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The dying master of the powerful Poison Clan dispatches his last pupil on a crucial mission. Worried that the skills he has taught are being used to evil ends, he orders the Yan Tieh to trace a retired colleague and warn him that the fortune he amassed from the clan activities is under threat from five of his former pupils. Each an expert in his own lethal combat style, the five comprise a truly invincible force. Yan must discover the whereabouts and true identities of these deadly masked warriors and decide which, if any, can be trusted.

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Love love love. We have the vhs version, the dvd version, and now we can watch it on prime too. This was the martial arts movie to beat all others. Five styles, a hybrid, a cool story line, some suspense, and let’s not forget the action. We remember the first time we saw this movie, and we were torn between which style we wanted. Lizard could clime walls. But toad was damn near invincible. Snake had some cool moves. Arrgghhh the decisions. If you have never seen this movie, give it a watch. And be prepared to be entertained.

We remember first watching this as a kid on ch. 5 in new york at noon. We loved it back then. And then the wu used this movie, as well as the other shaw brothers movies, as inspiration and this movie became relevant again. And we watched it again and loved it again. You can see that this movie along with the other shaw brothers classics also served as inspiration for many of the action scenes we see today in the movies. These movie was ahead of its time even though it looks cheesy by today’s standards. It is still great.

The only special feature on the disc is a commentary from bey logan. But we love that guy, and it’s a really informative and entertaining commentary, so buy this disc. Oh, and also, of course, it’s one of the greatest kung-fu movies ever made, so if you’re even interested enough to look at the comments you need to own a copy.

The five venoms is an excellent film. If you enjoy the shaw brothers productions, or even just 70’s and 80’s kung fu drama, action, beat em’ up films; this one is on the level. The plot consists of a “comic book” like set of chinese-super-kung-fu-heroes/villians. All the actors display a set of real world acrobatics and kung fu skill, and enlist era appropriate effects to properly showcase the characters “superhuman” dynamic. Plot twists of a sort, are bit trying to the viewer but are redeemed by mild character development that brings on highly enjoyable action scenes. Audio dubbing is good and of course gives the “old kung fu flick” vibe almost immediately. It does contain some violently bloody scenes, but can easily be brushed off by the younger viewers as corny and over the top. 5 out of 5 is truly earned with this one. An admirable masterpiece in its genre.

Wu-tang ourstery of the chess boxing is all we have to say this movie is an absolute classic and a must have in your collection in our opinion no kung fu collection is complete without it.

We saw this on tv many years ago and thought it was a great martial arts movie. When we spotted it available on dvd a number of years ago on , we bought it. The version we got was just ok. It was like watching the movie on a tv broadcast but at least we had a copy. Then dragon dynasty came around and made 36th chamber of shaolin available which was another one of our favorite martial arts movies. So now they came out with five deadly venoms in both dvd and blu-ray so we bought the blu-ray version. Boy is it a significant difference from our old dvd copy. Our old dvd version was from master arts video distributed by steeplechase. There may have been better versions around but we weren’t aware of them and it was the only one available from at that time. If you have an older version that looks like (or just slightly better than) a tv broadcast of the movie, get this one. Also this one includes commentary by bey logan which we found interesting. He knows all about the various actors and their background (i. E. The other movies they starred in, which studios they worked for, etc. ) if you like martial arts movies but don’t know much about the stars, directors, producers, the chinese studios, etc. You may find it interesting as we did. And if you have a blu-ray player. And the blu-ray version is even cheaper than the equivalent dragon dynasty dvd version (least currently it is cheaper), how can you pass this up. (if you want to find out about the movie itself you can read the various dvd reviews about it. ) just wanted to provide info about this great version of the movie.

If you like martial arts movies, then this is the first movie in your collection. This transfer is the clearest version we had seen to date and the dubbing was really well made. ***little spoiler warning***the movie consists of 5 main martial artist taught by the senior teacher of the venom clan. The senior teacher is ill and will soon die so he sends out a new student to track down the 5 venoms to make sure they are good and not evil. The senior teacher tells the new student to search a town where his co-teacher is hiding with the massive treasure they had acquired in the clan. The student goes into the town and learns its not easy to find the venoms but things picks up when there is a murder of an old man. We enjoyed this movie and its full action without to many downtimes. Be wary that this picture also has torture but its minimal and consists with the plot, not to bad as some of the new movies we seen.

One of our favorite old-time kung fu movies. Saw this many years ago and didn’t think about it again until we saw it for sale. Like all other kung fu movies a little cheesy in its dialog and acting. However, we loved the variety of fighting styles used by the different characters. Lots of fun to watch. Would be a good introductory movie for newcomers to the kung fu genre.

Ok, so we had only heard from a friend that we should check out some kung fu movies because we were listening to a lot of wu-tang clan and he thought we should know there’s a history there. Long story short, we looked up one of the samples from a wu-tang song and was directed to the five deadly venoms. It looked kitchy and fun, and for eight bucks, what the hell? right?we watched this film the day it arrived and then watched it again the next day with our brothers-in-law. This movie is sop much fun–the fights are either awesome or hilarious, depending on your level of internal irony, but they are never dull. We won’t retell the story here, as you’ve already got that, we are sure, but we will tell you how we reacted. We had never seen one of these films and the fdvs were a great introduction to the genre. We bought it a month ago and have since bought almost a dozen other shaw bros. Movies like “8 diagram pole fighter” and “36 chambers. ” all fun movies, but fdvs also has that superhero quality that just isn’t found in any but the most creative movies. To put it simply: if you are new to the genre buy this film. You won’t be sorry.

Best kung fu movie ever. Glad we finally found it. Made our kids watch it about 5 times and now they re mimicking the moves just like we did at their age.

Love the venom mob ,we really like all shaw bros films their all good . This is just top favourite shaw films its in both languages dubbed english and mandarin too . Thie five deadly venoms is definetly a cult kung fu classic for all fans of kung fu films . Its worth checking out .

We had to order us another copy of this movie because our previous copy broke in our dvd player which finally died shortly after, if you don’t have the movie shame on you. Lol this is a must have film for any martial art film lovers, the fight choreography is the best we have seen when it comes to old school kung fu films. If we had our choice our favorite venom would be the toad style, can’t go wrong with strength he had being immune to nearly any weapon but everyone has they’re favorite venom in this film which makes it so good to watch. Not to mention the final fight in the movie between the remaining venoms.

Greatest “bad” (bad lip-synching, cheesy effects, etc) kung-fu movie of all time. We saw this as a kid on black-belt theater way back in the eighties and have been in love with it ever since. Our old vhs copy finally gave out (as did the vhs player), so it was time to upgrade to the newest format. It’s not as slick and high-budget as the stuff coming out now, but it has a charm and old-school vibe to it that we just can’t resist.

Some time ago we were in fye with some money to burn with a friend of mine trying to decide on which martial arts movie we wanted to get: five deadly venoms or the 7 grandmasters. We had heard both were classics but ultimately we were won over by the 7 grandmasters because, well, 7 is a lucky number and the quality of the dvd case was well designed. Yeah, we fire with all pistons when it comes to logic. 7 grandmasters was a phenomenal martial arts movie and is now probably one of our favorites. Not only did it provide some awesome martial arts work it has a story and characters you cared about. It was a movie that broke the “kung fu movie stereotype” that gets these old school films so little of the respect they deserve. Just like five deadly venoms. The plot of the movie begins with the master of the poison clan on the verge of death. His last request of his final student is to search out 5 of his deadliest students and for him to make sure that what the master taught them isn’t being used for ill. The former students are the snake, the centipede, the lizard, the scorpion, and the toad and yes, they are all named after the respective styles they were taught. Each with particular advantages the others don’t have. These are totally unique styles with particularly bizarre (and not coincidentally, entertaining) attributes: the scorpian primarily uses his legs and has a superhuman grip while the toad is just plain indestructable to name just a few. Since these students were all taught wearing masks the master himself has no clue as to their identities. The final student of course agrees to the mission and our movie begins. What follows is a rather unpredictable, well-directed, and well acted martial arts film. While later, not as well crafted martial arts films poured on cliche after cliche to the point where almost nothing was surprising five deadly venoms swerves and pivots with unpredictability. Compared to the films we were used to five deadly venoms defies convention in a few areas. Here are just a few. 1) the hero of the film isn’t all powerful. 2) there is no main villain. But the ones there are are hardly comical and you will even find yourself hating them character-wise. 3) you empathize with the emotions of the characters. And we watched the dubbed version. The only caveat we have in regards to the film is that the actual martial arts works isn’t over astounding (though there are few moves we found to be rather surprising) if they are pretty unique (the lizard’s ability to cling to walls is surprisingly well done. ). This, all in all, is a really small gripe. The choreograpy in the film is very well done and fast paced as opposed to the slow, more methodical style of less impressive movies. The story itself is so engaging that we wouldn’t care if the fighting was limited to shadow boxing. The point is: if you love martial arts films you owe to yourself to check out five deadly venoms. You won’t be disappointed.

Classic martial arts movie a must for anyone that grew up in the 80s or even someone that has appreciation for the old school martial arts style.

Great action like none other. The plot is really great with epic ups and downs, but the fight scenes are the best ever made. We will watch this movie over and over. It instantly made the top of our lists for kung fu greats. We are huge shaw brothers fan and this movie takse them to another level of supreme excellence. You will not be disappointed.

We used to watch kung fu movies all the time, as there was a weekly time slot when we were growing up. Was it channel 5 in la? can’t say for sure, but this was the one that we remembered the most. Each of the warriors with their different style added a bit more variety. We got nostalgic about the old kung fu movies when we were listening to enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) and enjoying the samples in the music. While we bought shaolin against wu-tang: 10-film collection (twice on accident, but it’ll be a decent gift), it was the deadly venoms that we couldn’t resist picking up along with it.

Classic. Remember watching this as a kid spellbound by the story. And spellbound and captivated yet again. The shaw brothers produced movies have a flair that can’t us matches. Solid action through and the fight scenes stand out. The same actors are in various shaw movies but this one of the best.

We are huge fan of the shaw brothers. We grew up on these and we still love them. We share these movies with our son who is also a fan. There should be a 10 star rating for this. These are above and beyond the best of movies in this type of genre. Loveeeee.

The great thing about five deadly venoms is the story telling and great acting by all the venoms. Our favorite is pewe wei, although a great martial artist in his own right we definitely like his flare for drama.

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