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Sinol-M Allergy & Sinus Relief Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sinol-M Allergy & Sinus Relief Spray.

  • Relieves sinus congestion in minutes. Works faster than Claritin and can be used as needed up to 12x a day.
  • Doctor and Pharmacist recommended for sinusitis and sinus infections
  • Sinol is all natural and non addictive.
  • Sinol can be used as needed without side effects.
  • Money back guarantee.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sinol-M Allergy & Sinus Relief Spray.
Sinol All Natural Allergy & Sinus Nasal Spray helps relieve allergies and congestion while keeping your nose moist and bacteria free. A great product for allergy & sinus sufferers with rhinitis, sinusitis or sinus infection. Sinol is works better and faster than a neti pot, nasal irrigation or sinus rinse. Sinol will prevent allergy triggers and is highly recommended by doctors and pharmacists. Use all natural Sinol daily for the best results. Non addictive and no side effects, it’s about time, don’t you think? Used by The New York Allergy & Sinus Centers in Manhattan and at The US Olympic Training Center.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Sinol-M Allergy & Sinus Relief Spray, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have bad year-round allergies and end up getting allergy shots plus taking prescription medicine. Yet it still wasn’t enough to alleviate all our symptoms. We would read about sinol-m and it made sense to me, so we decided to give it a try. We are very glad we did. Yes, it tingles/burns a little for a second but it really doesn’t bother me. And we like that you don’t have the problem with everything tasting funny afterward, like you do with some prescription nasal products. Could we give up our allergy shots and only use sinol? we doubt it. But we do take less antihistamine/decongestant now, which we are quite happy about. It would be great if they made it in a bigger bottle though.

Perfect .

We have lots of allergies and we seem to always be congested at night when we are trying to sleep. We use this and the congestion is gone in just a few minutes and then we sleep peacefully.

In addition to having occasional bronchitis breathing problems, we also have 2 dogs and 3 cats. At times we suffer with stopped up nasal passages mostly while sleeping at night. We can either wake up during the night with the problem or wake up with it in the morning. We have found that a couple of minutes after using sinol we are able to breathe well again. We decided, when we ordered it, to take a chance and get 3 bottles. We are so glad we did, because it is a well-invested insurance.

An excellent product.

We tried sinol after reading about it, and it really works great for us. We use it once in the morning and once at night and our sinus and allergies are lot better. We no longer take any medication for our condition like we have taken for many years. We would recommend this to anyone with sinus and allergy problems.

Burns a bit, but we guess it is supposed to do that or it wouldn’t work. We recommend.

We have had head congestion constantly for the past 27 months. Have been to many different doctors (some specialists even) but to no avail. This product really clears our head out. Burns a little when you first spray it, but well worth a little discomfort to get relief. We highly recommend this product for anyone with sinus/allergy/unknown cause head congestion.

We suffer from chronic sinus infection and the the headaches that we get are terrible, we would not wish that for anyone, we have tried everything from medication to house remedies like hot towels on the head and steaour showers, face massages and just about everything else but let us tell you nothing and we mean nothing works like the pepper nasal sprays, that burst of heat you get when sprayed gives you instant relief and slowly the headache is gone or reduced a great deal sometimes you have to spray it more than once for it to work and that’s the best part you can use it as much as you want. Time after time you get kind of addicted (at least we did) to the sensation after a couple of sprays, you feel that your nasal cavities are totally clear and you can breath a lot better. We first tried the sinus buster spray and found it very effective then we decided to give sinol a try and we found it to be a lot smoother, you only get a minimal burn then it starts to work slowly all of the sudden the headache is gone, it is an excellent product but we prefer the sinus buster. It just feels better.

We were looking for something all natural because we had been living on pills for months at a time to control our allergies, and this worked great. It has a little bit of a *bite* when you first use it, but it only lasted for a second or two. We used it about every 2 to 3 hours and did not have any allergy symptoms at all. The bottle is small enough that we just keep it in our pocket. If you are looking for an all natural allergy relief product, we would highly recommend this. Sinol “all natural” allergy & sinus nasal spray with capsaicin.

This is great stuff. It opens your sinuses up immediately and can take away a headache just as quickly. Natural formula so nothing to give you a bad reaction.

It helps with sinus congestion, but stings a little more than we were expecting. It is definately gentler than sinus buster, but still stings more than the label implies. We might just be over sensative.

We live in south georgia and use this product mostly in fall and spring. Sinol keeps your nose moist. Great.

It was for our relative exc.

Great product. Although we do not breath much better, this product has eliminated our severe sinus pain. But you must keep using it (expensive) to maintain the effect. This product has really improved the quality of our life. Thanks.

We had been using otc nasal sprays with addictive properties for some time. We found out that we were becoming very dependent on them. Therefore we searched for alternatives. One of options is prescription medication. They are expensive and based on steroids which are not very good for you. We kept looking until we found this. We tried it and it works. It has a bite to it that stings for a couple of minutes. The action is immediate and effective. We are not sure if it last as long as the otc stuff. But on the whole we prefer this because it is non addictive and we get to use it as much as we want. We still use the otc if things get really bad but it has reduced our reliance on the other stuff greatly. The one unfortunate thing is that we cannot use our flex spending to pay for it. This is in no way the fault of sinol. It is just a result of the way irs decides what qualifies for flex spending. Otherwise it is a great option. We recommend it.

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