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Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue

Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Noticeable vapor charging gadget that takes in heat naturally
  • With 1/4 inch
  • Offered in each

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue.
Size: 1-(Pack)The Vapor Vue Is A Noticeable Vapor Charging Gadget That Takes In Heat Naturally And Flashes The Liquid Refrigerant From The Cylinder And Charges Into The System As AVapor Linking The Vapor Vue To The Low Side Of Your Charging Manifold Will Boost The Charging Rate As Much As 8 Times Faster And The Liquid Is Regulated By Changing The Manifold Valve And Tracking The Vapor Rate Through The Double Sight Glass. Vapor Vue Is Factory Pressure Evaluated At 800 Psi And Can Be Utilized To Charge Any Refrigeration System & Air Conditioning System Utilizing R410 A, Cfc, Hcfc & Hfc, Zeotropic And Azeotropic Refrigerants Without The Threat Of Liquid Punching And Ruining The Compressor. Putting The Manifold & Vapor Vue Over Hot Discharge Air Flow Of The Condensing System Will Increase The Heat Exchange And Charging Rate Effectiveness. Patent Pending. Made in United States. Made by Uni-weld Products, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue.

Question Question 1

Is This Functions To All Refrigerant, Thanks?

Ive utilized this on all refrigerants while charging as a liquid. Functions ideal

Question Question 2

Is This For R-22 Too If Charge Liquid To Low Side? Thanks?

Yes it works with R22

Question Question 3

What Are The Measurements Of This Product?

The VV-1 is approximately 5″ long from connection to connection (top female to bottom male) and about 1-1/2″ broad by 1-1/2″ deep

Question Question 4

We Got A Sman-3 4 Valve Port. How Do You Position & Where In Gauge Fitting You Put It Is It On The Refrigerant Port Or Liquid Side? Thanks?

How’s it going. You hook it straight to the liquid side of your manifold.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Uniweld Products VV1 Uni-Weld Vapor Vue, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Extremely amazed with its quality. Looks much better than the photo. Has a website glass on both sides so you can all the way thru to the opposite. Great. Looks extremely durableso far have utilized it on 4 heating and cooling systems to fill both r22 and r410 a. Functions terrific. Pressures manage rapidly rather than pumping liquid into vapor line, refridgerant gets in currently as a vapor. Still you can not go nuts and open valve full blast and dump refridgerant into system since this will just boil/flash the refridgerant when provided at a sluggish rate. However utilizing this product it does accelerate procedure and assists not to over fill heating and cooling systems.

Functions as it ought to and sure accelerate the procedure.

We initially bought the gauge and hoses to fill the freon on the a/c. It was advised that we utilize this vapor extension when including the freon. It worked grate.

Time will inform if it holds up however works terrific for now. A need to for r410 a refrigerant. Has a window to see vapor when charging.

Fantastic product. Does not vaporize the liquid even it enables you to see whether you are letting excessive in and change how quickly you are charging on the fly. The less your valve is opened the less you will see liquid. Extremely useful tool.

A should for charging with liquid. Sight glass is useful. A little costly, however good.

Functions simply as explained. No leak.


Well worth the cash.

Was precisely what we anticipated. A fantastic product from uniweld.

Functions terrific.

Fantastic tool.

A should have for charging anything as a liquid. Simply beware not to over charge, this thing does accelerate the charging procedure.

Functions as marketed. Had the ability to make certain the the r410 a we were taking into our system entered as gas, not liquid. Essential if you wish to secure your compressor.

Great tool.

This liquid vaporizer is a need to have if doing house a/c charging or for the heating and cooling tech; s out there. An overall convenience.

Excellent cost. As marketed.

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