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Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Spray.

  • Temporarily relieves the following due to cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies:
  • nasal congestion
  • sinus pressure

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Spray.
Vicks Sinex SEVERE Nasal Spray helps relieve the sinus and nasal congestion that often accompanies colds, hay fever, or upper respiratory allergies. It is a fast acting nasal spray decongestant that relieves sinus pressure and shrinks swollen nasal membranes so you can breathe more freely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Spray.

Question Question 1

Country Made?

Made in Germany distributed by P&G Proctor and Gamble Cincinnati, OH

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Spray, these might be useful for better understanding.

This product is not readily available in stores these days. Not sure if vicks is phasing it out or what the deal is. We prefer this vicks product over the other vicks products because this one seems to last much longer than the new glass bottles do. Very effective at clearing up a stuffy nose. Maybe that’s why they’re phasing it out, because it works too good.

When we are sick works great. Can t find in stores no more so happy carries it. Only stuff that works for us.

Walmart doesn’t carry the spray. We had to settle for the pump. It was awful. So we were so happy to find this.

This spray works great.

Only improvement would be a different type of spray apparatus.

Thank you. We like this product and for some reason it is difficult to find in stores.

Better than adrian. Can t get it locally. Lasts for hours.

This product helps us breathe better so we love it .

We really like this stuff as we are always congested. The only complaint is it is a very fine mist. We have to squeeze three times in each nostril for the affect.

Great result.

Buy it if you have bad sinus trouble. It works.

Not as potent as we thought.

It just works.

We can breathe.

Easy to use.

We bought this at a discount grocery store a couple of months ago but didn’t get around to using it until now. We have a chronically stuffed nose especially bad during allergy season. This is the first product that we have used that keeps our nasal passages open for many hours. We stopped using a nettwe pot. We also like the fact that it’s made in germany and not china. One thing though, if you don’t like the scent of vick’s vaporub you won’t like this because it smells the same but milder. The important thing for us though is it’s very effective.

Good stuff.

The service was fine and the product is awesome.

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