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Vicks VapoShower - Shower Bomb Tablets

Vicks VapoShower – Shower Bomb Tablets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vicks VapoShower – Shower Bomb Tablets.

  • Receive 12 Tablets Total (4 packs of 3)
  • BREATHE EASY. Soothing, non-medicated vapors are activated by your warm shower to give you the ultimate, steamy shower experience with Vicks soothing vapors
  • TURN YOUR SHOWER INTO A VAPO SAUNA. Steam + Vicks Vapors infuses with your shower steam to soothe with aromatherapy vapors
  • DISSOLVES CLEANLY. Place on shower floor in direct stream of water and continue running shower until completely dissolved
  • THE POWER OF VICKS: Vicks VapoShower includes Vicks Vapors proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus and Camphor, giving you the same, powerful and soothing scent you know from Vicks

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vicks VapoShower – Shower Bomb Tablets.
Style:VapoShowerVicks VapoShower shower tablets infuse with your shower steam helping you to elevate your shower experience. When you’re feeling tired and rundown, turn your shower into a Vicks Vapo Sauna so you can feel like yourself again. The proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus and Camphor in the soothing Vicks vapors you love, now available in your shower.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vicks VapoShower – Shower Bomb Tablets.

Question Question 1

How Big Is Each Individual Disk?

If you are one to take a long hot shower, then a whole one will be great. we are fast showerer, therefore, we cut mine in half. It is wonderful. we love that smell. ??

Question Question 2

Are They Pet Safe?

None of our products have been tested for use with your pets as such we don’t recommend using them for your pets.- Vicks Community Manager

Question Question 3

Can We Shower With The Tablets?

The tablet is to be placed on the floor of your shower and is activated by the shower water and temperatures to release the soothing vapor.

Question Question 4

Where Do You Place The Tablet?

On the floor near the shower drain. It will melt while you shower and release all it’s “vapory” goodness to clear your head

Question Question 5

Does The Entire Disk Dissolve In One Shower Or Does It Last For A Few?

It will dissolve in 1 shower

Question Question 6

Can You Use These With Kids ?

we believe the child would need to be old enough to avoid getting vapors in their eyes. Other than that, we don’t see any reason not to use them. However, they do make products with vapors for kids and those would be better for small kids.

Question Question 7

Why “Vapoinhaler Portable Nasal Inhaler” Reviews Are On “Shower Bomb Tablets” Product? 200+ Fake Reviews :(?

It is because they are variate together on the same page, not fake reviews. It is just how the site works.

Question Question 8

Why Would You Put Them On The Floor Of A Shower When Heat Rises And The Steam Would Never Reach Your Feet?

they are not for your feet. it is so the vicks vapors rise to open your sinus

Question Question 9

How Many Tablets Do We Get For The 59$?

There are 3 tablets per pack, so it looks like you’ll be getting four boxes with three tablets per box, for a total of 12 tablets. We recommend verifying this info directly with the seller.

Question Question 10

Why Would You Put Them On The Floor Of A Shower When Heat Rises And The Steam Would Never Reach Your Feet?

The hot water from he shower will dissolve the tablet. During this process the vapors will rise from the tablet with the steam to reach your nose. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at (800) 873-8276.The Vicks Team

Question Question 11

Is There An Expiration Date?

None that we can see

Question Question 12

Are The Tablets Individually Wrapped To Keep Their Freshness?

Yes, each tablet is individually wrapped. The plastic wrapper is tough and you need scissors to open it — so don’t wait until you get into the shower to try and open the package. The individual tablet’s scent is so light, we would say you need to use at least two for a good shower.

Question Question 13

Is Vaposhower Safe For Septic Tanks?

we are sorry, we honestly don’t know.They do dissolve completely, if that help answer you question.

Question Question 14

Can You Use This In Humidifier?

We don’t recommend using the VapoShower in a humidifier.

Question Question 15

Can They Be Used In A Bath?

Shower.If you don t have a shower you can run the water in the rumto create steam but do not sit in the tub.

Question Question 16

Is Radiata Eucalyptus Oil Used In This Product?


Question Question 17

Can You Use These In The Bathtub ???

Not sit about tub baths but it s great in the shower

Question Question 18

Do The Tablets Heat Up As They Dissolve?

we don t think so.they dissolve and make the shower smell like Vick s.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Vicks VapoShower – Shower Bomb Tablets, these might be useful for better understanding.

The shower tablets are amazing. With the steam of the shower and the menthol smell it really helps clear our sinuses. A must have if you have a cold. Expensive but worth every penny.

We have always thought there should be a product like this and when we learned there finally was we jumped on the opportunity. Aside from cough and cold season, our family also suffers from allergies. When our kids or we get congested we just toss this in the shower. It isn’t overpowering and you can make it more or less strong by how contained the shower is and if the fan is on or off. We are keeping this on hand always.

We have terrible allergies, especially during the winter where it changes from hot to cold weather constantly from where we are from. Using this in a hot shower does help. Is it a miracle tablet that will fix all sinus issues? no, but at least to us it does help with some relief and works well for us. Pros:fast shippinggood packaginghelps sinus reliefcons:could be a stronger scent to help sinus issues even more.

We could only find these in this multwe pack. But they are worth it. We use them in a really hot steam shower. That provides us great breathing relief. Happy breathing.

We love these tablets and have not been able to find them in the store. When we are sick, they make us feel a bit better in the shower and for a short time afterward. The steam mixed with the tablets does make a difference. Even if they did not make a big difference, we appreciate the tablet at least making us feel better during the shower.

Having purchased a few of the different “shower steamers” and “shower bombs” available, we can confidently say vicks vaposhower tablets are about as good as you can get — and the price is reasonable. They’re not powerful. It’s a very light, temporary effect, but to really breathe it in, you have to use at least two tablets at a time. It’s still a value, because the product is consistent and you can trust it. Trust comes at a price. We trust the quality control of this product — and that the things listed on the side of the box truly are the main ingredients. The fact is, these shower steamer products may come in beautifully fancy packaging, but you’ll be directly inhaling the fumes, so it’s important to know if it’s some knock-off product manufactured on the cheap. Ingredients list: sodium carbonate, sodium sesquicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, camphor, peg-180, menthol, eucalyptus oil, nutmeg oil, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cedar leaf oil, canola oil, hydroxypropylcellulose, thymol.

We keep buying similar items in the hopes we can smell the essential oils / scent. This is the first one that delivers on the promise that you’ll smell the mentholated scent. If that’s a smell you like, these are great. They don’t dissolve too quickly. We get about three showers from each tablet. And they dissolve cleanly – no residue left behind. We will continue to purchase these for ourself, but we wouldn’t give them as a gift. The packaging is designed more for the end-user. We wouldn’t put it into the “gifting” category because of the packaging. But if you’re more concerned with how it works vs. What the box looks like, give these a try.

These do help with general “stuffy nose”. Not a total cure, but does help. We were a total believer in the “sudacare shower soothers” which are no longer available. So, this is a good substitute. We do place it in a small plastic dish on the shower floor. Keeps it contained. It does have the vicks smell to it. The scent doesn’t seem to linger too long in the shower after use.

Vicks vapshower tablets are exactly as described. Use them in the shower and you get a vicks vapor steam mist that will clear your sinuses. The only challenge is that storage wise the menthol does come through the box. So our bathroom cabinet also has a menthol smell. Not a complaint, just a heads up to be thoughtful where you store in case you’re not a fan of menthol everywhere.

We have seen a handful of posts complaining that these tablets don t produce steam. Correct, that s not how science works, ha. If the temperature of your shower water doesn t already produce steam, these or any other additives will not make that happen. We do have a hot water heater that does produce steaour showers and these tablets are absolutely amazing, as they infuse the steam. Anyone who loves the scent of vicks will love these. They do only last a few minutes per tablet before they melt, but you can use a couple, one after another, if you re feeling it. 5 out of 5 stars.

We had allergies that turned into a sinus infection. The congestion was painful. We use tabs in the shower and clears us right up and it’s so strong that if we leave the bathroom door open we can smell it the adjacent room. We think it would be great to use for kids if they have a lot of congestion, just keep the tabs out of their reach.

After some severe sinus infections running rampant throughout the house we ordered these to use in the shower and they are great for helping with sinuses. They are not as strong as we would like for them to be but they are soothing to say the least. A hot shower with one or two of these will help loosen things up. Not a miracle product so don t expect that, but does help give some mild relief.

We really like these. We only recently learned about them and we had a lingering cough as well as our mother in law. So we bought quite a few and gave her some. We will say do not have the pod directly under the water because it will dissolve a lot quicker and you won t get as much benefit. So we have it where the water that s draining hits it. So it lasts the whole shower. We love them.

We cut one open and drop in shower and we get a nice scent of vick’s and it is not overpowering. We have copd and it helps so much to clear our lungs. Thank you vick’s for thinking of these. We say buy them if you are even thinking about it.

Love traveling with these incase you feel like you re taking on a cold. Also, very refreshing.

It s wonderful to have this when you have the flu or any other cold. Kind of think it could be a little less expensive for the fact that it s just a dissolving tablet that you could get the same results from using the gel or the inhaler.

These are amazing when you have stuffy sinuses. Our head and nose were clear and we could breathe again. It last a good while and our stuffiness stayed away for quite sometime.

Works as expected but awfully $$ for what you’re getting. We bought some vaporizing steam liquid from a discount store and a cap full poured on the shower floor has the same effect for less $.

We love this product. We look forward to use it when we shower. It s very soothing. We set it off to the side so it s not used up to quickly. The sent is perfect. No too strong and not to weak. Will order it again.

If you are having problems with allergies and/or chest congestion, this product will help. It’s short lived relief, but it does help for a few hours. It’s just also a nice soother while showing.

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