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SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray

SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray.

  • Proven natural cure for sinus conditions – works within minutes
  • Recommended and used by doctors and contains clinically proven ingredients (awarded the prestigious Doctor Trusted seal of approval)
  • Over 550,000 satisfied customers
  • Completely safe and non-addictive
  • 60 day Money back guarantee

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray.
Sinusoothe is a unique, revolutionary, natural nasal spray created by sinus sufferers for sinus sufferers that contains scientifically proven natural ingredients. It is extremely effective at treating the symptoms of and curing all types of sinus conditions including sinusitis, hayfever, rhinitis and nasal spray addiction and inner and middle ear conditions such as labyrinthitis, blocked eustachian tubes and acute otitis media. It can be used to relieve nasal congestion, sinus headaches and sinus pain in order to promote a good night’s sleep and help to reduce snoring. It can also be used to moisturise and cleanse the nasal passages to minimise/prevent colds and is ideal for moisturising dry sinuses caused by the weather and flying.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray.

Question Question 1

How Many Doses In A Bottle?

Thank you for contacting us. There are approximately 160 metered doses. Therefore if you use the spray once in each nostril three times per day it will last approximately 26 days.Kind regards

Question Question 2

We Need A Refund For The Order We Placed And Was Not Deliveredand When Are Our Going To Get A Refund?

HERE IS A LINK THAT we THINK WILL BE OF HELPTO YOU:https://www.sinusoothe.com/about-us/

Question Question 3

Where Is It Made? Is It From A Regulated Source, Or No? People Talking About The Janky Packaging Makes Us Nervous.?

The product is manufactured in a state of the art facility in the UK and is fully regulated. We are smaller manufacturer than the large Pharmaceutical companies etc and unfortunately we are not able to purchase the quality of nasal dispensers we would ideally like as the minimum order quantities for these are too hig The product is manufactured in a state of the art facility in the UK and is fully regulated. We are smaller manufacturer than the large Pharmaceutical companies etc and unfortunately we are not able to purchase the quality of nasal dispensers we would ideally like as the minimum order quantities for these are too high. Considering the quantity of nasal sprays we sell the negative feedback we get regarding the quality of our nasal dispensers is an extremely low percentage and we do not see it as an issue. We consider our nasal dispensers to be of decent quality and in the unlikely event your spray is faulty we offer a full refund or a replacement plus a free gift worth $56. We don’t even ask for photographs showing the faulty spray.

Question Question 4

What Are The Ingredients Of The Product Please?

Thanks for getting in touch ๐Ÿ™‚ The list of ingredients is detailed on the product listing and is as follows; Thanks for getting in touch ๐Ÿ™‚ The list of ingredients is detailed on the product listing and is as follows;Purified Water, Organic Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cinnamon Oil 2x, Cumin Oil 2x, Frankincense Oil 2x, Ginger Oil 2x, Manuka Oil 2x, Tea Tree Oil 2x, Turmeric Oil 2x.Kind regards

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on SinuSoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have had years of progressively worsening vasomotor rhinitis. Tried steroids, prescription antihistamine sprays, various oral antihistamines (caused us to dream all bloody night long), and other meds we can’t even remember with no relief. When we got desperate, we would use afrin as a “treat” so we could remember what it was like to get air through our nose for a day. Had a procedure twice to open us nasal passages, but within weeks they closed up again due to inflammation. This winter it reached the place where we went months with only 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night (the nasal congestion causes a mild sleep apnea to become significant, waking us after a couple hours gasping for air and triggering an anxiety that kept us up for the rest of the night–we were literally afraid to go to bed because we knew what was coming). We also ran our relative out of the room with our snoring. We were barely functioning during the day, getting more depressed with each passing week. We finally got fed up, started eating well (very few processed foods), using fish oil (antiinflammatory), and exercising regularly–this seemed to provide some relief. Saw recommendation for sinusoothe and thought what the heck. We agree, it burns the nose and tastes terrible when it drips down our throat, but it significantly reduced the rhinitis within days, so who cares? ๐Ÿ™‚ we have used it daily for three weeks, initially 2 sprays in each nostril 5 or 6 times a day, but am now down to single sprays 3 times a day. We have never written a review of any product in our life, but the amount of relief this spray has given us simply demanded that we do so. We sleep through the night and our relative stays there with me(in fact, she snores louder than we do now. ) now that we are sleeping, our depression is gone and we have some motivation and energy again. We are certain that lifestyle changes have helped, but we are amazed at how much the sinusoothe arrests the inflammation in our nose.

Received sinusoothe about 6 days ago . Have been using it once a day and omg what a difference it has made . We were living on sudafed once a day plus ibuprofen at least once a day as well . This has been amazing . Yes it burns really bad and it was horrible the first day but we were determined to give it a try to see if it would help with our nasal drip and constant sinus headaches and dizziness. It gets more tolerable each time you use it and the benefits definitely out weigh the minor burn and smell ??.

We have been a life long sufferer of sinus and allergy problems. And like many other people here, we have taken allergy pills, shots, nasal sprays, steroids. You name it. Modern medicine has thrown just about every non-surgical procedure it has available at our problem. So, grasping at desperation we started looking into the natural medicine path. Now, we are skeptical person. We like science, experiments, trials, tests etc. Not some blog that an unemployed hippie wrote in between tending his herb gardens and flock of goats. Of course, we find it hard to believe that people get over their ailments with gloves of garlic, fish oil, and peppermint leaves. After endless reading, we came across sinusoothe and read nearly all the reviews on – with mixed results. We ordered a bottle and we have to admit that we did not try it right away because of the burning and allergic reactions that people spoke it. And even the directions tell you to test it on your skin, then in one nostrils – waiting 24 hours for adverse effects. Finally, we broke down and gave it a shot. These are our notes and testing over several days. We did test it on the crook of our arm first. We also took a small whiff of oils after application. It was strong, pungent. Sort of offensive. 24 hours later – no rash, burning or ill effects. Then it came nostril time. We blew our nose, clearing our left nostril (which is always partially clogged)and shot one short burst without breathing in. It burns. Like everyone says, and we mean burns. Like someone took a stick of cinnamon, dipped it in peppermint oil, rolled it in cyanine, set it on fire and then stuck it in your nose. Our eyes watered, our nose stuffed up. We clenched our teeth and waited for the pain to pass. We had already decided that this product was not for us. Until our nose began to run about 5 minutes later, mucus streamed out. Another quick blow into a tissue and our left nostril was clear. We could breath through it with no problem. We waited 24 hours and again no ill effects. Then we shot one spray into our left nostril while sniffing it deeper into our sinuses. Again the horrible smell, burning sensation. And it sort of took our breath away. But, a few minutes later, the same thing. Runny nose, clear passage. This time, we got the horrible taste that others spoke about. It’s like you stuck your head into a vat of potpourri. And it takes much longer to fade – however, we think this is how you know that the spray has reached deeper into your sinuses, as it caused a bit of drainage into the back of our throat. 3rd day – both nostrils. Same results 2x. Burning sensation, but we got over it much quicker. Overall, we would say the spray does what it intends to do – as long as you verify that you are not allergic to it otherwise. Make sure and test it on your skin, and get a little whiff. Don’t just immediately snort the stuff up. None of the ingredients are harmful on their own, but you never know how things will react when you start mixing them. So test it to make sure. We can’t speak to whether it kills fungus, bacteria or prevents future infections. Yet. But we can tell you, it will clear your sinuses and allow you to breathe – though the effects (thus far) are only temporary. We would say if you are at a last resort, then give it a shot.

We have been using this product for years and it has it all. If you take the time to do the research, you will find the all-natural ingredients are powerfully effective for things like sinusitis caused by either bacterial or fungal infections. Yes the smell can be a bit intense, but what’s better, no sinus infection relief and less congestion, or a product with no smell and does little to nothing? it is expensive/has to come from the uk, wish they made it here and/or offered a larger size.

This is the only product that helps us breathe. Our ent has recommended surgery to correct deviated septum. We are wary of surgery and tried this as a last resort. We get sinus infections about once a month, sometimes more, and this has cut that down to 1 infection in the last 3 months. It’s a little pricey, but worth it. And customer service is the best.

This is the only nasal spray that keeps our sinus passages open. We have used it for over a year and we cannot fathom using any other product. We have used prescription drugs that smell like flowers and make the problem worse. And we have used products that lead to using the product addictively. But sinusoothe is a spray that we use as needed. There is a mild sense of burning when it is first used, but that goes away quickly and after continued use. The customer service from the company is also first rate.

This product took about 5 days to really open up our sinuses, but we are happy with it. It has also helped with our post-nasal drainage. The bottle is a bit janky and we feel like it wastes a lot of the product though -that s our only complaint.

A great product with a cheap spray bottle. We have bought this spray several times and it works great . But . The spray bottle is horrible (and all bottles without any exception do not spray well the first or two sprays) . We think the manufacturer could invest little money and add 30 cts more to the final price. Otherwise we would have given 5 stars .

We have had really bad nasal drip for the last 10 years, we also think that it effected our breath. After using sinusoothe our symptoms are almost gone. We can breathe better, no drip and no bad breath. The taste of the spray takes some getting use to. We love the fact that all the ingredients are natural. We are hooked and we are on our 3rd bottle. It s part of our morning routine. At first we used the spray 2-3 times a day and now we use it 1 a day (only to avoid any symptoms). Give the spray 2 or 3 days to see full results.

We have been having post-nasal drip problems for the past few months, that was accompanied with foul, feces-smelling breath. This nasal spray diminished that smell. However, the spritz part of the bottle (where the mist comes out), does not work well. We get the product dripping out of it when we try to spray, which sucks because it literally hinders its effectiveness. Great product, shitty spray bottle.

This nasal spray is great it works. If you get a stuffy nose just put a shot of this up your nose and in no time you’ll be breathing clear. At least thats how it worked for us. Love it. It does smell strongly of cinnamon essential oil but it doesn’t bother me. And you do taste it after it goes down but isnt that bad. Beats not breathing.

We suffer severe allergies n chronic migraines n this stuffvright here is god sent. Within 2 days we notice a dramatic, positive, difference something flonase could never do, get rid of our post nasal drip. Buy this. Dont hesitate. Buy it. Also shipping takes at least a week or 2 bc its coming from uk.

Good by nasonex and all other prescription drugs. A natural solution that worked wonderfully for us. After a lifetime of dealing with allergies and 5 years with nasonex nasal spray and claritin-d to treat our symptons, we have say good bye to doctors and all this drugs thanks to this product. We highly recommended to any one dealing with similar issues. Please be worn, the product does stings a bit for a minute when you first spray it and it has a very strong ginger odor and taste. That aside, the product does work and we found ourself needing to use it less and less. We used it twice a day the first week, then once daily and recently once every 3 to 4 days. We expect to have use even less as time goes by, but if we had to use it forever, it would be a great solution for us. As the nasonex vertigo side effect was concerning for us. Again, we highly recommended for those folks that suffer from seasonal and light to medium allergies.

Fast delivery coming from uk. It is definitely helping with post nasal drip. It has a mild burning sensation but nothing intense. It smells funky for a few minutes after use but it works so it s worth it.

We gave this a try based on some of the good reviews here. If you suffer from chronic sinus problems, you will try almost anything. We have had sinus problems forever. We had sinus surgery almost 3 years ago. It helped, but we are still getting sinus infections. We rinse our sinuses several times a day with neilmed, so we get a lot of stuff out all the time. We tried alkalol and it has helped, but not enough. We ordered sinusooth december 19. When it had not arrived by january 20, we contacted the seller. It showed up january 21. We of course tried it right away. Yes, it stings a bit, but if you have ever tried sinusbuster, you already know what this feels like. We were feeling fine, did not feel like we had a sinus infection at all when we first tired it. Used it again the next day, and a little while later, without too much information, it got a lot of stuff out of our sinuses. A lot. Our sinuses have never felt better. We have been using it daily since then, and we just ordered more. Yes, the bottle is not the best, we are thinking of putting it in an empty sinusbuster bottle. So while it took a long time to arrive, and the bottle is not the best, the product works. We will be sure to update in a few months, but we are sold, this product works.

This surprising, natural (non-chemical) nose spray is just what we needed during allergy season. We couldn’t tolerate steroid sprays — only 2 doses of flonase sent us in search of an alternative. Lucky day for us when we found sinusoothe. We order it in pairs now, because of the relatively lengthy shipping time (from the u. K. ) maybe that will improve when the company initiates u. S. Distribution. The spray is caustic, stings a bit, and makes your eyes water — but it stops the coughing immediately and reduces sinus pressure within seconds. Like anything else, you should read the label before use, but we highly recommend it.

We started slowing with just a short spray in each nostril because we heard it burns. Usually one spray is all we need and it works. There is a little burning sensation at first that doesn’t last long but it is probably from a couple of the hot essential oils which are very good.

This product is wonderful. We have been struggling with postnasal drip, scratchy throat, annoying cough, and stuffiness for months. We too have tried the steriod nasal sprays, benedryl, nasacort, other allergy medicine. No relief. Still had that stubborn yucky stuff dripping down our throat. The first night we tried sinusoothe our throat clearing went away. The next morning we were not stuffy. We have not had postnasal drip since using the product. It’s amazing. We love it. Yes – we will admit that the first couple seconds after the spray it stings, but after you use it for a week or so it’s just a tingle. It is well worth a few seconds of tingling for a day and night of no sinus symptoms. It doesn’t smell the best either, but that goes away after a few minutes also. After a few weeks of using this product, we feel like a new person. It is the best. Thank you so much.

We bought sinusoothe last year for our son after 3 months of struggling with a sinus infection. He went to numerous doctors and they gave him antibiotics, puffs with steroids, etc. The treatment that helped him was sinusoothe and cleansing with netty pot. He is having again a sinus infection because his colds start always in the throat and go to sinuses. We have a leftover of sinusoothe and he is using it again. You don’t know our son, he is 24 and rejects totally medications not given from doctors but he trusts this product as he felt last year a sudden relief after using it. We recommended this product to our friends and now we will order it again.

Decongests. Just doesn’t last long enough.

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