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Tangxia Mini Handheld Nebulizer - Portable Nebulizers with Two Mist-spray Mode

Tangxia Mini Handheld Nebulizer – Portable Nebulizers with Two Mist-spray Mode

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tangxia Mini Handheld Nebulizer – Portable Nebulizers with Two Mist-spray Mode.

  • Upgraded Nebulizer Plate It uses upgraded nebulizer plate to prodcue a more steady mist. With better nebulization plate, there is no leak when doing nebulization.
  • Two Working Mode Design with two modes. One mode is low level, it produces thin mist which is more for children, the other mode is high level, it produces thick mist which is more for adults.
  • Easy to Push In and Out This new model has more durable quality and the medicine cup is more easy to push out, compared to the old ones.
  • No Water Leaking The medicine cup is covered with silicon pad, it is fixed in the cap, not easily to move. When you close the cup tightly, the water would not leak out, even if you shake it.
  • More Attractive Appearance Unlike the round ones on the market, it is square. It is more comfortable and easy to hold.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tangxia Mini Handheld Nebulizer – Portable Nebulizers with Two Mist-spray Mode.

Question Question 1

Can We Use Lithium-Ion Batteries Instead Of Alkaline Batteries ?

Yes, we suggest you use lithium-ion batteries, cause the traditional alkaline batteries lasts for a short time.

Question Question 2

Is It Rechargable ?

No, it is not rechargable. It uses 2AA batteries or usb cable plugged to the socket to work.

Question Question 3

Can I Use A Saline Solution?


Question Question 4

Can We Use Just Water?

Yes, of cousrse. You can use water to clean it before or after use. Also you can just use water as a humidifier.

Question Question 5

Can You Use Tea Tree Oil In It?

No, it cannot, otherwise it does not produce mist.

Question Question 6

Can Plain Water Be Used For The Steam/Warm Function? Should We Have To Buy Saline Solutions Or Vapor Pads To Help Relieve Sinus-Like Congestion?

This will only vaporize the liquid, not warm it. So plain water can be used, it will just be cool mist. we bought it to use albuterol in when someone is having asthma issues.

Question Question 7

What Kind Of Solutions Can Be Used In This Vaporizer ?

we have only use our prescriptions Albuterol in it.

Question Question 8

Does This Machine Produce An Odor Or Smell?

No, never noticed anything like that.

Question Question 9

How Do You Clean?

The detachable masks and mouthpiece we clean in a mild warm soapy water and rinse. we simply just rinse the cup and mouthpiece part of the unit itself then let everything dry upside down on a microfiber towel. Don’t dry with paper towels. fibers will clog the unit over time plus, you don’t want to be breathing that crap.

Question Question 10

Does This Nebulizer Work With Albuterol For Asthma?


Question Question 11

Will It Be Noisy When In Use?

No, the noise is less than 25dB, it is tolerable and not waking your kids when they sleep sound.

Question Question 12

Does This Work Without The Power Cord?

Also, it works with batteries

Question Question 13

Does This Have An Automatic Shut Off?

Yes, it shuts off when it runs out of fluid.

Question Question 14

What Should Be Used In This, If It Cannot Use Distilled Or Purified Water?


Question Question 15

Does This Work With Albuterol?


Question Question 16

Will It Work With Hard Water That Has A High Mineral Content?

we think it can. we use tap water which is hard water and not distilled water. Had no problems so far.

Question Question 17

How Do I Make The Steam Work? It’S Plunged In With The Light On, No Steam.?

If there is no steam, pls unistall the cup and put it in warm water for about 1 hour and try it.

Question Question 18

How Many Times A Day Can This Be Used?

It depends, you can use it 3-4 times a day.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Tangxia Mini Handheld Nebulizer – Portable Nebulizers with Two Mist-spray Mode, these might be useful for better understanding.

Nice, clean atomizer. It’s perfect for dosing. It’s compact and nice. We thought it would be rechargeable but it’s not. The drawback is the seal for the charger port doesn’t stay closed but it’s not a big deal.

Have not used-just for emergencies.

We are using this to relieve sinus infection, it s working.

Small size, battery operated.

But as for how well this nebulizer works, we are liking it. We are in our 60s and smoked for about 30 years prior to quitting in 2003, but the length of time we smoked has shown up in the early stages of copd. We absolutely hate visiting doctors or taking medications created by big pharma companies, so with this nebulizer, we have used the traditional nasal irrigation liquid – sterilized water with saline – to inhale once or twice a day when we are having issues. It definitely seems to help us have productive coughs and allows us to “clear” our lungs when they feel thick with congestion. We had ordered this because when our sister was hospitalized last year, they gave her nebulizer treatments (we are sure with medication) that visibly helped her breathe easier. Granted, they had a large, medical-grade unit, but the outcome was the same – she inhaled droplets that allowed her to breathe with less pain. We don’t have pain yet, but there are days that breathing isn’t as easy as it once was and using this little nebulizer with a saline solution seems to help me. If you have children that seem to have difficulty breathing during a cold or the flu, this nebulizer comes with a smaller, child-size mask and may be a way to help them and provide some comfort while getting over their illness. Excellent little nebulizer, easy to get up and running should you need it now.

We are impressed with this product –from someone who has spent decades having to go into hospitals on sunday mornings for nebulizer treatments, not sure why they happened on sundays but there was always a lineup of children and me. We usually got to go first and we would stick our tongue out at all the children left int he waiting room but then they always caught up to us in the triage system. Lol. There was a lot of tongue sticking outs. We did have our own nebulizer but we foolishly selected a travel unit we could take ont he boat and it rattles and bounces around until it falls off tables and desks. This one is simpler, easier and seems to work as well. We like that it came with two different sized masks and an optional what we used to call smoker when our grandfather had one.

We don’t need to use this to take medicine so we can’t speak to that function but it’s a nice unit to use when you are congested to break up nasal congestion, or when you are suffering from allergies to clean your sinuses without the pain of a nettwe pot. It is small and takes batteries and but so far is working well and doing a good job. The box has a lot of chinese writing so the manual is a bit hard to read but operation is pretty straightforward.

This vaporizer was purchased to help with congestion and to break up mucus during the winter months. Our preference was to purchase a model that is small enough and portable to take to the office or on business trips. This has to be one of the quietest nebulizer we have ever used. Our daughter had a large unit that was about the size of a size pack of cans and was difficult to store. This unit is so tiny. We were skeptical at first, but this vaporizer was able accommodate our prescribed routine of twice a day each day. Since we travel so often and needed something that didn’t require us to buy special accommodations or send red flags during tsa inspection. The unit arrives in a professionally designed box that separates the unit or host from the accessories. The usb cord is a round plug with the standard usb-a interface for power. This unit will run off the usb cord or on aa batteries. It must be one or the other and not use the usb cord with the batteries. This unit comes with 3 different styles of masks and we currently we only use the mouthpiece since it is more compact to store and simple to clean after each use.

Excelente producto para emergencias en las que no hay energía eléctrica, lástima no haberlo conseguido antes.

We wanted a portable nebulizer machine to take with us on vacation because we have asthma. This is very small and lightweight and love the fact that it comes with actual face masks as well as a mouth piece. We also love the fact that it can be used with standard batteries as well as via usb charger. We few minor issues so far:1. The battery door was very difficult to close when we put the 2 aa batteries inside. We hope that doesn’t indicate that it will be a quick point of failure. 2. The power cable is very short and only connects via usb so if you are using it via electrical power, you’ll need a usb brick or battery pack and that battery pack will need to be held very close to your mouth which could be a little awkward. 3. The carrying pouch doesn’t comfortably fit the mask so you’ll probably want a larger pouch to keep everything together. We didn’t give ourself a full treatment because we weren’t having any breathing issues. But was impressed at the amount of mist it gave out and how quiet it was. Soooo much better than our older neb machines and very affordable. [lcvr].

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