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Imagine one morning; you are struggling to get out of bed, your eyes are puffy, it hurts to swallow, you hopelessly attempt to breathe in through your nose. It is a Monday, and today you were supposed to get up early.What do you do? You suffer through the next few days feeling less than 100%.You get less done; your energy levels are just barely getting you by, in fact, you meagerly inch by on sheer willpower.If there were something simple that you could have done the night before, when you first felt the initial signs of getting a cold. You know, that tiny little hint of soreness in the back of your throat that you ignored all day the day before. It was not painful enough to do anything about at the time, and on some level, you thought if you could just ignore the discomfort, it would somehow magically go away. However, now it is making your life miserable.I am here to tell you that there is, in fact, something you can do when that first sign appears so that you can instead function closer to 100% and not suffer the discomfort and inconvenience of being sick.My One Day Cold Cure is not just a home remedy. It is an alternative to modern medicine that is all-natural, inexpensive, backed by science, tested, and best of all like the title suggests, it works fast.INCLUDES :: Detailed explanations of why we get sick and the best all-natural medicine cabinet essentials to cure colds, diet tips and theory, easy to follow conversational writing style without being too technical, useful bonus tips and examples, quick links to get what you need, references for additional reading.TESTIMONIAL :: “I met Tim 8 years ago when we worked together at a movie production studio in LA. He got me interested in a more holistic approach to health. Before following his advice, I had 2-3 bouts with sinus infections every year. They were severe enough that I had to miss work. Since I started taking his advice I’ve not had a single cold or sinus infection since. When I feel a scratchy throat or any sinus drainage, I simply apply what Tim has shown me, and by the next morning, the scratchiness in my throat and sinus drainage have both disappeared.My wife had similar problems, and I convinced her to start taking the same advice. It has worked and even improved her resistance to hay fever and other allergy and sinus problems. We are convinced it s Tim’s advice that’s made the difference.” –Doyle H., Civil Engineering Drafter

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We found the one-day cold cure very helpful. Specifically, the zinc lozenges were a life saver. We speak often on conference calls for work and we was losing our voice due to the cold. They got us through our calls. Greatly appreciated.

Good read.

We highly recommend following the cure laid out in this book. A friend recommended it to us after we had been battling a cold for a week, telling us that it cured his cold in a day with this miracle combination, so we tried it and in just a day we were relieved of our symptoms and felt so much better. Great read into the science behind it as well.

Amazing information. The information was dead on. Our cold improved the first day after taking the nutrients. We know we will have fewer colds. Thank you for this book.

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