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Full of UFO’s, futuristic technology, edge- of- your- seat flying scenes and extraordinary characters, human and otherwise, Stephen Coonts’ Savage Planet is traditional storytelling at its finest … and pure, untainted enjoyable. Aliens are coming. A year after young engineering trainee Rip Cantrell found the first flying saucer buried deep in the sands of the Sahara, another saucer is raised from the bottom of the Atlantic. The healing is moneyed by a pharmaceutical executive who thinks that the saucer holds the essential to an anti- aging drug formula that area tourists would require to trip in between galaxies. However among his specialists, Adam Solo, an alien marooned on Earth for a thousand years, takes the saucer, intending to summon a starship to save him. Sadly, the taken saucer has harmed interactions gear.Solo goes to Rip Cantrell and his partner, ex-Air Force test pilot Charlotte Charley Pine, and Rip’s uncle Egg, for assistance in summoning a starship. On the other hand, as a frightened world afraid of area intruders approaches crisis, huge pharma magnates and their punks are hot on the path of the foursome.In a world turned upside down, it might be the showing up aliens who provide endless possibilities. Rip and Charley deal with an amazing choice: Do they attempt leave the security of earth to take a trip into the fantastic wilderness of deep space?

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Mr. Coonts has composed an extremely interesting novel. It skirts around truths and governmental reactions that, in truth, wouldnt occur. Taking military helicopters, armed bad guys or military crossing borders with impunity, undisputed prejudicial remarks by governmental personnel, public crowd control and regional police offered the barney fife aura and finally, a mole – a leakage in a high security position – a traitor delegated do his finest at handing down information to his abundant criminal handler. L liked the book, yet kept grounded by truth. After all, this is what sci-fi is everything about – amusing. Thank you mr. Coonts.

Among the very best contemporary books to strike the bed room tables; coonts tops his own capability and abilities. A grand story informed in easy terms following an excellent strong plot. His discussion is fascinating for the reader to continue and the company of the book permits the reader to march through the pages yet, do it by themselves terms; check out a little, put it down, and then return to it. Coonts character advancement is effectively done and he attains the capability to enable the reader to construct each character as they move through the story. As we moved through the story and the book we kept believing, this might be real, yes pharmaceutical business may be leading the pursuit for self- interest understanding; a brand-new twist on an ole style. Why not have market out pacing the federal government, the federal government is frequently bound in minor squabbling, gee similar to the contemporary operation of the congress. A excellent read, get it prior to the browse gets expensive this season.

We took pleasure in a few hours of go back to our youth reading that fairy- tale of a story. Alien worlds, beings like adam solo marooned in the world for thousand years, love for life and experience heroes feel, flying dishes and inconceivable variety of stars where life comparable to ours may be. And, obviously, the enjoyable, joy with life and interest for whatever brand-new which is felt on every page of that novel. The book that makes you unfortunate often however likewise smile a lot.

We have simply checked out stephen coonts’ saucer trilogy and from saucer to the last book we needed to check out the whole series. In our viewpoint this represents some of his outright finest work. His understanding of whatever from a to z when it pertains to the mankind is remarkable and well represented in his saucer trilogy. Do not miss this series. We are sorry we did not read it previously.

Gr re at sci-fi on. Reads like something possible. Advertisement difficult time putting it down. Delighted in the physics parts as they were utilized in the saucer drive so ystem. Common power plays and federal government idiocy. Eagerly anticipating checking out 3rd book in series. We have delighted in al g his books up until now. Once again an excellent read. Revs prophecies either out appointment.

Hardly ever nowadays do we get a wholesome experience that is simply enjoyable to check out. Mr. Coonts’ design in the saucer series beckons back to some of heinleins’ finest work. The president’s granddaughter was a stunning splash of hope and innocence in the latter part of the book, the starship team’s response to her and her schoolmates moved us to tears. Lastly, thank you for po3 hennessey and his down to earth knowledge, and what the president did for him – provides everyone employed guys a huge favor. This series was as excellent and unanticipated as his novel in the garden of eden. We will treasure the memories and review frequently – books that are old buddies never ever get uninteresting even after numerous checks out. Our hat off to you mr.Coonts Well done.

A fantastic surface to a fantastic seriesafter being completely blow away by the first book saucer, we were over joyed to find the second book saucer the conquest which streamed easily on from the 1st. Then after finding simply by possibility that there was to be a 3rd our pre order was done within minutes our just niggle was that we might not wait for it to be launched. As we completely took pleasure in the first 2 a lot so that we needed to reread them. So when # 3 was launched we depended on date and we were not dissatisfied. Once again a fantastic surface to a fantastic series. Possibly there’s a follow on? ideally?.

We have checked out all of coonts’s books however missed this or it wasn’t noted in the routine month-to-month brochure at our regional book shop. It may have been among those wal- mart exclusive plans. Anyhow, thankful we found it; since it was a pleasurable read. Yes, it was more like the old sci-fi stories, however it was revitalizing with excellent action, excellent characters, and we liked it a lot. Not really practical, however it is fiction. And it was all english; no foreign expressions to evaluate our persistence. Standard.

Another fantastic story from steven coonts. This is the 3rd book about dishes and the exploits of charley and rip. We would suggest that you check out the first book called saucer and and then follow the thrilling tale that occurs through the 3 books. We make sure you will find out this is a fantastic series of these characters and the experiences that unfolds for them consisting of uncle egg, however we will leave that idea with you the reader and let you make your own choices and we ideally hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Lastly a book without format and grammatical mistakes. This is what we anticipated however did not get with the first 2 books. Counts is a master writer and we truly had a difficult time stopping reading when we required to. He isn’t scared to discuss death and damage. However, at the very same time composing an extremely fascinating romance. What we truly value however is even as he completed this story he left the door ajar for a number of more that might be composed. Once again a story worth reading.

The authors search life vibrates throughout all three books. Life is an experience, get it by the horns and have a good time with it. Do not take it so severe, and enjoy it. Good ideas to bear in mind, so you do not get so board. The things our heroes escape with are quite huge and often incredible. However it works to get the story out there. You even get to type of like the president. Sort of, after all, he is a political leader. Anyways, fantastic enjoyable story, completely various than we believed it would be.

Our company believe this is the last of the 3 saucer experiences. It is a light and wild experience with charlotte pine, egg & rip cantrell blazing a trail and with adam solo, the 1300 years of age alien. The wicked pharma individuals desire adam and/ or the medical info included in the dishes memories to make billions offering anti- aging and other drugs. Therefore, the chase is on. Great discuss senator blohardt & all his political loved ones in dc. And god bless the faa. Read it. You will enjoy it.

Happily stunned with sinus infection from stephen coonts. Excellent qualities, excellent story, amusing read. Some fascinating theories too. We believe anybody would delight in reading these books we understand we did.

The experiences of rip, charlie and egg continue as they assist a stranded alien visitor to earth prevent the wicked intent of people who look for make money from the understanding of this visitor and hesitate to think about the repercussions. This 3rd book in the saucer series (strong suggestion – read these books in order) fleshes out the strong of an alien visitor who has been stranded in the world today has some hopes of reconnecting with his origins. The factor for the check outs are fascinating (we will not inform – no spoilers here). Each book in this series has been a treat.

Stephen coonts’ saucer series (volumes # 1 thru # 3) are impressive examples of modern sci-fi and truths integrating present occasions and history. They are well worth reading and will offer the reader much to think of.

We enjoyed this trilogy. Amazing, suspenseful, idea- provoking and a delighted ending. The science of the aliens was credible. The descriptions of area flight and aerial maneuvering were practical. You seemed like you were right there. The action never ever stopped. The book was hard to put down. Lastly, the author acknowledged the ethical and useful ramifications of all of a sudden extending human life. All the right choices were made.

Great thick brand name brand-new book and provided as so.

We liked it. Not 5 star things, and not what we have ended up being utilized to in this series from stephen coonts, however still an excellent read. We will not ruin the book other than to state that we hope that there is another follow- on to this one too. We checked out the others in this series, and they were exceptional. This one leaves you questioning what takes place next. Read it however, and you will not be dissatisfied.

This book was a great deal of enjoyable. We checked out the first and the 2nd as paperbacks and found this one by mishap however chose we needed to read it. It finished the story for us. Perfect. Not a standalone – check out all 3.

Excellent novel. Easy read.

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