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Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifiers - Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifiers – Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifiers – Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Long-Lasting Relief: From stuffy nose to dry skin, our cool mist ultrasonic humidifier provides up to 24 hours with perfect output of 280ml/h 10% soothing comfort into your room, avoiding excessive humidity adversely affect your body, furniture and electrical appliances.
  • Easy-Lifting Handle: Proudly designed in Switzerland. While other models leave refilling a hassle, our unique Swiss-style tank lifting handle guarantees you a true pleasant refill and a very easy clean. Our 360 degree spout allows misting a refreshing relief.
  • Automatic Shut-off: We care about your safety. Automatic shut-off feature ensures you peace of mind when water runs out or the tank is in wrong position. A convenient smart timer with 3 settings (4/8/12 hours) diligently follows your own schedule, bringing timely calming moisture.
  • Quiet Touch Panel: Utilizing the whisper-quiet operation technologies, our fun-to-play-with touch panel gives you LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH misting options along with 7 colors of LED lights for a magical and peaceful night sleep. With ‰ 32 dB for a quiet humidification, it s ideal for babies and light sleepers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifiers – Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier.

Question Question 1

Can You Add Essential Oils To This.?

directions say only use clean water.

Question Question 2

Can The Light Be Turned Off?


Question Question 3

Does This Have A Filter? We Are Looking For One Where I Do Not Have To Keep Changing The Filter.Thanks In Advance For Response.?

No filter. If you always use distilled water of good quality you do not have to clean it very often. When we bought distilled water from Walmart we found black crud quickly developed and it had grey scumour floats in it. And this happened fast and often. Since switching to Distilled water from a good grocery store (here i No filter. If you always use distilled water of good quality you do not have to clean it very often. When we bought distilled water from Walmart we found black crud quickly developed and it had grey scumour floats in it. And this happened fast and often. Since switching to Distilled water from a good grocery store (here it’s Tops or Price Chopper) we have only had to clean it once and there was hardly anything to clean. we were surprised at the difference, but should have known anything from Walmart is probably of questionable quality and purity.

Question Question 4

Will This Work In A Large Bedroom?

we have a large bedroom and we keep it on low and it seems to be enough. we get about 3 days on a full tank if it’s on 11pm to 6:30am. If we put it on high overnight in the winter, (30 degrees and usually lower here) our windows are drenched in moisture. So low setting is plenty.

Question Question 5

Whete Is This Product Made?

don’t know.here is email support.support@itekjoy.com

Question Question 6

Can It Do Hot Mist? Or Just Cool Mist?

Cool mist

Question Question 7

How To Fill It? From The Top Or The Bottom?

fill from the bottom

Question Question 8

Does This Humidifier Need Filter?


Question Question 9

What Voltage Is This Unit? Can You Use On 110 And 220?


Question Question 10

How Long Will The Mist Run On The High Setting Before Running Out Of Water?

A long time. we have not run mine long enough to find out.

Question Question 11

Can You Turn The Nightlight Feature Off?


Question Question 12

Worked Greaf For 2 Months , Now The Floor Is Soaked Everytime We Use It . We Recall Seeing S Few Reviews Saying This Had Hapened To Then . How Do I Fix?

Has not happened with mine but would suggest a good cleaning

Question Question 13

Is It Okay To Add Essential Oil In The Tank?

No. Booklet says water only, and use good quality distilled water and you won’t have to clean it much. They give you a brush, but pipe cleaners and Q Tips help a lot.

Question Question 14

What Is The Maximum Square Footage Of Coverage For This Humidifier?

Not sure exactly but we use it in a medium sized bedroom and it works great

Question Question 15

Can Tap Water Be Used?

Most cool mist humidifier manufacturers recommend using clean, clear tap water. While tap water may be suitable in many areas of the country, and studies have not conclusively shown that minerals in tap water pose a serious risk, the EPA recommends the use of distilled water for cool mist humidifiers. Distilled water h Most cool mist humidifier manufacturers recommend using clean, clear tap water. While tap water may be suitable in many areas of the country, and studies have not conclusively shown that minerals in tap water pose a serious risk, the EPA recommends the use of distilled water for cool mist humidifiers. Distilled water has a lower mineral content and reduces exposure to minerals and other impurities in the water. Furthermore, evaporated tap water may form a dry, white dust on surfaces, and this can irritate the respiratory systems of sensitive individuals. Distilled water also reduces the growth of mineral deposits and scale within the device. Change the humidifier reservoir water every day and never run a unit containing stagnant, discolored or smelly water.

Question Question 16

How Do You Remove The Mist Nozzle To Clean Inside The Mist Tube?Nozzle Swivels But Won’T Come Out.?

we usually use the handle of one of the small cleaning brushes the unit comes with. If you insert at the right angle, you can pop the nozzle off.

Question Question 17

We Don’T Want Auto Shutoff.We Want The Most Basic Of Features – When You Hit 42% Humidity Turn Off.When You Are Below That – Turn On?

This unit not do that (but we have had ones that did). If you want this feature you will likely need to invest in a larger and more expensive humidifier.

Question Question 18

Can You Get A Replacement Part For The 360 Rotating Piece, Mine Fell Out And Got Lost? We Cant Find Info For The Company To Reach Out To.?

maybe one of the replacement caps sold on will fitwe think its called a bottle valve cap, or maybe go to your order history and click contact seller maybe they can give you a phone number or email

Question Question 19

What S Your Return Policy?

we like this product and won t return.

Question Question 20

Can You Choose The Humidity Percentage So That It Makes Sure That It Is The Same Percentage Of Humidity In Your Room All The Time?

we keep it on the same number all the time.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifiers – Premium Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, these might be useful for better understanding.

This little humidifier is just wonderful. It works really well, its allready helpped with keeping our apartment from getting to stuffy. The different modes work really well and as expected. We love the little light inside, it’s a great touch, we just wish it had a color changing mode where it would cycle through all of them but that’s not really a big deal to me. It was really easy to set up and use, it produces an amazing amount of vapor on the high setting, more even then some of the higher end humidifiers we have used in the past. The controls are all touch capacitive with a little beeping for feedback. We have had no problem with those. So far we love this thing, it looks nice, works like it should, and looks good all at the same time. Cant wait to see how it performs in the long run.

This humidifier is great so far. It is small in size, but has a high moisture output. We have it operating on medium currently, and you can see the amount of moisture that is being put out on medium in the attached photos. The device comes with 3 brushes to keep the internals clean. The lid also has a built-in handle for easy lifting. We really enjoy the night light feature. You can select a solid color, no color at all, or have them rotating between all colors. The unit is lightweight and easy to fill. Once on, it begins outputting right away.

This is a great little humidifier. We bought a larger popular brand humidifier that is so noisy and so difficult to fill. The tekjoy is just the opposite, if is very quiet and so easy to fill. Yes we will have to fill it twice as often as the big one, but since it is not heavy and fits under our sink faucet it is so easy, that we don’t mind. We run this just at night next to our bed and the output of this is also better than the bigger unit we have. We love that you can adjust the water amount and that you can turn off the lights if you like. The lights are nice, but we prefer to have it very dark to sleep, this has a little glo from the controls, but nothing too bright. It has all the features of a larger more expensive humidifier but much more easy to handle which if you are older you can appreciate. This also has a timer that can be set. We could not be more pleased with this humidifier and an added bonus is that it is cute and doesn’t’ look obtrusive in our bedroom.

What we were looking for and product features:we run small humidifiers in our kids room at night all winter long. Since their doors are shut running a humidifier all night long puts too much moisture in the air. We had been running the humidifier from end of school till bedtime so we could remember to unplug them (hassle). What we really wanted was a timer setting; most small humidifiers do not have a timer setting and this one does. Additionally, many humidifiers in this size do not have multiple output options and this one has low, medium and high. The nightlight (with different color options) is an added bonus since we had to unplug a nightlight. Bottom line: packed with more features than other products in this size and price range. Testing it out:225 sq ft room (15×15) with doors closed, humidifier set at a 4 hour timer. On low the humidifier raised the humidity level in the room by 4%on medium the humidifier raised the humidity level in the room by 15%didn’t even check on high output setting, the room would have been dripping. Bottom line: if you plan to use on medium or high or run 24 hours, keep room doors open. Customer service:product was scheduled to come in on a friday and did not arrive until a monday (we have prime). We contacted the seller and they were very responsive to the issue. So pleased with the product and the customer service that we are ordered another one for our daughter’s room. Update: second humidifier was also delayed in shipping. Seller tells us that they are third party seller that is fulfilled by ; the product is still great, but don’t expect it to arrive when ‘s website tells you it will. For this reason only we have taken it down to 4 stars. Another update: first humidifer quit working after about 2 months; contacted manufacturer and they sent another one out immediately. Easiest warranty process ever. All three units we have are working just fine.

We really like this humidifier. It s sleek and beautiful and it can be set to go for up to 12 hours. We love the touch buttons it has and there s an option to turn on some pretty lighting which we like to use for our kids room. The directions were easy to understand and we had the item up and running within minutes. The top swivels so you can have control of where you point the steam without having to turn the whole thing. Definitely glad we bought this one and we highly recommend it.

Last night was our first night with the tekjoy cool mist and we loved it. It’s very quiet which is very important to us because the slightest of noises will keep us up at night. It’s not too big and bulky, it fits right on our night table next to our bed with plenty of room to spare. It has a night light feature with 7 colors to choose from or you have an option to let it cycle through all the colors. It has 3 preset options for running 4 hrs, 8 hrs or 12. But you don’t have to choose at all and just let it run indefinitely (until it’s out of water). It has 3 mist power levels ( low, medium, and high). We chose to use distilled water and that worked great. Usually our sinuses and mouth are dry during the night, this humidifier has made a difference. The only things that we wish this tekjoy had was a remote control and an essential oil reservoir. But (as it is) it gets 5 stars for quality and functionality. We really like it. We would love it if it had those added items.

If you’re in the market for a small and quiet humidifier, look no further. We suffer from allergies and have been wanting to try a humidifier to see if we get any relief from having one running. We have been using this for a few days now and already feel the difference. This humidifier’s footprint is small, yet it still holds a good amount of water and it lasts a while if used on low or medium setting. At the very top of the humidifier, there’s an adjustable exhaust angle so you can angle the vapor without having to move the entire unit. The noise level this humidifier makes is almost nonexistent. We use it while we sleep and we can’t hear it unless we are right next to it. This also has a built in nightlight with many colors to choose from. Looks amazing when all the lights are out. Using the humidifier is a breeze too. All the controls are touch sensitive with a bright blue light to indicate which settings are being used. There’s a light to let you know when the water needs to be refilled. There are three settings (4, 8 or 12 hour) for timers and three settings for how much humidity you want to have outputted. Overall we are very pleased with our purchase and highly recommend this humidifier.

We got this to place in our son’s dorm room, he can’t control temperature and the room is always dry and he gets nose bleeds. This little humidifier did the trick, the room is fairly large but this size worked well. He reported that is runs quietly, and puts just the right amount of moisture into the area to prevent his nosebleeds. He likes the light feature too. He really did not want to but something in his dorm that looked “weird” but the design this one is eye pleasing and he agreed to use it. He said he is very happy with it. As picky as he is that is high praise.

We are so pleased to receive a product that is exactly as described. It truly is whisper quiet and that’s important to me. The night light feature would be great in a child’s or baby’s room as it’s a soft light with several color options and not invasive or annoying. The mist is fine and doesn’t fall to the floor as most humidifiers seem to do. It’s a snap to refill and easy to clean. There are three mist options-low, medium, and high. We usually use low as it seems to get the job done effectively. We received this product in exchange for a review and we couldn’t be more pleased. We are plagued with sinus headaches and thiis humidifier has helped tremendously to alleviate that issue.

This cute little mist humidifier has 3 most modes and let us tell you, when you put in on medium or high is does an amazing job pushing out mist. The noise level is minimal from this machine. Most of the time we don t hear it at all and only can hear water drops occasionally from condensation within the tank. We really like the design and how easy it is to refill. You just have to remove the water tank, flip it and unscrew the cap to pour cold water. The touch buttons also complete the beautiful design. They give you control over the mist strength (low-medium-high), timer (2hrs, 6hrs,12 hrs) and your color settings for light. We like to turn it on in the in the am and pm, too in order to take advantage of the colored light incorporated into the water tank. We used this humidifier in both small and large rooms. For small rooms you will make it humid really fast, if that is your goal, so make sure you set it to 2 hours tops. For larger spaces setting it to medium or high and setting it to 6-12 hours should do the trick. We have been using this for over a week and can not find any faults in this product at this time. We would say you are certainly getting good value for your money. Full disclosure, we were offered this product free of charge to try it and write an honest review. Opinions are our own and were not influenced by any party. If we were on the market to purchase a humidifier ourself, we would be happy to buy this product.

This is a straight forward humidifier. Nothing to call home about, however. When was the last time you found a humidifier that did more than exactly what you would expect?however, the nightlight feature is what makes this standout from others, you can cycle through 8 colors, or on the 9th setting, it will slowly cycle through them all. Very relaxing light. Oh and of course, it adds moisture in the air hence the humidifier. We believe the cost is very competitively priced.

Received this today and put it to work immediately. We only filled it with a little water to see if the auto-shutoff worked and it did. It’s nice that it has a timer function and that it’s virtually silent. The size and shape of it isn’t off putting and it fits in small areas nicely. The only thing we wish it had was a filter to prevent scaling–although there was none in this short amount of time, we hear it happens–we shall see. All in all, it was a good purchase.

This is a great cool mist humidifier. Our master bedroom and bath is 20 x 25 and the humidifier is easily adequate for this space. We had company for thanksgiving and our little grandson was sick, so we put him to bed with this cool mist and his congestion was so much better after spending a few hours. The unit is very quiet and we really like the handle that folds out to make it easier to carry when refilling the unit. We also like the mist speed options and the rotating top that allows you to adjust the mist direction without moving the unit. The blue color would be a great addition to a little boy s room. Hopefully they ll offer this model in some additional colors because we would like to place several in our home and it would make a great baby shower gift. We highly recommend this cool mist humidifier.

We have an old humidifier from about the early 90’s and how they have changed. We have been using this humidifier daily since having received it. It’s super quiet, especially compared to the loud fan noise the old one has. Sleeping through the night with this on isn’t difficult at all. The mist it produces is great – no problems breathing, no dry nose/throat. It’s pretty useful. We even lent it to our brother who’s miserably sick right now and he said it helped ease his sinus. The auto-stop and timers works great – features we have never experienced before in a humidifier and am excited to have. We really like the ability to control the mist level. Though, we can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want a thick cool mist always. Overall great product and really easy to use. The only oddball thing about this humidifier is the light. We don’t get the purpose but we suppose it builds aesthetic. We don’t really use it.

This humidifier is sleek, compact, easy to use and has enough capacity to get through a 12-hour sleep. We were very pleased that it doubles as a nightlight and shows the steam traveling up and droplets falling down inside the cool steam column. It is like a more calming lava-lamp with multiple color options. We like red light at night as blue interferes with melatonin production. Our relative was pleased that it is not an eyesore like so many humidifiers and the settings are intuitive- very important when checking on a toddler at 3am without our glasses on. This cool mist humidifier is a rare example of a thoughtful design that is functional, easy to use and attractive. We received this product from the seller in exchange for writing a review.

We love everything about this humidifier and have been using it daily. We already use an essential oil diffuser in our bedroom, so we have been using this on our main floor (which is an open floor plan, so it gets to everywhere). We love the touch screen, makes it so easy and kinda fun to change the settings. The night light is great when it’s darker but we still want a little light, and the tank is huge, so it lasts so long. We also love how quiet it is; at first we weren’t sure if it was even on because we didn’t hear anything at all, but then we saw the light mist. We did end up turning up the mist since it’s a larger space. Overall we are very happy with it and can’t wait to see all the health benefits.

This noiseless humidifier made our room feel very light and airy. We tried it out over two days to make sure that everything worked. We were engaged with how easy it was to use and the cute colored lights. The small tank is good for a child’s room and does not make noise to disturb anyone. Our husband had a cold and it was a nice time to try it out, it relieved his cold symptoms and took some of the dryness out of the air. The directions did not say to use distilled water, but since we have always used distilled water for our other aparatus and iron, we did so with this as well. We were really impressed with this small, yet powerful humidifier and will continue to use it. Thank you.

First, a disclaimer- we received this product at no cost in return for an honest review. Our only complaint about this humidifier is that we wish it were a bit bigger. We bought in the summer, but have only been using it for about two months. It is easy to fill and to clean. We love that it has a timer and that you can select both the intensity of the mist, and the color of the light. Overall, it is probably the best humidifier we have ever had. The mist it puts out at the medium level is substantial. We keep it in our upstairs hallway, and it keeps static and “shocks” to a minimum. We are quite happy with it.

*we received this humidifier at a discount in exchange for our honest review. We live in a dry climate & really need a humidifier in our bedroom. We have been using a wicking/evaporative humidifier for a couple of years now and the wick is just gross. This little humidifier is great. It looks nice aesthetically, it’s super quiet, and the led light is a nice touch. We like that we can choose the output level- the high setting really cranks out the mist. We can’t speak to longevity at this point, but our experience thus far has been very good. If this review is unedited, you can assume it’s still going strong.

The humidifier was securely packed and smaller than we anticipated. That’s a good thing for ease of use and storage. Instructions were very clear. Especially explaining the 4 touch indicators on the front of the humidifier. Our first time we had to fill the tank near the top to get it misting as the indicator light kept telling us to ‘fill it up’ more. There are three levels of output, and the mid and high level are shown in two of the pictures. In low mist the camera could not see much output, but you can feel it. There are 8 different light options for the mister which is pretty great. Example of the ‘pink’ light. We are impressed with the noise level, as in there is hardly any noise. Also, there are some brushes in the box to help with cleaning the unit. Would we have our daughter-in-law buy this for the grand-babies??? yes.

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