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Urban Moonshine Clear Chest - Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement

Urban Moonshine Clear Chest – Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Urban Moonshine Clear Chest – Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement.

  • Fast-acting Herbal First Aid
  • Features certified organic Elecampane & Thyme
  • Herbs are in a base of raw honey and lemon
  • Helps support a healthy bronchial system
  • Use for respiratory support every day

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Urban Moonshine Clear Chest – Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement.
Urban Moonshine Clear Chest: The herbs in Clear Chest support a healthy respiratory system. Our herbs are in a base of raw honey and lemon. Fresh herbs are amazing, vibrant, living medicines. We use whole-plant extraction in certified organic cane alcohol: this releases the full spectrum of the plant s constituents, stabilizes the chemistry for the long-term, and creates a liquid that is fast-acting and completely absorbed by the body (no capsule or plant fiber to work through). The liquid base allows for exact and subtle blending, and makes our formulas easy to add to tea, smoothies, soups, or anything else no clumping or uneven mixing. Plus, our glass bottles eliminate plastic, capsules, and additional packaging as good for the environment as they are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Urban Moonshine Clear Chest – Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement.

Question Question 1

Are All Ingredients Organic?

As far as we know.This stuff is awesome.Tastes terrible but works.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Urban Moonshine Clear Chest – Organic Herbal First Aid Supplement, these might be useful for better understanding.

Let us tell you great experience we had with this product. So first of all we were super ecstatic when our bottle came a day early. What a surprise. We read the instructions cracked the cap, pour. Annnnddd yuck . This stuff taste like you re swallowing batteries. Lmao after the burning sensation subsided in our mouth we also felt a little burn in our chest but whallla. It felt like the stuff dislodge all the mucus that was in our lungs and brought it up. And what do you know we feel like we can breathe again. This product is a no brainer don t sell your self short.

Outstanding product. When the california fires hit and we were bombarded with toxic ash particles and thick smoke, we had to evacuate and our right lung started swelling shut. In desperation, we grabbed the bottle of clear chest left over from when our daughter, son-in-law and grandson had the respiratory flu and used this product to help them breathe better. We were amazed to take this product and feel our lungs open back upagain before we fled the fire in our car. Since then, our family continues to benefit from this product when the winds blow residual ash in our town that makes us cough again. We also keep several extra bottles at home in case of more blowing ash in the air or lung congestion from colds or the flu.

This syrup does exactly what it says. You will not be disappointed, besides the taste. Fast acting, powerful, relief. We stumbled across this stuff and was so surprised by it. We suffer from allergic asthma and this syrup definitely takes away any heaviness in the chest, cold/flu symptoms, etc. We always tell our friends and family to grab a bottle of this stuff. Works wonders. We cannot say this stuff will cure the covid-19/coronavirus but we are sure it will take away a lot of symptoms people have from it. Pneumonia who?pros: if you want to feel 90% better within 24 hours, try it. Cons: it taste like a sin and it is kind of spendy – but it is worth every sourness and penny. Feel better you.

We don’t like the taste, but it’s an amazing product. We developed a lung infection. Antibiotics didn’t work. We had pain & trouble breathing. This stuff made all our symptoms go away. Even the doctor was amazed.

Our mom has interstitial lung disease and is always congested and full of mucous. We sent her some of this and she sounds & feels better than she has in years.

We hae had an extended bout of mucus from our lungs. We started using this product and gradually the mucus is disappearing. We attribute this to the clear chest expectorant. ( we are not taking anything else for the cough. ) we take it four or five times a day. We have never had a prescription cough syrup that works as well as this. The taste is good, but it has a sting which quickly disappears. The cup has several amount markers; we marked the one we use with an indelible pen to make it easier to notice.

This stuff really kicks a cough and the herbs really help to clear your chest fast.

Keeps mucus and cough at bay. The taste is very undesirable, but when you realize the benefits. Taste really isn’t an issue. Results are what we were after. Everyone who’s taken clear chest agrees it works.

Taste bad but it works, we keep extra bottles on hand.

Good stuff. We had a head cold that was beginning to move into our chest, so we took this as directed for several days. The herbs leave a bitter aftertaste but our usual bronchitis was averted.

This stuff work good the minute we feel something coming on we take it and it never get worse will not be with ok it this stuff.

Tastes like ass but works, not like katy perry’s ass but like rosie odonnels ass. After she went for a jog.

Excellent product for sure. Works as advertised.

Good stuff; interesting merchant.

Better than any other cough product on the market.

We had a lingering cough from common cold when a friend gave us a little bottle of this stuff. As a rule, we tend to be skeptical of such concoctions, but in view of the cost, we had nothing to lose so we drank it down. The stuff tastes very much like turpentine. If you have never tasted turpentine, try this and you will know. If you have tasted turpentine, you already know. Within a span of an hour or two, our coughing stopped for nearly 2 days. We needed to continue a daily dose for a week or so, but this stuff really works.

Best for bronchial issues to keep the lungs clear so we can breathe.

We had a cough that lasted a month (. ) that wasn t going away, and nothing the doc gave us was working. We mean the heavy duty meds did nothing. We were (miserable) in seattle for a wedding and asked the herbal lady near our old office what to do about it. She gave us a small bottle and told us to finish the whole thing in the next 48 hours. Within a few hours we could breathe again. By the next day, we didn’t feel like we had to cough all the time. By day three we felt like a new woman. We are hooked. A few days later, one of the guys we work with had a terrible cough for weeks and we got him a bottle, and he was cured in under a week. This stuff works people. Here s what to know: yes, it tastes terrible, you re drinking the pressed essence of plants, not a cocktail. Think jager, wheatgrass and cough syrup mixed into one. Add tree bark. That s what it tastes like. But who cares, it works. Yes, it s high in alcohol. It s on purpose to keep the good stuff of the plants potent. It also helps you sleep. (bonus. ) yes, it works. Like really works. To the point we buy this to have it on hand, we buy it as gifts for people at the beginning of winter (and they thank us when they realize it s black magic) and we buy extra to ward off people getting sick at work. Use it early, use it often. But even deep coughs are no match if you down enough of it. (frequency + dosage = magic). Just buy it. It s not expensive when you think about you not being sick anymore.

It’s hard to say how effective this medicine is because we are taking so many other kinds (antibiotic, mucinex, etc. ) but we definitely feel better 24 hours after we began using it. We suffer from acute bronchitis at least once a year & we have to use and inhaler and albuterol and just feel beyond miserable. This seems to have loosened the mucus in our bronchial tubes by at least 50% more than before. We are more confident that this is helping. We received it friday night and we have spit up lots of bronchial “pearls”. This morning we felt congested, took 7. 5 ml and it got to work immediately. We felt so much better immediately.

As many have mentioned, for those used to candy disguised ad medicine, the taste takes some getting used to. We must say it tastes a lot better than some remedies we have had in the past. Taste aside, it works wonders. Now that we have found this, we intend to always keep a bottle of the product available at all times.

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