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Three Drops of Life - Medium to Large Area Nebulizer Aromatherapy Diffuser

Three Drops of Life – Medium to Large Area Nebulizer Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Three Drops of Life – Medium to Large Area Nebulizer Aromatherapy Diffuser.

  • STRONG and SOLID – aluminum alloy shell that is heavy, 6.75 pounds with amazing style for any space.
  • NO WATER NEEDED – distinct system making this maker water free permitting better scenting protection.
  • ADVANCED ATOMIZATION – cold air technology to scent areas varying from 750-2000 SF.
  • SMALL WORKPLACE AREAS – perfect for little workplaces, living spaces, waiting spaces and little stores.
  • PRODUCT CONSISTS OF – stainless-steel 200 ml bottle, A/C accessory, guidelines, power cable and tube.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Three Drops of Life – Medium to Large Area Nebulizer Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Question Question 1

What Is The Voltage This Functions On 110 Or Universal? Is It On An Adapter Or Direct A/c?

Routine 110

Question Question 2

How Frequently Do You Fill Up The Oil With Your Use?

Not an easy question to answer, because it will be based off hours you mean to run the maker daily.In addition- the concentration level of scent you set it on too.Average use refills for this maker, 3 weeks.

Question Question 3

How Frequently Does It Required Refilled?

About 3- 4 months and take left overs out and conserve then run alcohol thru system to tidy spray nozzle and empty great and change/ refill with scent. you may desire to tidy regular monthly that would be chosen

Question Question 4

How Do You Link To Hvac? Will Heating And Cooling Always Belong To Plug In?

Ensure have location to plug in however most attics have

Question Question 5

Is It Possible To Get One With A 120 Steel Bottle Rather Of Destructive Plastic?

We do not have 120 ml stainless-steel bottles that will fit this maker.

Question Question 6

How Do You Link To Hvac? Will Heating And Cooling Always Belong To Plug In?

Every attic and A/C system is different.You will require an outlet close to the ductwork.There specify guidelines how to established this system when linking to the A/C system.

Question Question 7

How Lots Of Prgram Settings Does It Have? Likewise, Do You Simply Pour The Oil In The Container? Does It Automobile Stop When Empty? How Lots Of Oz Oil Can It Shop?

Five settings.Yes, you put the oil in the container.No, there is no car- stop.The Chateau can hold 200 ml, The Palace 500 ml.

Question Question 8

What Are The Specifications For The Tubing? We May Wish To Purchase A Longer Tube In Other Places.?

Around 50 long x 1/4 diameter

Question Question 9

What Oils Are Utilized In This Diffuser?

We have oils readily available or if you utilize other business they should not have any water added.These maker are no water cold air diffusion devices.

Question Question 10

What Is The Life Period Of This System If Run 9 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week?

We have run this maker for over 2 years without one problem.It is run 8am-10 pm, 7 days a week.

Question Question 11

Is The Bottle That Holds The Oil Made Out Of Plastic?

Yes, ANIMAL plastic.All of our other devices come with stainless-steel bottles.

Question Question 12

There Was No Manual Or Recommendations Got With This System. How Is It Linked To Air Handler?

Go on the internet. easy to do. simply set by power and either connect to stud or put on rack and line enters after damper/ chase

Question Question 13

How Long Does It Run For At A Time And Can You Manage The Scent Level?

Yes you can manage the scent level, it has differing hour settings on the push-button control for run time.

Question Question 14

Exists Any Upkeep Required? Mine Appears To Have Dropped Output Substantially After 2 Months.?

Yes – please check out the user handbook, or get ahold of customer care.

Question Question 15

Does This Maker Usage All Kinds Of Aromas And Fragrances Or Is It Minimal To Essential Oils?

This maker utilizes scents and essential oils, however it’s really essential to note, any oils with water in them will destroy this machine.We encourage to utilize our oils however of course their are others on the marketplace that are appropriate.

Question Question 16

The Product Functions Pretty Well, However Is Anybody Having Problems With It Hissing Loudly? Exists A Way To Make It Quieter?

Ensure the straw and core( black piece) is pressed in tight to the atomizer.

Question Question 17

Will This Deal With Routine Oil Based Scent Oils. Or Does It Required To Be Water Based Oils?

Definitely no water based oils, this will mess up the maker.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Three Drops of Life – Medium to Large Area Nebulizer Aromatherapy Diffuser, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Let us beginning this evaluation by acknowledging the reality that it’s hard to judge a product noted on without a good standard of evaluations. It’s likewise easy to get deceived by market sellers that either pay or otherwise incent purchasers to leave 5 star evaluations for their products in exchange for free products, discount rates, and so on. We invested a lot of time investigating a diffuser that we might set up into our house heating and cooling system and our main requirements was it had to be capable of producing scent into our 4000 sq feet living area effectively, and it had to be dispersed and supported by a us- based business. This led us to the venetian – wall mountable system from threedropsoflife. The system showed up rapidly and was packaged well. All products were consisted of for correct operation and in spite of a small problem on the first trial run, this system can more than accomodate our house with scent at 30% strength. We really backed it down to 25% and have left it there since. It’s easy to program and has regularly run on the precise schedule we set for the recently and a half. Back to the small problem and why we felt obliged to compose this evaluation. The level of service we got from jeff at threedropsoflife is precisely why we just pick products supported and dispersed in the us. Jeff reacted to our e-mail with 30 minutes on a saturday and we established a time for a telephone call to stroll through our problem on monday. Although a deal was made to change our system with a brand-new one immediately, we picked to make a little change on our own, with his true blessing, and the issue was fixed and it’s been perfect since. We extremely suggest this system if you’re looking for a high quality and powerful standalone or heating and cooling set up scent diffuser however more notably suggest threedropsoflife.

We got our system about 10 days approximately back. We had been utilizing an essential oils system for house usage and it simply wasn’t sufficing. This system is really professional, just requires filled with oil about 1/10 th as typically as the other system and understands what days and hours to begun. We enjoy it.

This thing is terrific. We enjoy getting home to a fresh odor in the air. Easy to program, easy to refill, easy upkeep. We got some extra bottles since we like to turn the oils a minimum of weekly. We would have to wait a month if we waited til the bottle simply ranout We are really pleased with this purchase.

We enjoy this diffuser. This business has incredible oils too.

Diffuser works terrific. We have 5 of these and they are easy to program and are great quality.

Love that it makes our home and organisation odor terrific all the time. Desire it had an on/off button.

We purchased this on october 19 th 2019 and am really pleased with our maker. It’s a heavy, strong, and resilient maker and it works effectively. We purchased this for our airbnb leasing we have in the basement of our townhouse and linked it straight into our heating and cooling system, which by the way, was really easy to do. All you have to do is match the drill bit size to the size of the diffuser hose pipe, drill a single hole into your heating and cooling chute (closest to the heating and cooling maker as possible) and the scent sprays through television and into your heating and cooling system. The odor we acquired for this was “november rain” by scent tech. It’s the exact same odor that marriott utilizes for their hotels and visitors enjoy it. We can even smell a bit of it permeating up through the floorings into our main part of the townhouse. The maker is programmable to be set on a timer/schedule and you can likewise set the strength of the scent. So we offer this maker an a plus. Keep in mind: if you desire to utilize the maker alone without the heating and cooling connection and set it out into an open area like your living-room, you will potentially hear the maker giving off the oil. Our reccommendation is to put it in a corner of a space where the sound might not trouble you or put it into your heating and cooling closet and you’ll never ever hear it running.

Love this product. We got it 3 days ago however did not unload it for 2 days. Pros:1. Great construct quality. The gadget feels strong no inexpensive plastic or resin product. Seem like strong metal/steel. 2. The unboxing experience was terrific. Well packaged to keep it from being harmed. Business supplied consisted of a handwritten note. 3. Modern slim style and suits a lot of house design and design4. Wonderful customer care. When we first unpackaged the gadget and, picked our oil to usage and then plugged it in, absolutely nothing occurred so we right away believed the product was malfunctioning. We attempted it for 10 minutes and absolutely nothing. So we chose to email the business by means of their aid desk. We were gotten in touch with the next day by jeff. Jeff was incredibly useful and really responsive to our e-mail and follow- up questions and even provided to call us to stroll through troubleshooting. Jeff supplied some 3 suggestions by means of e-mail to have a look at and low and behold inspecting the gadget assisted. We believe it was the straw insert that was not appropriately placed and linked. We emailed jeff back to let him understand that we were able to get the gadget to work. 5. It comes with a remote to modification settings (although we want it had bluetooth). 6. Finally, terrific cost. For the quality the cost of less than $180 (us dollars) is wonderful. There’s another comparable one on that is over $300 dollars however this one appears simply as great and has a better cost point. 7. Likewise one more thing, enjoy the reality this diffuser does not require water. As with conventional ultasonic diffusers. Cons: of course, as with most things in life, there are couple of cons or ideas that we have. 1. We want the gadget had bluetooth technology. Now we understand there is a trade- off in some cases, functions vs cost, so we presume that if the gadget had bt, the gadget would be well over $200 2. We want the gadget came with a 2nd oil cylinder, by doing this you ought to change out oil scents more rapidly.

Setting the programs was a bit hard.

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