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Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask.

  • Natural, safe and effective breathing treatments.Kindly refer the User Manual for troubleshooting steps
  • Hot steam inhalation and facial therapy
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Two mask styles included

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask.
Provides natural, safe and effective therapy to relieve symptoms due to: allergies, bronchitis, colds, flu, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and more. included beauty mask option is ideal for aromatherapy and facial treatments. variable steam adjustment settings allow the user to control their treatment. most therapies delivered in 6 9 minutes. easy-to-use and clean with included detailed instructions. convenient, long 5′ power cord. includes: inhaler unit, face mask, beauty mask, measuring cup and detailed english/spanish guidebook. latex-free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask.

Question Question 1

Can You Add Essential Oils?

we have been putting 5 or 6 drops of oil on a small cotton ball (about a1/4 of a regular ball) and dropping it down in to the tube. It works fine.

Question Question 2

Is The Water Compartment Metal Or Plastic?

The water compartment is plastic.

Question Question 3

Looking For The Manual For Modelb11-525 Steam Inhaler By Veridian?

Yes, we have a manual.Or. https://www.manualslib.com/products/Veridian-11-525-4416818.html

Question Question 4

Difference Between Veridian Healthcare 11-525 Steam Inhaler Respiratory Vapor Therapy System & 11-525 Steam Inhaler And Beauty Mask ?

Not sure. Im sorry. we do not use this there is no way to adjust the heat just the steam flow and we haven t been able to use it because its too hot for us.

Question Question 5

We Have Pneumonia Will This Machine Help Me?

we found some listings for using oil of oregano or oil of oregano and baking soda for pneumonia, but we haven’t tried it. Searched for how to use oil of oregano.

Question Question 6

Can It Work Outside Usa On 240 Volts ?

Have you used it outside of USA? How did it work?

Question Question 7

Do You Have Fda Approval? Is This A Medical Device?

This is not a medical device, but neither is a room vaporizer 🙂 It’s exactly what as is described on .

Question Question 8

The Manual Says To Use Aromatherapy Water, But How Do You Make It, Since Aromatherapy Oil And Water Do Not Mix?

You donot need to mix them, the aroma oil is of low viscosity and you simply inhale the mixture

Question Question 9

Can I Use Albuteral With It?


Question Question 10

Could Someone Let Us Know The Dimensions Of This Steamer?

Chrys do not get this steamer mine exploded right in our face after only a month of use burning me. Go with the Mabis its much safer as we had used it for for 6-7 years previously and am back using it again after the meridian exploded. It is very dangerous.

Question Question 11

We Have This Product And Love It. But I Need Order A Replacement Top Piece, As The Droplet Adjustment Piece Has Broken. Where Can I Get That?

Look on line

Question Question 12

Can The Top Removeable Plastic Parts Be Washed On The Top Shelf Of A Dishwasher?

We have not tried that.

Question Question 13

Can We Add Salt To The Water? How Many Hours Does This Work?

do not add salt. this operates with a heating element in contrast to inexpensive vaporizers that use an anode/cathode (+/-) that does need electrolyte (salt) to make steam. steam may be produced for 15-20 min., which is usually sufficient to loosen and flush sinuses. this is not a room humidifier

Question Question 14

Can You Buy Extra Mask?

You need to look on line

Question Question 15

Which Oils Are Best To Soften And Clean Facial Skin?

This steamer only lasted a few weeks before it broke.

Question Question 16

Can You Hold It Up To Your Fave Versus Leaving It On A Flat Surface?

No. It is not safe to hold it against your face as the steam vapors that comes out are quite hot.

Question Question 17

Can We Use It In India Where Power Input Is 220-240 Watt?

we are not sure about the power input because we are in Canada. .but this is a good unit if Iwere you we would buy a universal adaptor and youcan use it in India.Hope this helps. . Emily

Question Question 18

Can You Use Liquid Vicks ?

we wouldn t recommend it, due to it may clog and won t work efficiently. It s great to get your sinus membranes moist and able to blow your nose when you are all stuffed up. The Vick s inhalers wouldn t be a bad idea to use while you are using the steam inhaler. we hope this helps.

Question Question 19

Can You Buy Extra Facemasks For This Product?

Sorry, not sure about that, but we don’t see why not. But the mask lasts for a long time as long as you keep good hygiene. we say that because we are CPAP user and though our masks & hoses are replaced regularly when properly cleaned on a regular basis this equipment can last much longer. You may be able to find informatio Sorry, not sure about that, but we don’t see why not. But the mask lasts for a long time as long as you keep good hygiene. we say that because we are CPAP user and though our masks & hoses are replaced regularly when properly cleaned on a regular basis this equipment can last much longer. You may be able to find information about this particular product online, we would just google for accessories or something like that. Good luck ???????

Question Question 20

Could We Order To Replace Low Water Tank ? ( For Essential Oil)?

You need to look on line to see if one can be purchased

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask, these might be useful for better understanding.

Summary: if you don’t mind the smell, this machine quickly warms up and then outputs strong, warm steam for 6 minutes. Is comes with a small and large mask. It is our personal favorite of mabis, vicks v1200 and ourpurmist and we use it at least 1x per day. Experiences with ourpurmist, veridian, mabis, and vicks v1200our family has allergy and sinus issues and after seeing ourpurmist advertised we wanted to try steam therapy. The ourpurmist machine stopped working less than 1 minute after we tried it for the first time. In the minute it worked, our daughter found the mask comfortable and the steam pleasant. After 10 minutes on the phone, customer service a determined the unit was defective. While ourpurmist would have been our first choice if the machine was reasonably functional, we did not want to spend more time and money on it. Returned it and ordered the other 3 machines from . We tried the veridian first and immediately we noticed an overwhelming perfume smell on both masks. After a couple uses, the perfume smell did not go away. We soaked the masks in a large bowl of water with a couple drops of essential oil (we realize this could degrade the masks, but was willing to take the risk). After the soaking, the perfume smell was less intense and we started using the machine. Our teenage kids agreed the mask smell was now manageable but also noticed a “hot plastic” smell and refused to use the machine. We have never noticed this plastic smell. The steam was hot and strong, with an immediate soothing effect. The steam came out about 1 minute after turning the machine on, and lasts 5-6 minutes. After steam starts to slow, we immediately turn the machine off to stop the plastic from overheating, instead of waiting for the auto shut off. The machine must cool down before another treatment can be started, which is not ideal. Seems to take ~15 minutes before it will turn on again. We use filtered water (reverse osmosis) in the machine only (no saline or essential oils). We have not had any problems with sputtering or burning so far (30+ uses). After the kids’ complaints, we moved onto the mabis, but upon opening the box, the same perfume smell was present, and the design of the machine appeared exactly the same as the veridian, except it did not come with the large mask and was purple instead of greenish blue. Without trying the mabis, we assumed the kids would complain of the same issues and moved on to the next machine. So we tried the vicks v1200 instead. Both kids agreed there is no smell at all with this machine, and they are using it on a daily basis. The volume of steam is much less than the veridian, but the treatment lasts up to a half hour. The warmup time is a bit longer than the veridian, but not bothersome. The kids enjoy the scentpads, and we cut some cotton pads and added drops of essential oils to fit the scentpad slots. The kids say it is effective for their sinus congestion/headaches, and request to use it. They also prefer the angle of the mask of the vicks v1200 (look straight down) versus the veridian (look down at ~45 angle), and the longer treatment time. The vicks can also be used almost continuously, if the reservoir is re-filled with lukewarm water (we use filtered water) and allowed to warm up again. Both the veridian and the vicks must be used on a flat surface. Both the veridian and the vicks are getting regular use in our household. However, if the reviews for ourpurmist ever show the reliability of the machine improves, we would be willing to give it another try for the benefit of being able to use it anywhere, not just on a flat surface.

We have had chronic allergy/sinus issues with cough for 50+ years. We have had 3 sinus surgeries, 2 to remove fungus. Yes,ewe. We use this steamer with 2-3 drops of breathe essential oils once or twice a day for 6 minutes. We always use it a couple hours before bedtime along with taking our otc allergy medicine. Before we started doing this we coughed all night and often all day. Most nights we sleep like a baby now. We no longer get annoyed looks in business meetings. We treat this machine gently and always leave the pieces in an open plastic basket to dry when not in use. For the last minute it sometimes gets a little hotter so we stop. We just ordered a spare because we don’t ever want to be without this machine.

This steamer is so much better than the overhyped ourpuremist steamer. We needed a device that produced enough steam to do the job it’s supposed to do. And this little baby definitely does the trick. The only negative (if it could even be called that) is that it doesn’t hold much liquid, so the steam doesn’t last long. But it isn’t hard to refill, so when we need to steam for longer, it’s easy to refill and go again. We can definitely recommend this product.

Background. We suffer from sever allergies that turns into an asthmatic bronchitis and bronchospasms when not controlled early. Which is where we are now. We just got this today. Already we can feel it working. We do wish that the mist was cool instead of hot, but it’s only 6-9 minutes per treatment so as long as it works we are in.

We have been dealing with sinus issue for several weeks. Seen a doctor, she recommended allergy pills, which didn’t help. We were not able to sleep at nights, we couldn’t breath and if we did for a short time, we woke up with very dry mouth, as you can imagine. Then, we started reading about this product and read several of the reviews and decided to use it. The package came in much sooner than expected, which was great. After our first try, realized the difference. On our second try, we were able to breath better. Today will be our forth day, and we are almost back to our normal self. What a relief. Thank you everyone for those useful reviews.

So far we really am happy to have this. Currently we are dealing with a bad sinus problem and we are using this at night. We still got the problem but we do think it’s helping. We also put 5 drops of aroma oil in ,following the directions and fid it nice. The only reason we gave this a 4 star is it does sputter and after reading some other reviews we get a little nervous it might spray into our face.

Our singer/actress teenage daughter uses this steamer multiple times a week. It is compact and she loves the two different sized masks so that she can steam her throat alone or her nasal passages and throat together. The device is extremely easy to take apart and clean with warm soapy water or rinse with vinegar water, and easy to reassemble. She has used the same device for more than 6 months and it still works like new.

We got this to help with our headaches and migraines because the pain often starts in our facial nerves. We used the steamerafter rinsing our nose out with saline solution. Combined with a ice pack to dull the pain, this machine makesthe pain easier to bare. The machine is not going to replace your medicine and rest time.

We have used it 3 times now and it works well. Lots of hot steam. Helps us to breath better. Our only complaint is that the green plastic smells really bad. We soaked it and it seems to be going away. We would highly recommend soaking with a little soap over night before using it.

This inhaler works as advertised and probably nearly as well as those costing over $100. We used it and worked like the manual said but our congestion did not clear, but then we have a harder time than most clearing congestion, even with nasal mists. We would still recommend this unit.

This works really great. We have not used it with essential oil. Steamer has a smell which we don’t like but the hot steam helps our sinus issue so we don’t mind the smell. If the smell issue is not there. We will give 5 stars.

Nice product except the light stopped working the 3rd time we used it so have to unplug it as soon as im done using it.

Works very well produces good amount of steam. We added a teaspoon of colloidal silver and it seemed to have cleared our lungs and sinuses. Only wish it lasted a longer amount of time. It definitely does not last the 6 minute session like stated in the manual. The empty overflow section fills up after a few minutes of use which requires emptying frequently. Might be the amount of water we added, we are not sure but will continue to use and experiment. Overall, we are happy with our purchase does exactly what we wanted it to do.

We like this steam humidifier because it works. We have had it for at least three years and drag it out every winter when we get our heavy duty colds. It helps to break up the clogs in the breathing tubes and is pleasant to use. The quality is very good and works like it should all the time we use it.

We started to buy the pricey ourpurmist steam inhaler until we saw this veridian model. We knew the brand name from our blood pressure monitor of the same brand. It works like a dream. As a chronic asthmatic, we haven’t breathed this well in years. It really opens your sinuses gently and relieves chest congestion. And the price. It is easy to use and cleans up quickly and easily. We love it.

Got this as one was recommended for us by our doctor. We happened to read reviews and picked this. Great steamer for your skin and for your lungs.

Love this unit, also good price. Only drawback is you have to have it pretty much sitting flat on a surface so we just use a tray in our lap.

We have bought two of these — first was maybe 8 years ago when we had a chest cold. It worked really well and we also realized that the steam provided that beauty mask benefit. We bought one again to give it a shot and while we would certainly prefer a steam room, it feels really refreshing with both your breathing and just generally on your pores of your face to use this. Kinda an odd product but if you like gadgets it’s an interesting purchase.

This product is very helpful, if you have sinus problems this will do the job . It works awesome for us. Thank you so much.

Nice little steamer for a small area.

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