxy at times. We got this to finally extend our bike riding season since we hate to hang up our bikes in the winter. We have tried biking with scarves and neck gaiters and while they keep our face warm if pulled up to an adequate height, we found that for active endeavors, such as biking, we couldn’t get adequate breath through them when we really started to work. Also, with no venting, any pair of glasses we would wear would immediately fog up. So our review is based on these three main points, plus fit. First off, warmth. Uber. No problems there. The neck portion is a nice cozy fleecy material that goes down low enough to stay tucked under the collar of a jacket, fleece, or similar base layer. The neoprene on the face portion is thick enough to keep warm down to 0 degrees (yes it was zero today here in chitown). Second, breathing through it. The vent holes are an adequate size to allow full breathing while still not letting in too much cold air. Likewise on the nose. We had no problem breathing through this while working. Third, glasses fogging up. Even with the venting, our glasses fogged up a bit. Though not nearly as bad as past solutions we have had. With goggles btw, there is no fogging whatsoever. Though we would attribute this more to the goggle than the mask. But again, even with closed type sports glasses, fogging was better than we have had in the past. And finally, fit. We got a small. We are small guy. Hat size is 6 7/8″. This fits us perfectly. There is enough material to securely velcro the back closed but not so much that it bunches up back there. And unless you have a really weird shaped face (no offense to all the weird shaped face people out there), it fits as you’d expect it to. Perfectly. So all in all, 5 stars. Highly recommend.

Purchased this for our daughter to use while clearing our driveway for us with a snow thrower. Live in a rural area with a 200 foot long driveway that gets “lake effect” snow dumped on it every winter. She has used it 3 times this week in very cold weather (under 10 degrees f). She stated that without the seirus face mask she would not have been able to stay outside long enough to finish clearing the entire drive at one time. She had a problem with her eyeglasses fogging but solved that by using some cotton balls that she spread out to fill the gap on each side of her nose under the mask. She also stated that her lungs did not get blasted with breathing the very cold air like they always used to. She plans to buy some foam to replace the cotton balls. It is a size medium but she has a small narrow face, thus the gaps in the mask under her eyes. However it is adjustable in the back. Long story short, she loves it and also the fact that is protests her neck and ears as well.  seirus innovation 8030 neofleece combo scarf – face and neck masque for cold winter weather,black,medium.

We live in northern maine where the temperatures reach -50 degrees f with the windchill. This mask is exceptionally warm and does wonders for keeping out the icy chill. The material is comfortable, not itchy like so many other products. Breathing is easily done using the vent system. It can cause a little fogging if wearing glasses, but it’s not enough of a negative to detract from this review. Our husband used this to walk to and from work, which is approximately 1 mile from our house. He felt it was not something to go jogging in, but it handles walking just fine.

We wore this mask for the entire skwe season (4 months). We think it s great because the vent holes allow it to breathe, it protects you from the sun and wind; besides the inside of the neoprene is covered by fleece making it very soft to the touch. Got a size medium and we like the fact that it won t fit too tight on our face. Unlike the balaclava style, we don t have to take our helmet off to remove it from our face. We just remove the mask but get to keep our wool cap and helmet on. Very comfortable in subzero temps or spring temps. Would buy again.

We bought the medium to use for winter running. We have asthma and our lungs try to kill us whenever it’s below 40 out. We ran a 5k and this was the mask’s maiden voyage. It was a bit odd having it on our face, and we still noticed the air being cold but definitely not as cold (and the temp was below freezing that morning). We managed to pr our 5k and place in our age group, so we don’t know if we can credit the mask but we know if we hadn’t had it that we would’ve definitely struggled more. We didn’t feel like we needed to adjust it at all once we got it on – it felt nice and secure. Again we probably look like a serial killer, but if you’re trying to stay active when it’s freaking cold, whatever works and this seems to.

Delivering newspapers in the winter has always been a huge hassle with staying warm. Both windows down with the icy wind blasting our face has been the main issue. This product has solved our worries, just don’t go into any stores or be seen with it on in neighborhoods, you might be visited by some men in blue. Newspapers are dying out, but they still have to be delivered every day of the year no matter the temperature. Heat has always dried out our nose thus making our nose bleed, so we tend to keep it at a minimal. This face mask has proven to be very useful in keeping our face toasty while being comfortable. We ordered a large, but should have ordered the size down, the velcro is barely long enough to keep it in place. We really like the nose holes in case of a nosebleed and easier breathing. This is glasses friendly if tightened correctly. Occasionally they fog up our glasses, but we just readjust it and problem solved.

Every so often it is so cold outside that we risk an injury to the exposed skin on our face – mostly our cheeks or our nose. The seirus neofleece is the perfect blend of modern fabrics. We get a nice soft scarf around the back of our neck and neoprene in the front that won’t absorb any moisture and stay flexible in sub zero temps. This product is well made and durable. This face mask vents well and is adjustable – we can get a perfect fit even if it take a couple of tries. Our cheeks and our nose are protected and we can train longer outside when it really cold. We recommend this to anyone who needs to protect their skin in cold weather. It really works well. A great product.

Keeps our face warm. Does what it’s suppose to do. We got the large and fits us just right withouth feeling too tight on our face. The inside face guard is like fleece, so provides for that extra protection in freezing temps. We live in chicago so our winters get pretty cold, especially when you factor in windchill it can feel like below zero temps. The neck guard prodvides decent cover around our neck, but we still use a scarf for extra protection cause the neck guard isn’t that long. Overall this is our favorite winter accessory.

This is exactly what we needed for our morning bike commute (4 miles). So far we have only tested this down to about 32 f. It’s almost too warm at that temperature, so we expect we can get down at least to the mid 20s. If we remember, we will update the review after we get to test that theory. Unlike a standard balaclava, this mask makes a worthwhile compromise: the mouth holes and nose slit allow sufficient air for breathing while still keeping one’s face, nose, lips warm. Lungs too—there seems to be enough convection against the grille to warm and humidify the air enough that we don’t get that freezing, burning lung feeling. The nosepiece keeps our nose warm enough that we are not dripping snot all over the place, which is always a good thing. As an added and unexpected bonus, this mask almost entirely covers our ears. The very tops poke out above the mask, but the bike helmet seems to shield those bits from convection, so they don’t get too cold. Other reviewers have mentioned that glasses fog up. Our safety glasses fog when we are stationary, but that clears up very quickly once we get moving on the bike. The fogging is also not limited to this mask. Pros: warm, easy breathing, covers neck and (mostly) ears, keeps lips and nose reasonably warm, doesn’t get soaked with breath moisture and snot, easy to fasten, doesn’t mess up your hair, stays in place better than most scarves. Cons: kind of looks like you just walked off the set of a horror movie. (getting something other than the straight black would probably mitigate that significantly, but the colored/patterned versions seem to cost twice as much. ).

We wore this face mask (masque?) for the first time on a 16-mile run with conditions consisting of 20 degrees f and, with wind chill factored in, a “real feel” of 6 degrees f. A hard first test, and this mask passed with flying colors. It stayed in place, allowed us to get enough air while running, and protected our face in very cold and windy conditions. There is, naturally, some condensation from your breath that occurs inside the mask and around the mouth/nose, but the mask wicks moisture well and the condensation never became an annoyance; plus, the moisture from your breath keeps your face skin from drying out. The fleece neck scarf kept the wind off our neck as well. Highly recommended for winter running in very cold weather, and we imagine it works similarly excellently for other winter sports. Pro tip: pull the mask up to just under your eyelids to get the best fit and help the mask stay in place on your face.

We walk our dogs 365 days a year here in northeast ohio and we have no idea why we didn’t buy one of these sooner. The worst part about walking in the winter is the wind on our face, and scarves are just a pain in the butt. This keeps our face warm and our ears and doesn’t move or fall off or flop around in the wind. It doesn’t fog our glasses, either. It’s easy to breathe. Plus it’s not too hot – we have been wearing it in 40 degree (f) weather that’s not too biting and we are not sweating or wishing we would left it at home. Walks are so much more enjoyable now. We have got a super large head and a ton of hair but the large size fits just fine.

We used to use a balaclava in really cold weather, but the moisture in our breath would cause it to get uncomfortably wet rather quickly. So, we wanted something that would let our breath pass through, but didn’t have a large hole for the mouth so that at least some heat could be retained. We first tried a face mask with a mesh patch, but it blocked our breath too much and caused our glasses to fog up. We were hoping the larger holes in this mask would work better. Well, yes and no. We have no problem when breathing through our nose. When adjusted to fit comfortably, however, there is a gap between our mouth and the front of the mask that allows air to rise and fog up our glasses. Unlike our balaclava, however, directing our breath downward doesn’t help, and we would rather not wear goggles. Adjusting the mask to be as tight as possible helps a lot, but it’s less comfortable to wear this way and the velcro is just barely hanging on, so it comes undone rather easily. Puckering our lips to bring them closer to the front of the mask also helps. Combining these two eliminates the fogging problem entirely. We guess we will have to try the small size to see if it fits better, or at least just add more velcro.

This thing is great. The overall quality is good and the fit is good, better than the other two brands we have tried. Nose is open so you can still wipe it as needed, mine runs a little everytime it gets cold. We like that the mouth area has some holes so it’s easier for people to hear you speak and there’s less moisture build up from huffing and puffing when you’re working. The nose fit can be a little tricky but we found that by adjusting the way we had the velcro done affected the nose and cheek ridge. We had it too tight and not at a good angle, it was cutting into the bridge of our nose and leaving deep lines across our cheeks. Nothing painful, just funny looking when we took it off =p.

Got this for running in the winters of western new york state. Harshest conditions tested were ~6 miles in 15°f, no precipitation, strong winds. We are 5′ 9″, 145 lbs. Mask size of medium fits perfectly. Warm, but not to the point of being stuffed – right in comfort zone. There is some space between mouth and actual mask, so it does not stifle or hinder heavy breathing even during heavy work (z4, z5 heart rate training). Additionally, the nose is unobstructed, which is also a boon to heavy workouts. The water vapor from our breath did end up making this portion of the mask wet which clearly became cold, but this did not regularly come in contact with our skin. The fit covers the lower part of our ears, which makes it slightly difficult to position comfortably and securely, though this is far from a mitigating factor. Put our hat between the mask and our ears and had no complaints. Mask held securely for the entirely of the run. Most definitely recommend to anyone who wants to run in deep winter, but doesn’t like treadmills.

A bike commuter, we ride each day,will weather stop me? with pride, no way. Buffs got wet, and cold, with each exhale. This combo put an end to that nasty tale. Rode together in seven degreesour ears were warm, and that’s not norm for us. Glasses didnt fog until we were too slow on a hill,once we sped up, fog cleared, as it will.

We love this product. We are part of a winter biking group in chicago and recommend it to all the new people. Throw on a pair of ear muffs and helmet and you will be well protected on your winter rides (even the windy -5 f degree rides. ). Had it for about 2years now and the velcro is not holding as well but that’s to be expected after washing many times. It covers the neck fairly well but the best part is the convenience of being able to take off quickly when you go indoors as opposed to a balaclava or gaiter.

This product attempts to solve the problem of condensation when wearing a balaclava or scarf over your mouth and nose. When it’s too cold for exposed skin you have to cover your face, but the condensation of your breath causes wetness which then freezes and your worse off. This mask keeps the material away from your face and is vented to allow the escape of moisture. It can still build up, but this mask is a great improvement. The tip of our nose still gets cold, but not as cold due to the insulation of surrounding tissue. The large was comfortable on our face but sized way to big for our neck. Stepped down to a medium and cut the nose hole a little bigger. We wear it paired up with an or balaclava. It can fog our sunglasses if we are stationary and breathing hard, but generally it doesn’t. Zero fogging issues with our ess goggles. Stays in place just fine for us. Tempted to enlarge one of the holes enough to accommodate a straw, but thus far have not. Would like to have one in a lighter color that wouldn’t standout against a snow covered habitat, but over all we are happy with the product.

We purchased this for our son who had several races in frigid weather coming up. He reported that this works well, warming up the air and keeping his throat and lungs warm while not hindering his breathing even when pushing hard and breathing heavily. Quality seems top notch – thick neoprene and strong stitching. It lasted this past winter training and races.

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