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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Uckele Lung EQ.

  • Promotes respiratory, lung and immune health versus ecological irritants and seasonal irritants
  • Spirulina is a powerful regulator in the body immune system and avoids histamine release
  • Supports typical guideline of inflammation, healthy histamine levels and open air passages
  • Our 4 pound pail offers a 30 day supply
  • Usage at the rate of 1-2 scoops daily. May boost to 2 scoops daily in times of allergic reactions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Uckele Lung EQ.

Question Question 1

Safe For 6 Month Foal That Is Weaned?

Examine with a veterinarian with the herbs so be safe.Not sure why a 6 month foal would require this so soon?Get him veterinarian inspected if foal has breathing concerns so quickly.

Question Question 2

Do You Soak The Pellets First?

we did not soak them.we simply combined them with the pelleted feed we provide and there wasn’t an issue with them consuming it

Question Question 3

Can A Cushing/Ir Horse Usage This Product?

This is for lunges we have heard it works excellent for Cushing, works excellent for heaves

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Uckele Lung EQ, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our horse has had respiratory concerns considering that the first day, he was a rescue from a bad circumstance, however we had the ability to coach back to health. He ended up being a champ however continued to have coughing concerns. We attempted whatever consisting of top of the line treatment at brand-new bolton center. A friend handed us a post on equine respiratory issues and we looked for the 2 components kept in mind in the short article. Lung eq was the only product that had adequate amounts of both. After one month on the things our stunning arabian is quite better and extremely hardly ever coughs (as soon as in the last three weeks after years of constant coughing when riding). We can’t state sufficient about how delighted we are with this product. It is pricey however worth every cent. We eagerly anticipate see if it assists with his runny eyes in the spring.

Appeared to work excellent for our minwe with heaves. The one problem is the taste. Spirulina is not a bitter product, so the bitterness needs to be originating from among the other components. Our minwe did not like them and we tasted them and they are really horrible. We got him to consume them by blending in some drenched copra. The pellets themselves take some time to soften, once soaked they are much easier to blend into the food provision. The spirulina has a strong sea odor which some horses may not like. Unless utilizing something like copra (toasted coconut), it’s hard to mask the scent.

It appears to be assisting our minwe horse with his heaves due to allergic reactions, constantly drizzling here plus its spring. We enjoy thats its in a pellet kind so we mix 1/4 cup of grain in it and he consumes it. We want the cost wasbetter We were purchasing all ingred different prior to we found this. This is much easier.

This product works. We have been through prescription medications numerous medications for coughing & antihistamines for our horse heaves. We integrate this with cocoamega oil and he hasn’t coughed considering that. Incredible product.

We offer this to our 19 years of age gelding who has heaves. We began utilizing this summer season 2019, so have been utilizing this for about 6 months. Given that utilizing it, his episodes have been lowered more then half. And when he dosage have an episode the length is halved. Well worth the cash.

This truly assists our horse here in sc where it gets extremely, dry, dirty and then damp. If you begin it prior to theseason, prior to your horse begins coughing. It truly does work. Would advise. Its pelleted too so the horses consume everything up.

We like how fast it works, huge distinction in 3 days even better after 5 days.

Has assisted our horse substantially. We use this along with finishline air power if he still requires a little assistance rather than his proposed ventipulmin. Absolutely worth the purchase and permits him to remain in work.

This product was purchased for a horse that had copd and it assisted with his breathing patterns.

We like it and will be purchased it once again. Utilize it for our horse??.

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