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SoulGenie HealthAndYoga(TM) Deep Breathing Exerciser

SoulGenie HealthAndYoga(TM) Deep Breathing Exerciser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SoulGenie HealthAndYoga(TM) Deep Breathing Exerciser.

  • Compact, high quality break-resistant plastic, 3-ball inhaling breath measurement system
  • Solid, non-shaky Construction; Removal bottom for thorough cleaning and hygiene maintenance
  • Deep Breathing Exerciser for comprehensive respiratory fitness – 3 chambers for differing inhalation rates from 600cc/sec to 1200 cc/ sec
  • Helps achieve optimum lung capacity and restoring disrupted breathing patterns
  • Complete Instructions Provided; See video in images alongside; Ball Colors may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SoulGenie HealthAndYoga(TM) Deep Breathing Exerciser.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Used For Children? (Ages 4-7)When I Look Up The “Carefusion Airlife Pediatric Volumetric” It Says It Is 2500 Ml But It Has No Reviews.?

we think this person should ask their pediatrician first. we don t want to say yes if it would hurt the child.

Question Question 2

Lost Directions, We Need Another Copy. Who To Contact?

1. Sit or stand up as straight as possible. 2. Hold the exerciser in front of you. 3. First, Exhale outside normally, then place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece. 4. Inhale (without strain) at a sufficient rate to raise only the ball in the first chamber, while the ball in the second chamber remains at rest.In 1. Sit or stand up as straight as possible. 2. Hold the exerciser in front of you. 3. First, Exhale outside normally, then place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece. 4. Inhale (without strain) at a sufficient rate to raise only the ball in the first chamber, while the ball in the second chamber remains at rest.Inhale long enough to keep 1st ball at top of tube as long as you comfortably can (couple seconds-then 8-10 seconds over time). 5. Exhale after removing mouthpiece. 6. Relax – take 5-10 normal breaths (allows your lungs to get a break).You may cough to allow any lung secretions to be forced out of the lungs. Important step in preventing infections like pneumonia from forming and helps improve your air volume numbers.You can do 2-3 sessions during the day; best on a light stomach.Once you master the first ball over time you can try for a higher volume in the next ball.Ultimate goal – lift all 3 balls and hold them for as long as possible.IMPORTANT:NEVER, NEVER strain your lungs – can do more harm than good.Hope this helps.

Question Question 3

Can You Buy New Breathing Tubes?

Do not know but look the product up and see if new tubes are available, do a google search or call a medical supply store and ask them.If the tube disconnects you should be able to buy something that will work.

Question Question 4

Where Is This Made?Does It Have A Strong Chemical Odor To It?Don T Want To Be Inhaling That If So.?

They use these in hospitals hard plastic no smell or odor work get.

Question Question 5

Why Can T This Be Returned If It Arrives Broken Or Defective?

Imagine because it has germs. Would speak with customer service if arrives broken. Ask for replacement

Question Question 6

How Long Did It Take For You To Get The First Ball Floating?

About 2 days.we had just had a heart attack and we were trying to improve our breathing.

Question Question 7

How Do You Clean This Unit?

If needed, a simple water flush should work fine. Also, you can detach the mouth piece and wash separately with soap and water for better hygiene. Likewise dismantling the tube and running under water would be sufficient. Hope this helps. All the best.

Question Question 8

Is It True No Refunds?

we wouldn t know. The unit worked fine that we received

Question Question 9

How Does It Work?

You take as deep a breath as you can then suck through the tube. One goal is to get as many balls as high in the air as you can. A different goal is to keep one or more balls suspended as long as you can.we only used mine for about two weeks. couldn’t tell that our lung function was improving, so gave up.

Question Question 10

Is This Spirometer Fda Approved?

we are not sure that the FDA has jurisdiction over this type of thing.You might check its website or call the FDA directly.we do know this product worked well for us.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on SoulGenie HealthAndYoga(TM) Deep Breathing Exerciser, these might be useful for better understanding.

Air quality during the many fires here nearly put us in the hospital. As a former smoker, we had a hard time walking and breathing. We decided to try this breath exerciser to expand our lungs. We were shocked to find how bad our lung power was. We had a hard time getting one ball up. But after using this twice a day for a few weeks, has really changed our lung power. We still can’t get all three balls up, but we are doing great. And it is fun. We can just sit in our easy chair and play with this and improve our lung volume. Soon, we are gonna get the third ball up. Maybe we will go dancing.

After a mild heart attack, we were homebound and on oxygen 24/7. Although we had a 50′ cord and could wander aimlessly around our house, we really did not want to be tethered to an oxygen concentrator or a portable tank for the rest of our life. We started doing deep breathing exercises with this spirometer several times a day. Within a few weeks, our doctor agreed that we could start weaning ourself from the supplemental oxygen over a certain period of time. In less than 10 days, we were able to go without daytime oxygen and able to leave the house without taking a portable tank with me. Freedom of mobility is such a gift . We believe that working with this spirometer was crucial to our recovery.

We bought this on a whim, hoping it might improve a respiratory illness we would had for at least six months. We had quite a bit of fluid in our lungs. The first week, we were struggling to get the first ball to the top and our lungs had more fluid, it seemed. But after about a week, we began to notice the fluid wasn’t building up any more after we cleared our lungs. Then we started getting the second ball to move, then hold it at the top for a little while, now, a month later, we can honestly say that in our forty years of life, our breathing has never been better. We are able to get all three balls to the top and hold them there — and it’s hard to believe how ill we were all those months. We love that this gives a measure of improvement as you use it — it’s very motivating.

We have copd and am off oxygen right now. But because of the pollution and winds we can not venture outside much. This has helped us keep our lungs in condition so that we can walk when weather permits.

We purchased 2 of these for our husband and our father. As a rn, we know the true value of breathing exercises and agree with the other reviewer that everyone should have one of these and practice.

We have only had this breathing exerciser a few days and boy do we have some work to do. We still play doubles tennis, but we notice our past damaged ‘smoking lungs’ when we have to run. We are hoping to improve them. We have only been able to hold the first red ball up for 4 seconds. Hopefully that will continue to increase. It’s amazing we can even run. We love your breathing results can be measured.

The breathing tool was recommended by our doctor when we were on the verge of catching pneumonia. It was hard the first couple of days. But the more we were able to blow the more we knew our lungs were clearing up. We totally recommend this.

Since the coronavirus started, we are using this product every day, twice a day. It keeps our lungs strong. We have a history of bronchitis whenever we catch a cold, so especially in these days, we always want to keep our body and our lungs strong and we are susceptible to anything that might weaken them. This product helps a lot and we are glad we got it.

We have been struggling with bronchitis for over a month now and was looking for something that would help expand our lung capacity and show us how we were progressing, as well as potentially help prevent pneumonia from settling in. After just a few days of use, we believe it s really helped quite a bit. Arrived quicker than expected and the instructions were easy to follow. We love that it is made to be easily cleaned.

We bought this before buying a very expensive breath strengthener and we found that this works perfectly fine and was 1/3 of the price. Item came well packaged and fit the budget and does what it is supposed to do.

Easy to use. Family member with asthma and pneumonia needed to get lungs expanded. This is lightweight, portable and fun to use. The balls make for a game when using the product and the object is always achieved by getting the lungs back in order.

This is a breathing exercise machine and should not be confused with more general lung capacity units. We used it after surgery as one part of recovering our lung capacity.

This breathing exercise really helps our 93 year old dad. He has congestive heart failure and using this several times a day has really helped clear his lungs.

It performs as advertised, but it doesn’t do anything to improve one’s pulmonary functional test scores (according to our pulmonologist). This device will serve no value if your lungs cannot expand due to a reduced thorax volume. Due to sarcoidosis in our lungs, we have some scaring. We don’t understand how this condition affects volume of inhaling. Everything rides on our pft scores. We used it for several days and was able to keep the red ball (1st ball in mine) up for 2 seconds. We could peg all up if we wanted, but only momentarily. It works fine. We are not an m. D. And our comments are relative to our condition. We were given one of these after open heart surgery, so someone thinks there is value in it.

Bought this on our sister’s recommendation – she’s a nurse – it’s perfect. Inexpensive and works great . Exactly as described. It was delivered quickly and the directions for use are simple & easy to follow. No assembly or setup. Great for exercising lungs and increasing capacity . Never more important than during a covid pandemic. Thank you for the prefect product to help with lung health. Namaste.

Purchased for our nephew, he’s asthmatic, to strengthen his lung capacity. His specialist believe the exercise can help him. The product is as described and appears well made. Would recommend.

This is a great tool to keep your lungs clear and active. This requires a person to inhale to raise the balls sequentially. (more dificult than you might think.

We have breathing problems and this thing seems to help straighten out our condition. The only thing we don’t like is the smell that comes with the product. Other than that, it is a solid purchase.

Excellent product. It worked very well forour husbands lungs. Would definitely buy again.

Needed this after our elderly mother fell and wasn t walking around as well as she was prior. This kept her lungs healthy and was helpful in preventing pneumonia.

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