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Skechers Women's Go Walk 5 Performance Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Performance Sneaker

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Performance Sneaker.

  • 100% mesh
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • Lightweight dual-density Ultra Go outsole with comfort pillar technology

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Athletic Air Mesh Slip On

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Performance Sneaker.

Question Question 1

Can You Comfortably Walk All Day On Vacation In These? Also, A Two Mile Leisurely Walk At Home? Thank You.?

we go walking short distances on pavement/sidewalks, as well as longer hikes on dirt trails. Shoes have been comfortable on all the walks and hikes.

Question Question 2

So Do You Guys Wear These With Or Without Socks For Walking 2-3 Miles? Also Are They Running True To Size?

we would definitely wear socks with the pair we bought (low cut socks).The shoe fits everywhere true to size except in the heel which is a loose fit.

Question Question 3

Are Does Run Wide? Shall We Rather Order A Medium Width If Our Feet Are Bit Wide?

we got these for our relative. She needs a wide width, so we ordered the wide width. The medium was too narrow for her.

Question Question 4

We Have The Go Walk Joy In A 10.5 Should We Get The Go Walk 5 In A 10?

they do tend to be a liitle big to size. but we were socks and they fit just right that way and in the summer our feet swell so we get the 8.5 and they fit great even when our feet swell.

Question Question 5

What Is The Color Of The Soul Black And White Or Navy And White?

Sole and upper are black

Question Question 6

We Have The Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe In A 10.5. Should We Get This One In A 10 Since It Says Runs Big?

they do run big. but if your feet swell and you do a lot of walking then get the 10.5

Question Question 7

We Have The Go Walk Joy In A 10.5 Should We Get The Go Walk 5 In A 10?

They fit pretty true to size.

Question Question 8

On The Black / Hot Pink – We Don T See Any Pink And They Are $19 Less Then The Black.We Want Blacknonly But Do Not See Any Difference Except For Cost?

our black are only black some have hot pink lining. we feel sure we paid around $50 for mine.

Question Question 9

Are These Real Sketchers?

They certainly seem to be.we have a couple of pairs of sketchers and although the various models are different these are well constructed and have the same good support for a casual shoe.we think they are real.

Question Question 10

Been Wearing 7-1/2 New Balance Walking Shoe Due To Width. Would Size 7 Wide Be Comparable?

we have wide feet, so we wear 8.5 in wide or if we can t get wide we go up to 9. we bought these in a Sketchers store in 8.5 wide and they felt perfect in the store. After wearing them for a week, we feel that they become looser and will buy them again in 8.5 regular.we have worn them with socks and without socks for several we have wide feet, so we wear 8.5 in wide or if we can t get wide we go up to 9. we bought these in a Sketchers store in 8.5 wide and they felt perfect in the store. After wearing them for a week, we feel that they become looser and will buy them again in 8.5 regular.we have worn them with socks and without socks for several hours and several miles of walking. They are still fabulously comfortable.

Question Question 11

Do You Have Any Extra Wide Walking Shoes?

All our shoes are wide width because we stand on our feet alot

Question Question 12

Are They Good To Wear In A Summer ?

Absolutely we wear them all the time

Question Question 13

Why Our Refund Not Showing Yet , It S Already 1 Week?

we do not know, but everything has been slower since the virus.

Question Question 14

Where Are These Shoes Made?


Question Question 15

R They Good To Wearto Go To Therapyafter Knee Surgery?

Yes, we have these and love that they slip on and off easy. we had knee surgery also and these feel almost like a bedroom slipper only dresser.

Question Question 16

We Have Skinny Feet.Should I Go Down 1/2 A Size So They Fit? We Son’T Want Sore Toes Though.?

They run a bit wide. we normally wear a size 8. we bought them and returned them as they run a bit big. we bought a size 7 1/2. They fit great.As far as the width, we don’t know that buying a 1/2 size down will help with the width. They do stretch out as you wear them. we have washed mine several times and they do shrink They run a bit wide. we normally wear a size 8. we bought them and returned them as they run a bit big. we bought a size 7 1/2. They fit great.As far as the width, we don’t know that buying a 1/2 size down will help with the width. They do stretch out as you wear them. we have washed mine several times and they do shrink back down. However, we love these shoes. They are so comfortable. we don’t know if this helps. we definitely would get them and see what you think. You can always return them.

Question Question 17

What Is The Color Of The Soul Black And White Or Navy And White?

They tend to be the actual color in the picture. If it shows white/pink, that s what you get. If it shows black/black, like this pic, that s what you ll get.

Question Question 18

We Need Narrows.Are They Available?

i do not know.

Question Question 19

Do These Have Memory Foam On The Back Of The Heel And On The Tongue Area Like An Older Version Had?

The heel is padded but it is not memory foam.The tongue area is not padded, but it is soft/non-abrasive.

Question Question 20

What Skechers Styles Have Heels That Match Up With Medium Width Shoes?

Do not know answer to this.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Performance Sneaker, these might be useful for better understanding.

So comfortable right out of the box. We wore them 3 days straight for 9hrs at a time and we felt like we were wearing our slippers. They are that comfortable. We normally wear a wide width but they were out of them and we didn’t want to wait. We were surprised the mesh stretched with our foot and did not rub any sore spots. Extremely happy with this purchase. The only negative we can say is that we can’t wear our heel support if our plantar fasciitis acts up because we didn’t purchase the wider width.

Fits just a smidge large but great to have a shoe that doesn’t squish our toes. Firm back that doesn’t fold when we slip these on, and our heel doesn’t slip out when walking. Very cushy walk. Looks nice with or without socks. Wraps enough so no socks still fits without feeling too lose. The white sole looks sharp and modern with a silver trim along the center.

We are on our feet 4 hours a day which doesn’t sound bad, right? but we are almost 68 and have arthritis in our knees. We have a few pair of skechers because they fit cozily and are amazingly comfy.

We ordered size 10 wide (woman) they fit good except the heel is too wide. They slide up and down when we walk. We are keeping them but we are going to try and figure out something for the heel problem. They are very comfortable, almost like a pair of slippers.

We love sketchers and the skechers women’s go walk 5-15901 sneaker is so kind to our problem feet. They look trendy and they’re soft and comfy. There’s plenty of room for our bunion and hammertoe. Recommended.

We were in terrible pain. We got a high quality well known shoe and got in trouble. First time. We think it had support but the wrong type for us. We looked up shoes for knee pain and thesego walk shoes were on the list. Carries them also in the wide. We bought a pair. A week and the knee cooled down. No pain. We bought 2 more pairs. Wonderful.

We were buying merrill’s slip ons for our work in a hospital, and we were getting severe knee pain. We tried this after some research, and our knee pain is minimized, we are not taking ibuprofen for our pain anymore, and life is tolerable once again. We will buy this shoe again and again. Sure, it’s not the cutest shoe out there, as a matter of fact, it kinda reminds us of something that might be issued to inmates , but the comfort level exceeds anything else. As with all shoes, each person is different, what works for one may not work for another. So try it out, if it doesn’t work, move on.

We had to attend a week-long work convention and knew we needed comfortable yet work-appropriate stylish shoes. We went to the skechers store on our lunch break and this was the first shoe we tried on. We walked all around the store trying on other shoes while keeping one of these on our foot. This was the hands-down winner. As soon as we got to the car with our purchase we slipped these back on and we have not worn another pair of shoes to work since. We were the only coworker who was not miserably sore at the end of each day at the conference, walking 20-25,000 steps each day. No foot pain, no joint pain in knees or hips, either. After wearing these for two days pre-conference we ordered this pair from for our mom. She s had two foot surgeries and has a back injury, and she loves these shoes. She s had none of the pain and discomfort that she experiences with other doctor-recommended shoes which cost double the price of this pair. She wants us to order additional colors for her, and we are planning to do the same for ourself, along with a back-up black pair. Pros: easy to slip on and off. Back of shoe does not collapse at all when sliding on shoe, yet not so sturdy and unforgiving to cause blisters when walking. The memory foam and the cushioned sole makes it feel like you re walking on clouds. Cons: feels very slightly over-sized when wearing this shoe with a thin no-show sock or without socks.

We normally wear a size 8, in this brand, 8 is a little tight for heavy socks, we are only able to wear a pair of thin socks. They are comfortable and feel great. We think for us to be able to wear a heavy sock. We would go with a 8 wide, seeing the the length is perfect for us, however, we don’t wear these in the winter time. We are baker on our feet for 6 to 8 hours a day and these work great with our bad back. They feel great and airy. There’s no need for an insert, it feels like one is already built in.

Even more comfortable than the gowalk 4. A practical shoe that breathes well and is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. This particular skechers shoe fit a touch looser than our other gowalk shoes, so we need to wear it with at least a light sock or liner, but overall, we are very happy with these. We have a couple of foot issues that make a memory foam or similar bed a must, and they’re gotten to be almost the only shoe we wear. They hold up extremely well, too, and are light and easy to pack.

We are not a shoe person. We have lots of different pairs of shoes but 9 times out of 10 we are barefoot at home. We bought these on a whim when we saw so many positive reviews and now we forget to take them off in the house, they’re so comfortable. As a matter of fact, we had developed a ourstery pain in our foot a few weeks ago which would not go away (we work a job that has us on our feet for 12 hour shifts) no matter what we did. Until we started wearing these shoes. Our foot pain disappeared within a day. We have never been one to tout name brand anything. But we are becoming more and more attached to these shoes the longer we wear them. We may just have to get a few more pair in different colors.

We bought these for our mom who has a bunion issue and her feet hurts when she stands/walks on her feet for a long period of time. We tried so many different skechers sneakers in the store to see which one she likes the most so she can walk without hurting her feet or bunion. This one was the winner. We had to buy this specific one online as they didn’t have the navy blue color in her size at the store.

We only have 2 complaints about this shoe. Firstly, we wanted a simple slip on walking shoe that was super comfortable & easy to clean. This pair of sketchers is exactly that. They run just about right on size. We have been wearing these every day walking our dogs for about 1 month & our 1st complaint is the padded memory foam is already starting to flatten & lose that “walking on air” feeling it had the 1st week. We know we have to be realistic & we are, but still, maybe they should double up on it or something. We also think they’re just a little overpriced for the quality. It is decent quality but just enough. Any less quality & these would be cheap-o shoes. They’re made of just a thin, essentially, plastic fabric. That’s why they are washable. It’s not like it’s leather or some really nice construction. They’re super basic. Perfect for getting dirty walking our dogs. We like sketchers & have had 3 pairs before these. The 2nd complaint is when we were trying to pick out which pair of walking shoes to get, it literally took us months to decide. We almost said screw it. It was overwhelming with all of the different models and names. The dumbest thing sketchers does ( or doesn’t do ) is have a chart & explanation about the differences of them all. Why, sketchers, do you have to have soooooo many styles of a basic shoe? there must be about 50 different ones. Most of them all look the same really. But anyway. We didn’t want to trust a no name brand & im perfectly happy we went with these.

We already own these shoes in taupe and like them so much that we bought the navy and the black. The navy and the black arrived today packed with their factory stuffing and wrap; , they are shiny new compared to the shoes in the stores that have been tried on and pawed. They are soft and great for wearing to work and days off. They look good with leggings, yoga pants, jeans, and casual dresses.

We bought these as a gift for our mom. She s been using this reference of skechers for over five years and needed to replace them. They are extremely soft, can be on for hours and you ll forget you have them (this happened to her 🙂 ). She couldn’t be happy and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Totally recommended.

This is our second pair of skechers go walk, and we have to say that this model is far superior to the prior go walk sneakers. The sole is much sturdier and provides better support than the earlier versions, and the “yoga mat” insole is extremely comfortable. The look of this shoe is higher quality and is nice enough to wear with casual slacks. Despite what other reviewers have said about the sneaker running small, we found it to fit similar to our older pair of skechers go walk. We love the burgundy color too. Overall, this shoe is five star and well worth the money.

We normally wear a 8. 5 or 9, but couldn’t keep the 8. 5 on our foot. The size 8, however, fits perfectly. These shoes are like walking on marshmallows. We have an issue with the plantar plate of our second toe so the ball of our foot needs extra cushioning. We have a pair of crocs sandals that are comfy, but needed something closed toe for winter. These skechers are perfect. No arch support to speak of, but we use our birkenstock 3/4 inserts (light blue) and life is grand again. We haven’t tried washing them yet. Will try to remember to update review when we do.

In the past when sketchers came out with a new gowalk shoe, we were not always happy with the fit, so we took advantage of ‘s try before you buy plan and ordered several sizes in this one just to try. It turns out that our usual 7b fits perfectly. We orderd the all black & the navy & am very pleased with both.

We have had about 6 pairs of these. We currently have 4 pairs including a pair of go walk sandals. These are the most comfortable shoes we have ever owned. We have fibroouralgia and with that comes so many aches and pains. Standing or walking for long periods of time is exhausting and extremely painful, but with these the pain level is decreased. We simply love them and everytime we find them on sale we buy them.

We will buy again. We bought 2 pair in white and black. We have plantar facitis and find it hard to find shoes to fit or feel comfortable and that give good support. For $30 each this was a bargain. We are so happy with these shoes. We will probaby buy nothing but sketchers walkig shoes from now on now that we know how amazing they are. Really love them. Was not happy with the fact that on the delivery is says they were handed directly to resident because they were certainly not. They sat out in the rain, out in the open for all to see in our driveway. No one handed this package to me. Should know it has skeezy drivers who lie about the deliveries.

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