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Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions

Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Unit dose vials for inhalation therapy.
  • For use with any nebulizer.
  • 0.9% sodium chloride solution.
  • Color-coded for easy identification.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions.
Color:Original VersionUnit dose vials for inhalation therapy. For use with any nebulizer. 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Color-coded for easy identification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions.

Question Question 1

Is It Sterile ?

Yup. They are sterile.

Question Question 2

Are These Preservative Free?

The labeling on the outside box states:”No bacteriostatic or other preservative added.”

Question Question 3

Is This Sterile Water Or Saline Solution?

The package is labeled sterile and it’s .9% sodium chloride which we think means saline.we are certaainly hoping it’s saline.It has been working well for us.

Question Question 4

Will This Work On Puremist?


Question Question 5

What Country Are These Manufactured?

The packaging does not indicate the place of manufacture. Teleflex has offices in North Carolina and Dublin, Ireland.

Question Question 6

It Says At The Top The Solution Is Used For Inhalation Has Anyone Else Used It In A Nebulizer?

our mom’s trached and vented at home.We use these for inhalation via a nebulizer not only to help break up secretions, but to make them easier to suction out.We also put a little down her trach to help moisten and break up mucus plugs, making it easier to suction them out.Also used for eye lubrication.The joys of ALS.

Question Question 7

Addipak Prices?

very good price you have to keep in a cool area of the house

Question Question 8

Can You Use This With Your Nebulizer Meds Everyday?

Yes but probably cheaper to buy it in a bottle these don’t hold very much

Question Question 9

Can This Be Used As Cleaning Wounds?

It s sterile saline so yes, they can.

Question Question 10

Can This Be Used In Place Of Artificial Tears (For Post Lasik Treatment)?

After LASIK surgery you will experience dry eye, so it is best to use a eye drop the Eye dr has recommended. These are more to use if you had a eye flush situation and didn’t have water or trust the purity of your water. we hope this helped.

Question Question 11

Are There Preservatives In This Saline?


Question Question 12

Is This The Same As The Single Use Eye Drops By Refresh?

NO . these are used to fill Sclera (large hard contact lenses) before inserting. Refresh are sterile drops for dry eyes – with or without normal contact lenses.

Question Question 13

Este Producto Es Albuterol?

No, es la solución para acompañar el albuterol

Question Question 14

How Often Can We Use These In A Nebuliser?

we are not familiar with nebulisers.Therefore cannot answer this question.we use the solution in a plastic hard lense for moisturizer for the eye.

Question Question 15

What Is The Shelf Life Once Opened?

The addipak is individual packets. Per use. 100 in a box. Expiration date is on box. we think its may 2019

Question Question 16

Can You Dilute This With Distilled Water In Nebulizer?

No need to add anything it s ready to go.i use it for our contacts it s also for a nebulzer we used them for our grandsons nebulzer as a baby thats when we started using them for our contacts

Question Question 17

This Product Has A California Prop.65 Warning. What Is The Chemical That Is Causing This Product To Be Flagged Under The California Prop. 65 Law?

California has warnings for everything under the sun, mostly because few Californians were taught common sense.For their purposes everything may cause cancer.You can totally ignore it even if you happen to live here. If your curiosity gets the better of you you can go to the company product website and find it

Question Question 18

These Don’T Need To Be Refrigerated Do They? Should They Stay At A Certain Temperature Since They Are Preservative Free?

No, they do not/should not be refrigerated.

Question Question 19

Will These Work On Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses?

Yes i used rigid contact lenses too

Question Question 20

How Many Per Pack?

we got a 100 in the pack we ordered

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Teleflex Addipak Unit Dose Solutions, these might be useful for better understanding.

We use this saline solution in our nebulizer (with a mask, to get both our nasal passages and our lungs) when our allergies and asthma are just beginning to bother me. Often, we can avoid or postpone the use of our inhalers/albuterol this way. We did ask our dr first. We have also used it with grandchildren (individual, clean masks) to loosen mucus when they had colds. Makes it much easier for them to blow their noses.

Use for our sclera lenses for our keratoconus. Works great we prefer this brand.

With asthma and copd, we need to keep the bronchial tubes moistened and easy to cough up phlegm and this absolutely helps to do this. We prefer using a saline solution rather than medicated ampules of solution.

After years of buying the overpriced/oversized 3 pack bottles of unisol only to have to trash much of it due to possible concatenation long before we have used entire bottles we find the units of addipak to be the perfect solution for our needs. Not only are they perfectly sized for 1 to 2 uses in our scleral lens, but perfect to take along with us fitting easily into the smallest compartments in purses and pockets. Perfect for travel on planes. When we first received our 100 ct box we were overjoyed. We felt like we had scored the the biggest treasure hunt item of our life. Not only does it save us tons of money (much cheaper than unisol/less waste), but. We love how it feels in our eyes. No more cold stinging in our dry eyes. We can easily warm the units in our hands before use. Being a creature of habit switching products gave us much concern as we waited on our first order and first time ever using anything other than unisol, but upon our first use we immediately knew we would in no way miss unisol. We are very thankful to be forced to have to switch products.

We have issues with our eyes; dry, scratchy, filour. We have tried lots of eye drops and wipes over the years. We think our eyes aren’t cleaning themselves enough. When we put in eye drops, it leaves scratchiness and film. At our wit’s end, we though maybe cleaning them with saline before the drops would help. Yes. We get a lot of cleaning from one vial to clear anything out of our eyes; then we use our eye drops. So much nicer now. Our drops came in light pink vials, loosely packed. You can’t reseal the vials like you can with some individual eye drops. Thank goodness we found these, now we can clear our eyes anytime, anywhere as needed.

If you have kids, having a box of these on hand is a life-saver. They are great for squirting up congested noses before suctioning. We have used them in our child’s nebulizer by themselves or added to medications to loosen up mucus and congestion. We use it in a nebulizer for ourself when we have an especially bad sinus infection. We have even used it as an eyewash in a pinch. The size is great for taking on the go, and they are sterile, unlike those squirt bottles that get used over and over.

Great single unit saline solution. We are allergic to preservatives (in our eyes) and these are great to have in a purse or for travel in case we need to rinse something out of our eyes (while wearing contacts) w/o worry of further irritation from preservatives in eye drops & other saline products. We were using unisol 4 until it was discontinued. Purilens is a good replacement for unisol 4, but the addipak is so portable & convenient, too. Each 5 ml unit is too much for us to use at one time, so we have left the unit opened in a clean place & used the rest of the saline the next day w/o an issue. We know this is not recommended as the saline doesn’t remain sterile this way, but we make sure the opened unit it not in a “high traffic”/dirty area and am vigilant about using it within the next day.

This was the saline that our eye doctor recommended for our scleral lenses and we love the small vials- we use less than one vial per day to do both lenses and any leftovers at the end of the day for a rinse before we store them in solution. We travel for work and just toss five or six into our bag and have never had an issue even in carry-on since they are individually packaged. We were having some issues with fogging mid-day (not the saline’s fault- just our eyes) and combining this saline with one or two drops of refresh celluvisc in each lens has completely solved the issue. We will be using this box for a long time, but will definitely buy again.

This saline solution is required for our scleral contact lenses and these single dose plastic vials are very convenient and easy to open and use. Don’t have to worry about them becoming contaminated or infected because we can use one and throw it away and use a fresh one next time. Also very convenient to take a couple extra along if needed or for traveling.

Well we were severely despondent about the death of unisol 4 and it took us a while to get on the addipak train. We were resistant because unisol was the best thing ever. We only wear one contact and can go without it if we must but we like wearing it. Like everyone else we cannot use anything with any preservatives. These things are fantastic, we love them. Each one lasts us a few days. Travel is perfect with them. No big bottle to transport for all that tsa nonsense. Our eyes love them and the big box will last us forever. Rip unisol, but we’ve moved on.

Love these for all the applications. Mostly used in home first aid kit to debride wounds, and promote healing when alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can delay healing. Because they re in little doses, squeezing provides pressure to clean a would properly. Just like the ones we use at the hospital.

Individually packaged, well-priced item delivers on well on preservative-free eye drops. We carry one or two of these wherever we go, and just discard them by the end of the day. It is cheap, convenience, and we have never had an issue with any individual unit. If you have scleral lenses, buy this particular product and you won’t be disappointed.

We use this as baby nose drops for his stuffy nose. This were the same ones the hospital had. We used the spray initially but they did not last long. The price quickly added up and we remembered the hospital used this on him as a newborn and got this instead. Wish we did that from the start. Easy to use and such great value- probably and hopefully will last us a long time. Please buy this rather than the fancy bottle nose drops for your baby, you and your wallet would be thankful.

We would rather use these saline units than the medicated ones, because one of the side effects of using the medicated ones long term is cough and difficulty breathing. You may have to use them more often at first, but these saline units have weaned our off our medicated ones. We rarely have to use them at all now.

We have worn the large scleral contact lenses (gas permeable, not soft) for the past three years. (this is our best correction now after prior corrective surgery didn’t work so well after 10 years. ) our eye doctor recommended that we use these single units for wetting the lenses before insertion into our eyes. We feel like this is cleaner than using the same bottle for days. We hate to throw away so much plastic but it doesn’t seem sanitary to reuse even these little vials. We also find this unit size convenient for air traveling because it’s small enough for our carry-on bag.

Great solution (~1% nacl saline solution), great to really flush out your lungs using the medicine cup of your nebulizer. We hate doing this solution because we feel like we are going to hack up a garden hose but really clears you out.

This product is perfect for use with our scleral lenses. We have been using it for many years now. Our only criticism is that they now attach 5 tubes together so you need to separate them, which is a little annoying.

We use it for our scleral lenses. Works better for than using unisol 4, for sensitive eyes.

Used by someone sensitive to preservatives, to rinse off ortho-k lenses. Good inexpensive option to lacri-pure. Would like to know what ingredient prompts the ca prop 65 warning if addipak only contains purified water and sodium chloride.

We bought these for dry eye and to get rid of our allergens from our eyes so that we don’t use allergy eye drops with damage to the eyes and ruin the bladder. We do like the rectangular-shaped ones better than these round ones. Maybe different manufacturer but this one would ship to our po box which is manned all the time and the other one wouldn’t. So we went with this one and it’s okay overall.

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