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TOMNEW Essential Oil Diffuser - Nebulizer Diffuser

TOMNEW Essential Oil Diffuser – Nebulizer Diffuser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of TOMNEW Essential Oil Diffuser – Nebulizer Diffuser.

  • Satisfying Service ‘TOMNEW provides 1 year free repair work and 24 h online service. Have an issue, we will repair it. Contact us straight if will not enable you to return past 30 days.
  • Distinct Style & Great Product ‘Glass body and vintage wood base, sophisticated and unique. It is not just a house essential oil diffuser however likewise a piece of creative workmanship which can embellish and upgrade your office or home.100% entire plantation wood painted with water based lacquer that will not off- gas and gorgeous, separately hand- blown glass tank.
  • Working Concept ‘Utilizes a lower sound below 30 db, ultra- resilient air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into countless small micro- particles your body can take in rapidly.
  • No Heat, No Water, No Plastic ‘Utilizes ONLY pure essential oil. NO WATER to water down the scent or to grow mold. NO HEAT to alter the healing homes of your oils. NO PLASTIC to leech hazardous chemicals.
  • Light & Working Time ‘7 colors altering with quick or sluggish blink. Programed working time setting, 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off cycle, for 2- hours then turns off (to make the scent not too strong). It is safe when utilizing in the evening for your sleep.( KEEP IN MIND: If you get a one that cycles for one hour, this is the old variation, please leave a message and we will alter it for you.)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TOMNEW Essential Oil Diffuser – Nebulizer Diffuser.

Question Question 1

We Simply Got This And It Is Beautiful.However The Guidelines Are Rather Doing Not Have. Exists A Way To Change The Light Or The On/Off Time?

Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase. the led belongs to it, and the light is soft and mild, not extreme and not extremely bright.Normally, we do not need to adjust.Thank you. Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase. the led belongs to it, and the light is soft and mild, not extreme and not extremely bright.Normally, we do not need to adjust.Thank you.TOMNEW Customer Service

Question Question 2

The Description States “Whisper Quiet” & Mine Vibrates Loud, Does Yours? Should We Exchange For Another?

Mine has a small hum we can hear if absolutely nothing else is on. Doesn t trouble us at all.

Question Question 3

Can The Glass Be Absolutely Cleaned Inside?

we are not sure. There s a note with the product that states not to fill it too expensive or it won t work correctly. Possibly you might clean it if you let it dry entirely prior to utilizing once again.

Question Question 4

We Broke The Top Piece Of Glass In Mine. Is Their A Replacement To Purchase?

you ought to get in touch with the vendor/mfg

Question Question 5

We Utilized This Diffuser And Did Whatever Right However After Utilizing It For Just About 10 Minutes The Light Passed Away And No Longer Functions. Ought to We Return It???

Dear, Thank you for your purchase and question.we are sorry to hear that.This must be a malfunctioning product, we support the 12- month concern- free guarantee, please take the effort to call our customer support center, we will provide you a replacement, sorry once again. At the very same time, we will jot down this issue and gi Dear, Thank you for your purchase and question.we are sorry to hear that.This must be a malfunctioning product, we support the 12- month concern- free guarantee, please take the effort to call our customer support center, we will provide you a replacement, sorry once again. At the very same time, we will jot down this issue and provide feedback to our research and advancement center to prevent comparable issues. Customer fulfillment has constantly been our organisation approach.

Question Question 6

Can You Please Explain The Cleansing Process? And What Takes place If You Put Excessive Oil In It And Unintentionally Overflow The Spray Head? Is It Messed up?

You clear the glass and location alcohol in it and you can run it, it will dry up the things in therewe put on t believe it is destroyed if you over fill however some oil can gather in the center piece and it will blemish

Question Question 7

Is This Diffuser Certified With 220 (Europian) Electrical Energy?

we are unsure.

Question Question 8

Would This Productnebulize Non Oils. Like Dmso Or Colloidal Silver?

it would if you desired your home to smell to the high paradises like fish

Question Question 9

Should There Be A Plastic “O” Ring On Top Of The Bottle Like The One On The Base? Our Top Is Glass To Glass And We Are Unable To Get A Tight Seal.?

Dear customer, the top is glass to glass.Thank you.

Question Question 10

How Long Do You Required To Wait In In Between The 2 Hour Session And Launch Again?

It does not make a huge distinction, nevertheless it is extremely strong so depending upon the size of the space/ home possibly wait an hour.we usage it in the center of our home which has to do with 3000 sq feet.we run it every 4 hours, and you can constantly smell it

Question Question 11

Our Three Year Old Overturned Our Brand Name New One And Broke The Glass.Where Can We Order A Replacement?

Right from. They have all the replacement. Search for which one you got and search replacement. we have done it so we understand it s there.

Question Question 12

How Is The Throw?We Have A Relatively Big Space With High Ceilings?

This thing is powerful, we have 4000 square feet with high ceilings we run 2, one on each end.If you keep it in the center it will diffuse because location simply great and everybody will observe the good scent

Question Question 13

Does This Operate On Batteries Or Electric (Or What? ).?? If That Information Is Here, Why Cant I Find It?

It works on electrical just

Question Question 14

Exists A Service warranty?

unsure however if it does not work when you get it return it to

Question Question 15

Can You Shut Off The Led Light?


Question Question 16

Guidelines State It Switches Off After 2 Hrs.How Do You Turn It Back On?Unplug Then Plug It Back In, Or Do You Simply Turn The Change?

You simply turn the switch

Question Question 17

How Typically Do You Need To Fill Up The Oil? So, If You Fill The Max Quantity Of Oil, How Numerous 2 Hour Sessions Do You Get?

You get 2 two hour sessions

Question Question 18

What’S The Approximate Quantity Of Oil You Must Utilize To Get An Effective Fragrance, Our Oils Are So Pricey & Hope We Don’T Need to Utilize A 3rd Of Our Bottle?

we utilize fifteen drops and it lasts for days, our oil is likewise costly, that is the charm of this, you can utilize simply a little or a lot.It vibrates to diffuse the oil and simply a few drops works fine.we utilize less oil in this diffuser than any of our others.This is the very best one we have.

Question Question 19

The Description States “Whisper Quiet” & Mine Vibrates Loud, Does Yours? Should We Exchange For Another?

Mine is extremely rather

Question Question 20

Does It Need To Be Plugged Into The Wall To Work?

yes it does

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TOMNEW Essential Oil Diffuser – Nebulizer Diffuser, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We bought 4 of these three as presents one for ourself. They look gorgeous quite like an artwork so you can put them anyplace. The scent and strength of oil that releases is incredible. We have numerous other kinds of diffusers water- based and pad based these provide the greatest diffusion we have ever smelled. We would ve offered it a 5 star other than when you turn it on it runs for 10 minutes shut down for 20 runs for 10 more and then turns off completely till you return it on. We have a big house so we would like if we had a choice do you simply keep following the very same pattern.

We have never ever owned a nebulizer prior to and wished to see what we are missing out on. The rates for them are quite costly. We selected this one since in contrast to some others we found this was quite sensible and this has some excellent evaluations. We were delighted when we got this box. It was packaged well. We attempted it right away and we weren’t dissatisfied in the scent that originated from it, quite amazed. It is extremely loud though and could not utilize it as we were attempting to sleep. We reached out to the seller to find out if it was regular, they stated it offers some sound however not that loud. We informed him we believe it might a little too loud and if we can return and get a replacement. Seller was so good and stated they would send out a replacement and we might possibly utilize this loud one in a various space. So awaiting our brand-new one and extremely pleased with the customer support. We do enjoy what this little nebulizer can do, we might never ever return to a routine diffuser. Truly advise this one and the rate is unequalled.

First, the customer support supplied by this business was astonishing. We bought the product uninformed that it was not satisfied by. Our bad. As quickly as we struck the buy button, we recognized the arrival date was 6 weeksout We were purchasing this as a birthday present for ourself and desired it in 2 days. (we are so familiar with getting whatever in 2 days now. )we reached out to see if we might cancel the order. The service agent meticulously looked after us rapidly and expertly. They described that we might wait till the product was once again offered as a satisfaction by product. When it was, they moved our order. We got our nebulizer on our birthday along with a really sweet birthday desire from the agent. On top of that, they reached out a few days later on to see how we liked the nebulizerand If we had enjoyed our birthday. How frequently is that type of service offered these days?. This is our first aromatherapy product, so we have absolutely nothing to compare it to. The output works rather well. Initially, we even believed it may be a bit too strong for us– however then we found the output knob and turned it down. You can manage the circulation anywhere from a small output to extremely heavy. It states this has a car shut- off after 2 hours for an overall of 4 cycles. Mine goes for one hour and 2 cycles. When we reached out, our uber- valuable associate stated it’s anywhere in between 1- 2 hours so that it does not over fill. Offered the useful output knob, we would state longer would bebetter However all in all, we can live with turning it on once again as required. Likewise, it’s rather appealing to take a look at. We might never ever own a plastic one– they’re simply too awful for us.

Didn’t understand we were burning our oils till we began utilizing this. The scents smell incredible and disperse rapidly. Have not had it enough time to state how it will hold up. Physically its perfectly made. Just thing we cant inform is the quality of the little fan on the within. Just time will inform on that. Up until now we enjoy it.

We had an issue with the first diffuser we got and the seller was extremely valuable and changed it right away. The replacement diffuser is fantastic. Visually it is modern-day and gorgeous. The wood and glass style seems high quality. The scent diffuses throughout our relatively big living-room. Really pleased with this purchase.

We had a diffuser however then reading more into essential oils, we checked out that nebulizers arebetter This is best size for our workplace desk, the lights alter occasionally and the very best function. It shuts off by itself after a few runs.

So we bought this product since of some respiratory concerns we have been having, we were recommended utilizing some eucalyptus, and mint essential oils. So after some research, we found out about essential oil nebulizers. The evaluations for this product were terrific, and the rate was evenbetter We got our product extremely rapidly, and began utilizing it right now. After about a week we did begin to have some concerns. The base was a making a loud buzzing noise, and we discovered the vapor production was not what it was at first. We got in touch with the seller, and after a few e-mails he right away sent us out a replacement system. It showed up in about 4 days, and has been working completely. Now when we get home from work, we can still smell the fantastic fragrances in our house. We would certainly advise this product, particularly when you consider how terrific their customer support is.

This is certainly the finest diffuser we have. No water, no heat, not plastic, simply requires pure essential oil. We put it in our workplace, the workplace has plenty of scent quickly, we work extremely comfy,and you put on t need to stress over the concentration is too expensive, it has a timer function, work for a time period, stop for a time period, best style. In addition, its look is extremely distinct, similar to an artwork, our coworkers applaud it, extremely advise.

We definitely enjoy this diffuser. We utilized to utilize the one that takes water and it kept breaking so we looked for something more professional grade and found this. Its such a beautiful style, easy to establish and your oil goes an exceptionally long way. The led function is good too. Extremely suggested.

Up until now so excellent. Wifey likes it. Their customer support is extremely enjoyable to deal with and is extremely valuable with your issues. The gadget works quickly. No heat and water suggests immediate pure scent in your space.

Love this nebulizer.

Utilizing in our workplace at work. Does not use up a great deal of area, looks terrific and works completely. The diffuser came thoroughly packaged with easy directions for usage and cleansing. The oils are all fantastic; our workplace smells wonderful, however not subduing.

We like this nebulizing diffuser. We simply cleaned it and put it on the table like an art work. It brings comfy scent to our household. This is the very best option for presents. We will buy them once again as presents.

The glass atomization nozzle doesn t fit. Likewise, the switch knob is odd, as you turn it, it goes from easy, to required, and then easy once again. We feel as though we are going to break it simply by turning the switch. We simulate the scent. It is a little louder than we anticipated however if there were no other issues, we believe we might overcome that. We bought a replacement, we ll see. We will upgrade as soon as we have the ability to compare the replacement. *** upgrade *** seller has changed the diffuser. It’s peaceful, does not make a loud humming sound. The switch turns efficiently. The pieces meshed perfectly, and it appears to work completely. Excellent customer support, thank you tomnew for making the scenario right. We enjoy now that we can enjoy our essential oils.

This has been, without a doubt, the very best oil diffuser we have ever owned. It postpones such a strong scent and does so without the inconvenience of utilizing water. It runs in cycles which assists the oils last longer. It’s not whisper peaceful however it’s not genuine loud either. We have the ability to sleep with it on. We have seen it appears to have a more difficult time diffusing oils if they remain in a thick provider oil. However other than that it has been terrific.

We bought this nebulizer since this kind of diffuser is the very best, just utilizing distilled water and no water or anything else. The business was extremely responsive when we had questions and we can inform they cared for us so we seemed like we remained in excellent hands. You do not have alternatives to alter the timer, however click it back on if you desire it to repeat. We hardly ever compose evaluations however the business has terrific customer service so we wished to keep in mind that. Likewise the glass options are charming, select your favorite. These diffusers assist us remain calm with lavender, and likewise we diffuse frankincense when we practice meditation. Excellent product on, with terrific customer support.

This is a great nebulizer.

This product is fantastic. The first one, though it just lasted a few months, was changed extremely rapidly by the seller which we value. The product is terrific tho. Peaceful motor, soft mist to penetrate the essential oil throughout your house. We enjoy it.

Easy to utilize and it s constantly working.

Love whatever about this. It is simply what we were looking for as we didn’t desire any plastic product and we didn’t wish to include water to our oils. This is best and simply what we were lookingfor Something to note is you should utilize pure essential oils not scent oils as they are in some cases combined with something that makes them too thick to be utilized in this. However we enjoy this product as only usage essential oils.

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