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Young swordsman Chi Ming-sheng (Ti Lung) saves the life of Cho Yi-fan (Alexander Fu Sheng) who has fainted in the desert. Cho tells Chi that he is chasing after an unforgivable foe.

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We have seen tons of reviews for this, one of our favorite shaw brothers flicks, and so there’s not much we can say that adds anything new to the discussion. We think maybe half of them use the word “solid” in terms of the script, the acting, and the fighting, and we can’t argue. What we can say is that this movie is far better than it looks on the printed page. Any description is automatic cliche’: two strangers meet in the wasteland, one escaping his past and his enemies, the other with a motive that might put the two of them at odds. Or, call it the story of a killer pained by the evils he’s done, and slowly realizing how far he must go to atone. Or. A criminal hunted by his former brothers in arms, each specializing in his own exotic weapon. You get the idea. It sounds like standard stuff. Somehow, twe lung, fu sheng and ku feng(his best performance? even including “uncle?), under the direction of sun chung, take a solid (there’s that word) story and impart it with real human impact. Twe lung’s performance, in particular, is heartbreaking at times – he’s been a cold-blooded killer most of his life, yet he’s like a child as he discovers morality. He’s almost an innocent. Watch his reaction when fu sheng chastises him for stealing his horse and food – it’s something we missed our first viewing, the almost wondering look on his face as he thinks “yes. That was wrong. “and the fights, which are probably why you’re looking at this in the first place, are great stuff. There’s plenty of action as the hero, chik ming sing, tries to stay ahead of ten of his former fellows, and fights for his life. He’s no gordon liu or lau kar leung with the three-sectioned staff, but again, great stuff. Far too often, a kung-fu flick’s best fight isn’t the final one, but fu sheng and twe lung go for broke in the intense final battle to push it one step beyond a terrific fight at a deserted inn at the end of the film’s second act. Then there’s the ending. It hits hits you like a haymaker. In short, this is a movie that completely rises above itself from start to finish, and takes you by surprise. Even if you’re not into the whole hk cinema thing, it belongs in your dvd collection.

Question 1: what is our favorite alexander fu sheng movie?answer: avenging eaglequestion 2: what is our favorite twe lung movie?answer: avenging eagleeverything came together in this one, alexander, and twe at there best. A great story, great villain, great kung fu, great characters, great weapons, great choreography, and no dull moments in a great story that builds up until the climatic ending. One of the best of all time.

We used to watch usa kung fu theater as a kid and it’s awesome to be able to see them once again on dvd. We watched them for three things: the fight scenes, the weapons, and the weapons. Did we mention we loved the weapons? where else could you see fight scenes with those types of weapons back in the day? this movie has a lot of fight scenes and pretty much all involve exotic weaponry. So if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll love this one. Plus, it has a very good story of revenge and redemption but in the tragic kung fu theater style. Definitely a must see.

This is one of our all time favorite kung fu movies. Some of our favorite kung fu stars are in this movie. The story is very interesting. The fight scenes are excellent.

The avenging eagle successfully tackles the complexity of the human psyche and delivers a believable ending. Plot, choreography, cinematography, and music are masterfully done.

When the good guys get tagged up like crazy, blood everywhere — people are dying. You know the movie is real. Shaw brothers, #anotherone.

Excellent oursterious plot and some great epic fight sequences with wide sweeping camera shots that required a lot of choreography to pull off. Another fine shaw brother’s film. Really enjoyed the music score and the set pieces were very very good. Nice slow motion fight sequences as well. Overall solid film and really entertaining.

Not bad for sword play actions.


Chwe (twe lung) a member of the eagles, a ruthless killing squad. Is forced to kill a pregnant woman. He decides he no longer wants to be part of the killing and runs away, he passes out while making his way through the desert where he is found and helped out by a stranger (fu sheng). He and the stranger become friends while defending themselves from his old gang who want to kill him. He and his new friend set out to destroy the evil gang. Chwe plagued by guilt is convinced that the only way he can undo his wrong is to die at the hand of the pregnant woman’s husband. The dvd quality is what is you can expect from from a dubbed vcr tape to dvd. This is quite normal for a movie of this type and any true kung fu movie collector wouldn’t worry about this. We rate movies based upon the content, the actors, and costumes and humour. The quality of the dvd has little to do with how we rate these types of movies. This type of movie is nothing like crouching tiger, hidden dragon or iron monkey. If your looking for movies like that don’t bother watching this.

One of the great classics.

This film is definitely a classic revenge tale with a twist that you may or may not see coming depending on your knowledge and experience with kung fu cinema. We personally enjoyed the film for its story, plot, art design, action set pieces, and of course it use of martial arts. We can not say a whole lot without spoiling it, but all in all this is a great film to watch with others or by yourself for nostalgic reasons. If we have any complaints it is just we wished shaw brothers continued on to make more of these b-movie classics or at least got a chance to created a television inspired by all their old products. We definitely tune in to watch. (sigh). One can only dream.

A golden age gone by. Shaw brothers films are orders of magnitude better than all the rest. A classic.

Good story, with a few twists in the plot, about. What else?. Revenge for family murder. Some very good fight sequences.

Shaw brothers classic with raw action and full of intrigue. A perfect movie and a fantastic representation of kung fu movies of this era. Must see.

What can we say but this movie is dope. We were into it from start to finish. The last fight seen when dude jumped up on the second floor and the master was sitting in his throne. The death side eye stare the master gave him was awesome. Great acting. Im going to watch it again in a week. So dope.

Our fav of all time. If you’re a fan of the old shaw brothers films, this is a must have. Grew up watching this and still love it today. “beware of the iron boat clan”.

We bought this movie because we remembered it from our childhood. It has a pretty good story line,very entertaining.

Another great shaw brothers classic.

Amazing movie. When we started watching kung fu movies this is how we envisioned kung fu movies. Alexander fu shen was the greatest kung fu movie actor and teaming him up with the great twe lung. Pure genius.

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