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Southwest Technologies SM301 Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask

Southwest Technologies SM301 Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask

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Product DescriptionUniquely designed to fit the head and facial areas to assure complete contact. Ideal for Relief of minor soft tissue injuries of the head, face and jaw. May be cooled for use in reducing swelling and heated to stimulate blood flow.Manufacturer Contact InformationNot Applicable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Southwest Technologies SM301 Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask.

Question Question 1

Does This Have An Elastised Band To Hold It In Place.?

the band is elastic, and also has Velcro so that you can adjust the length of the band

Question Question 2

Does It Cover Your Temples? And Does It Work Well For Migraines?

It covers we would say half way over each temple. we have used it for migraines several times, works good as it holds the heat at least 10-15 minutes. we prefer using a hot wash cloth.but it only stays hot 2-4 minutes. So this is better for heat retention.

Question Question 3

Will It Help With Dry Eyes?

yes. at least it helps me.our doctor recommended applying warm compresses to help loosen the oil from oil glands, which in turn reduces some tear evaporation from eyes.

Question Question 4

Does This Mask Help Reduce Eye Puffiness In The Mornings?

It does reduce puffiness a bit. However, know that the item looses its coolness in 10 to 15 minutes.

Question Question 5

How Long Does It Stay Cold?

not very long, probably about 20 minutes.However, the plus point is, its not frigid as ice packs would normally would be.its provides nice, cool therapy for your eyes without numbing it.i found it very helpful during migraines.

Question Question 6

Is It Unscented?

Yes, it’s unscented.

Question Question 7

Is This Washable?

Just wash the deck and thus gel pad is kept clean. Only use for cold temperature in the fridge.we hope that is helpful our answer.A. W.

Question Question 8

Is There Supposed To Be A Huge Hole In The Stiching At The Top Of This Product?

Yes it’s supposed to be, in order to remove the gel from the cover and clean the cover.The gel can’t be washed, only the cover.

Question Question 9

Can We Wear This While Sleeping? We Mean Overnight. Thanks.?

Yes, but unless you are very still sleeper, it will probably slip off of your eyes. we guess if you pull the strap (with velcro closure) tight enough, it may stay in place. It will not stay cold all night, however. It only stays cold for about 15-20 minutes.

Question Question 10

Does The Cover Need To Be Removed Before Putting The Mask In Microwave?

we personally found the item to heat uneven in the microwave. One part got extremely hot while another part was mild warm. we had to use the oven, and that took 12 minutes to heat the oven, and then about 15 minutes to heat the mask. Time consuming.

Question Question 11

How Long Does It Stay Hot?

we are sorry but we can’t really answer that. we only use it for the cold feature. it doesn’t stay cold all that long but that doesn’t neccassarily mean it wouldn’t stay hot longer. Sorry we can’t be more helpful :/

Question Question 12

Does Anyone Know If Its Allowed As A Carry On Item On Airplanes?

we have not traveled with this mask but we know you can send a picture of it to TSA via Facebook or Twitter and they’ll give you an answer within a half hour.If you visit the TSA.gov site, they provide lists of prohibited items. Click TRAVEL (at top right), Click “Security Screening” (column on left), Click “Prohibited we have not traveled with this mask but we know you can send a picture of it to TSA via Facebook or Twitter and they’ll give you an answer within a half hour.If you visit the TSA.gov site, they provide lists of prohibited items. Click TRAVEL (at top right), Click “Security Screening” (column on left), Click “Prohibited Items” from drop down.Good luck.

Question Question 13

Does Your Vision Get Blurry After Use Like Other Warm Compresses?

In our personal case, our vision does not blur, however this may differ in other people.we did stop getting styes after using this mask regularly.

Question Question 14

It States It Is A Hot Compress.Can It Also Be Frozen?

It can definitely be Frozen that’s our favorite way to use it. It still stays very pliable and very comfortable. we keep one stored in the freezer all the time

Question Question 15

What Is The Outside Cover Made Of?

we are not sure exactly but we would describe it as a stretchy nylon. Kind of like what Under Amour products feel like.

Question Question 16

We Have Touch Sensitivity To Satiny Fabric.What Does The Material Feel Like?

The cover is made of a silky polyester. we are not clear what “touch sensitivity to satiny fabric” would involve so it’s hard to say if this might be problematic for you.You could always wrap something else around it, like a paper towel. The heat or cold will still be felt *almost* as much as without a wrap.

Question Question 17

Does The Gel Dry Out After Repeatedly Heating It In The Microwave?

The gel mask we received was so small (not at all like picture) that it is basically useless. Tried to get one like the picture TWICE. Both were fails. Don’t buy this product.

Question Question 18

Can We Heat It In Hot Water?

we have heated it in the microwave, but have not tried it in hot water.Not sure how it would do wet.

Question Question 19

How Do You Heat It?In The Microwave, In Hot Water?

In microwave for 33 seconds the first time and then if we need to use it right away then 22 seconds. we don’t like to press different button so 33 and 22.

Question Question 20

Since The Cover Is Non-Washable, How Do You Keep It Clean?

Cover is washable, gel is not.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Southwest Technologies SM301 Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have suffered from severe dry eye, blepharitis and mgd for 13 years now. We recently had mg probing and it didn’t work at all. We have all our ducts permanently plugged, take doxcycline (50 mg) daily, restasis 2wce a day, patatday in the morning, azasite and lotemax once a day, retaine mgd 3 times a day, mgd retaine ointment before bed, eyelid scrubs twce a day, and our elasto gel hot mask at night. We have tried every prescription drop that is available. We still suffer daily with severe eye pain, red and burning eyes and upper lids, have a permanent grimace on our face and our eyes look like something out of a horror movie. We have been using the elasto gel hot mask for 5 years now and have tried many things in between (tranquil goggles did nothing, onyx goggles did nothing). The elasto keeps the heat on our eyes for a good 10-15 minutes and, thanks to the strap, we sleep with it on our eyes all night long. We do not fully close our eyes when we are sleeping so this keeps them shut. There is a removable “pillow case” you can remove and wash, as needed. This mask brings us great comfort and it is soft and lasts for years. We are very happy with this product. This is the first review we have ever written – we want to help all our fellow eye sufferers who are in complete desperation as we constantly am. This is a fantastic mask and we highly recommend it.

Our husband has chronic sinusitis and we often get sinus headaches. We read that heat is the best to use when this happens so we got this. When you heat it up and place it on your face, it feels great. The first time we put it in the microwave we guessed at how long to heat it, but we stood and watched just in case. It started to swell up like a balloon and even though we wanted to see what would happen, we turned off the microwave because we are an adult and am supposed to make good decsion or something. It was too hot for our face so we had to wrap it in a towel. Next time, we put it in for much less and it felt very good on our face and helped us relax and be pain-free for a while. The heat stays for quite a while or at least longer than we were expecting. We bought two so that we could have a cold one and a hot available or so that our husband and we can use them at the same time and have relief of sinus pain at the same time because we are romantic like that.

We have about 8 of these in our freezer. We get migraines and sinus pressure. These truly are the greatest products out on the market. Trust me, we have spent so much money on other brands only to leave our disappointed. Either the gel oozes out the plastic. The plastic warms up and sticks to your head or the stay cool for 8 minutes. But then we found these and we use them daily. For any who suffers from neck pain, migraines or other issues, we highly recommend the neck roll and the neck wrap. The con: we wish you were able to remove the cloth around the product to wash it. (it does come with a storage heavy plastic bag for the freezer. ) we just like to be able to wash things if needed.

We have chronically dry eyes caused by medications,and wanted to try a microwavable eye compress mask to encourage our eyes to produce more tears. We ended up buying this product, and thermalon dry eye compress . We must say that they both worked as directed. The first time we used each of them, we did not realize how warm they were, and had to end up waiting for it to cool even after only heating it for 30 seconds- 20 seconds didn’t seem like it was warm enough, but retrospect, it was. Of the two products, we like this one because it is lighter weight, it does not press against the eyelids to work. Instead, it rests around the perimeter of the brow and on the cheeks, creating something of a seal that keeps the moisture and the heat in, without putting much pressure at all on the eyes themselves. We took off a star on the thermalon dry eye compress for only one reason- you can only use it for one heating per day. Yes. The beads draw moisture form the air, and it needs time to recharge. So if you want to keep re-heating it and lie around with a warm compress on your face for half and hour, that is not the product for you. This one would be much better. One benefit to this sinus mask is that you can use it over and over. Even with only one heating, this produces more tears than the thermalon dry eye compress, we think it is staying warm longer which helps, but we also think some of the moisture might be sweat from the surrounding skin as opposed to tears. We also like that this mask can be used for both heat and cold, though we have not used it yet for cold. Next time we get a sinus headache we will test out its cold function and update the review. However, one plus to it being able to be used cold is that because of this,it comes with a heavy plastic storage pouch. You are supposed to keep the mask in this plastic pouch while the product is cooling to keep the mask from getting condensation moisture on it. We found that this pouch is very nice for keeping the mask clean and sanitary. We store both this elasto gel hot / cold sinus mask and our thermalon dry eye compress in this pouch. We wish the thermalon dry eye compress came with a storage pouch to help keep it clean, but sharing is fine. If we had to go back and could only get one, we would get this one, but we like them both for different reasons and don’t mind that we ended up with two similar products.

We love this mask. We have had the same one for over 5 years and have used it every single night to sleep. We like the coolness on our face as we drift off to sleep and the mask keeps all the light out, so it’s perfect. It forms to your face, without feeling too tight, which is something our regular sleep masks don’t do. We put it back in the freezer every morning and use it each night. Well, we lost it somehow a couple weeks ago. We kept searching our bed and under the bed, all around our room. Couldn’t find it and thought maybe we accidentally tossed it in the garbage or something. ? so we ordered a new one which arrived two days ago. Just as great as mine. Basically the exact same, but the new ones are little larger. So we are happy again. And guess what we found in our laundry today? our old one. So now we have two. Even after five years, the old one is in perfect condition other than the writing being a bit scratched up. Endured the washer and dryer today as well. We love these and would recommend to anyone. Also great for headaches.

We would have given this mask 6 stars if we could. We have not had any eyes problems since our lasik surgery 13 years ago. However, we recently started working night shifts and it wrecked havoc on our eyes. They became extremely dry and burning, and the puffiness and dark circles are getting bigger with each passing week. Unfortunately, we are not able to sleep well during the day, so we started using artificial tears and wanted something that would provide a cooling relief to our burning eyes. While we initially considered a mask with beads, we are so glad we bought this one instead. Actually, on advice of other reviewers we got two. We put them in the freezer for several hours and used one before bed that night when we were not working. It was soft and pliable when it came out of the freezer. It brought immediate relief to our eyes. Initially the mask was so cold that we had to take a few little breaks for our eyes and moved the mask to our forehead. It stayed cool long enough for us to fall asleep with it. So we disagree with other reviewers that state that the mask does not get very cool or does not keep its coolness for more than a few minutes. We did another session this morning with the second mask and there was no need to switch them as it maintained its coolness long enough for us. We really do not have patience to spend an hour with our eyes closed when awake. So 20 minutes sessions are all we need and one mask provides us relief for that long. However, we have no regrets for buying two, since we love it so much. The mask is very comfortable to wear all night and well made (in the usa, not in china). This is a high quality product that works and brings much needed relief immediately. There is an explicit warning not to get the gel insert wet but the cover is washable. We highly recommend this mask for eye troubles and headache relief.

We just got on here to order another one of these and tells us at the top we ordered the last one 5 years ago. We felt compelled to leave a 5 star review since anything this cheap that lasts that long deserves 5 stars. This pack has been a life saver with kids for all those bumps and bruises as we can wrap it around their legs, arms, etc and secure it with the velcro strap. It doesn’t stay cool as long as some of our other large ice packs but for the size it is great.

We have several eye masks (for chronic severe migraines that affect our eye, forehead, & “temple”/temporalis areas with horrible pain regularly), and we find that this mask is clearly the best we have used. It keeps cold a bit longer than all the others we have tried, perhaps due to the greater volume it has. That also makes it heavier than others, as some other reviewers noted, but that’s not a problem given that you’ll be sitting still & resting your head against a chair/couch while wearing it. Walking around blinded by a mask is not at all good for headaches in our experience: we recommend against slamming into walls or the ground if trying to reduce headache pain ;)the greater-than-usual coverage of this mask is a major “plus” for us. It does a much better job than others we have used at getting the temples areas & a larger amount of the area above the eyes (lower forehead). That’s one of two reasons we love this mask, & prefer it over others we have used. The other primary reason for our high praise of this mask is its greater volume, which means less heat dissipation (it’ll stay colder a bit longer), especially compared with some masks out there that are very inexpensive but very thin, thus losing their cool very quickly. Lastly, the surface has a very nice feel to it, especially compared to the masks that feel like plastic on the surface. In sum, we highly recommend this mask for those who are looking for pain relief in the general eye area, including areas around the eyes in all directions. We wish you didn’t have need for this, but if you do, you know that every little bit of difference really matters. Good luck: we hope this (or whatever you use) works well for you, too.

We like the concept of this sinus mask, as we were annoyed with doing the hot wash cloth thing on our face for our eyelid issue. The only problem for us was that even with the band tightly around our head, the mask doesn’t touch the entire area of our eyelids, which is where we need the heat. Most of the contact with the mask is with the bone surrounding our eyes and our upper eyelids, so we have to actively hold it against the part of our eyelid where we need the heat. It does seem to heat well, though, and it beats having to deal with a hot wash cloth. :-).

Our dad has had one of these for years, and we have bought ourself two of them & another one for our dad. We are honestly obsessed with these. We keep them in the freezer for when we get migraines. These help our migraines so much and make it so much easier to sleep with a migraine. They stay flexible in the freezer. We wish they stayed cold a little longer, but they re still so worth buying. They re so comfortable and perfect for helping our migraines. They last for years, and we would recommend these to anyone who gets migraines.

We have suffered from sinus problems for months, particularly around our eyes. The area is tender to the touch, swollen and clogged. We received our mask, put it in the freezer and waited for it to chill. Once cold, we applied it to our eyes for about 20 minutes. It was comfortable and soothing. We went on about our day and, at some point, felt the need to blow our nose, which we often feel, but usually get minimal relief. However, this time, a sizable bloody mucus clot came out and we felt instant relief. Last night we went to bed with the mask on. At some point in the night, we pulled it off. But this morning, when we woke up, the area was not tender for the first time in months and the puffiness around our eyes was diminished. We love this mask and will be ordered another.

Highly recommend. Bought one at an event years and years ago. That one wore down and we were freaking out bc we rely on it so much for sleep. Great for headaches but it does loose it s cold so we bought two to trade out. Haven t used them heated yet – just freezer.

Well we went to opthomologist, we have a form of dry eye where glands in eyelids get clogged. Our doctor recommended a compress. Rather than messing with drippy towels, we figured we would try it. Well it s working. 10 seconds on each side in an 1,100 watt microwave oven. No longer, gel seems hotter than cover. Google mbd that s condition. As we already use drops for another condition this is miracle. Set your phone for five minutes to wear. Very relaxing too.

We absolutely love this mask and cannot stop talking about how much we love this mask. Do you ever have one of those days where your eyelids hurt? you know, where you come home from work and all you want to do is pass out in your clothes but you have kids or a dog and you can feel the headache coming on and your eye make up has pretty much all worn off and someone tells you that you “look tired”?yeah, us too. We have been looking for a product like this for forever. As a kid our mother had one of those gel eye masks that froze and became a rock solid and she’d sit in front of the tv with it on looking like an alien. We bought one of those recently – turns out they’re super uncomfortable. This mask is perfect. It’s super soft and lays comfortably across your eyes. Plus, it’s not water based so there’s no condensation or leaks. We often times fall asleep with it on. For some reason, our eyes just hurt all the time. We don’t know why. But if we can lean back with this on our face and listen to some music, we are transported to heaven and instantly our eyes feel better. It only takes about 5 minutes. We leave it in the freezer during the day and then use it at night. The next morning we put it back in the freezer. We have never waited to see how long it takes to get cold since we leave it in for hours between uses. Sometimes if we are having bad allergies or am just tired and we need to put on make up, we put this on our eyes first for a few minutes and it completely eradicates the puffiness and redness. It just makes your whole face cool off. We have never tried this hot, but it is incredible cold. We are sure it would be perfect if you had a fever. It cures a headache. The only con is that you (obviously) can’t see while you have it on, so no watching tv or reading. If you are deciding between this mask and some cheaper gel one that freezes solid, put your money into quality and get this mask.

This is the second one we have bought in a year because we really like them. We have “dry eyes”, tired computer eyes and headaches. We use the mask both heated and frozen cold. We keep one in the freezer and one out for the microwave. Our older one has really taken a beating, but still works both ways. The mask isn’t quite as large as it appears in the picture. (we think the model must have a tiny head. ) but it completely covers our eyes so no light gets through and part of our forehead/sinuses. You could even use it as just an eye mask to sleep in. The 1″ wide strap is velcro, adjustable and sturdy. The blue part, that covers your eyes, is about 9. 5″ from ear to ear. It is about 3. 5″ at it’s widest part from the forehead to below the eye on the cheek. There is a little hole in the material at the top where you can remove the gel insert, so you can hand wash the cover. We have cooked our old one way too many times, so now it has a terrible odor when heated, but it wasn’t that way originally. So we just keep that one in the freezer where it has no smell. We would’ve given it five stars, but it doesn’t stay hot or cold longer than 15-20 minutes. It’s very soft and pliable, so much so that we have fallen asleep (on our side) while wearing it.

We have a couple of these and purchased the last one as a gift. These are so much more comfortable than the plastic ones you can buy at the store, the covering is soft and smooth. We have used them hot, just put in the microwave, and cold, we keep them stored in the freezer, they are great both ways. The outer cover comes off easily for cleaning and we have had our 2 for years now. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

We purchased one of these masks about a year ago for ourself as we suffer from sinus headaches. We absolutely love it. We heat it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds and put it on and it works wonders at relieving our pain. Our son-in-law suffers from sinus headaches as well and we just bought him one for christmas. We are sure he will love it as much as we do.

We really like this gel face mask. Every once in a while we get bad headaches and putting a cold compress on our eyes makes it feel much better. What’s really nice about this product is that it isn’t “too cold” coming out of the freezer so you can start wearing it right away. One downside in our opinion is that it warms up somewhat fast so the cooling feeling does fade away. We will be buying a second mask so that we can use one and have a second in the freezer if we need to use it longer once it gets warm. Be careful to read the directions. The mask can’t get wet and when store in the freezer it should be kept in a sealed zipper bag to prevent moisture. There was also a small issue with the stitching because after our thrird use we noticed that the stitching along the top of the mask popped open a little. The stitching that came out made a hole in the fabric of about 1/8th of an inch so it really isn’t an issue. We think that we may have been laying down on our side and when we moved we tugged on the mask. The product is high quality so we think it was really just our fault that a small tear happened. This didn’t impact the use of the mask in any way, and despite this we are still planning to purchase a second mask. We highly suggest this to anyone who would like a face mask that you can use for cold and hot temps.

This product is great for blocking out light and allowing us to sleep off a headache or migraine. We keep it in the freezer & it is very soothing and the pressure on our eyes feels good. We recommend this product to all of our friends & we are so happy we found it. We even put it on our neck and shoulders sometimes when they get sore.

If you have chronic migraines like we do, then you’ll love the gel comfort on your eyes. The material needs to improve because the stitching comes apart. Although this is our 2nd mask, not because of that, but because we just like having a extra pair. We have had both for awhile now and have noticed the stitch comes apart in the same area, but hasn’t torn any further. Weird, but we cant say enough, how comfortable this is for migraines. We don’t put it in the microwave or freezer, because it stays cool on our night stand. Note: if you microwave it. It starts to pop just after a few seconds. We don’t trust heating it longer after it starts to pop. But like we said earlier. We like it better when its cool. Just the pressure alone helps. The velcro is sturdy and helps to adjust the needed pressure.

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