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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser - Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.

  • Beautifully crafted ceramic diffuser designed out of the highest quality porcelain
  • 90ml capacity, uses 10 – 20 drops of essential oil to diffuse up to 540 sq ft
  • 3 hour continuous or 7 hour interval settings. Ultrasonic: 2.5 vibrations/second, 6 feet Black power cord, type A electrical plug
  • Uses ultrasonic vibrations without heat therefore keeps essential oils in full integrity
  • Easy to clean with optional light feature. BPA-free plastic water reservoir

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.
Color:BlackDesigned out of the highest quality Hand milled ceramic porcelain, these quality pieces are created to help diffuse essential oils into any environment. With longevity and safety off switches these diffusers run for hours while looking like a beautiful object that will seamlessly fit into any home. Diffuse essential oils with ultrasonic technology to keep the oils in their full integrity. Features: safety off switch, run time Up to 7.5 hours and option light feature creates a nice ambiance while looking like a beautiful object that fits seamlessly into any space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.

Question Question 1

Is The Diffuser Quiet?We Have Another One That Makes Gurgling Sounds & Would Love To Find One That Doesn’T.?

Compared to some other diffusers, this one is very quiet. It has a slight gurgling sound, but it’s so soft that we find it soothing and can easily ignore it if we want to. Seriously recommend this diffuser if you want an elegant and quiet one that doubles as a piece of home decor 🙂

Question Question 2

Does This Use A Cord To Plug Into The Receptacle Or Is It Battery Operated?

You plug it into a receptacle.

Question Question 3

Do You Need To Use Distilled Water Or Is Tap Water Ok?

we use tap water in mine and works completely fine. It’s a personal preference if you want to be diffusing distilled water. 🙂

Question Question 4

Does The Vitruvi Diffuser Come With Any Essential Oils?


Question Question 5

Can This Be Set To Start Running Whenever It Is Plugged In, Or Do We Have To Press A Button? (Looking To Plug Into A Smart Switch)?

The Ekobo diffuser does not have an auto-off and you could leave it turned on with a smart switch. It is really pretty and very quiet. https://www.by-ekobo.us/aroma-diffusers/ona-aromatherapy-nebulizing-essential-oil-diffuser

Question Question 6

What Is The Voltage Of Operation?

we just asked the same question.Found the answer from the manual off the official website.It is dual voltage.

Question Question 7

Will This Shut Off When It Runs Out Of Water?

Hi There, Thank you so much for connecting with us at vitruvi. Hi There, Thank you so much for connecting with us at vitruvi. Great question. Our diffuser will either shut off when the diffusing cycle is finished, or if it has run out of water. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you should have any questions.Warmest, Sophie Customer Experience Lead vitruvi

Question Question 8

Mine Is Shutting Off When It Still Has Water In It???Help.?

we don t this is a problem as the 2 settings are on timers . Mine does the same and has leftover water which is probably a good thing as it will never run dry and fail the mechanism

Question Question 9

Should We Use Distilled Water?

Hi There, Thank you for reaching out to us here at vitruvi. Hi There, Thank you for reaching out to us here at vitruvi. You do not need to use distilled water, this is totally optional.Please reach out if you have any additional questions. Warmest, Belma Customer Experience Associate vitruvi

Question Question 10

Is This All Ceramic ? Is It Plastic Where You Add The Oil ?

The reservoir where you add the water and oil is plastic.

Question Question 11

Can You Use Other Oils Or Only Vitruvi Oils?

You can definitely use other branded oils.we use Plant Therapy and have been really pleased with this diffuser so far – so much so that we bought two.

Question Question 12

What Country Is The Company Based? What Country Is The Diffuser Manufactured?

Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for reaching out.vitruvi is based out of Vancouver, BC in Canada. All of our diffusers are designed in Canada and manufactured in China.Please reach out if you have any other questions.Warmest, Belma Customer Experience Associate vitruvi

Question Question 13

Is This Diffuser Completely Lead Free?

Is it lead free?????? How much water does it hold????

Question Question 14

Can This Be Used Outside?

then what’s the point

Question Question 15

We Lost The Original Power Cord And Need A Replacement Cord For This Diffuser. Does Anyone Know What Specific Type Of Cord We Need For This?

you can find on the vitruvi.com

Question Question 16

How To Make The Fog Stream Work Again?

Assuming you haven’t cleaned it? Simple fix, run 50/50 white vinegar and water through a cycle and then wipe clean and try it again. Do this regularly to keep it from getting clogged up.

Question Question 17

Where Does The Plug Go?

Hi There, Thank you for reaching out to us here at vitruvi. Hi There, Thank you for reaching out to us here at vitruvi. The plug in goes into the hole on the bottom of the base, located next to one of the feet. Please reach out if you have any additional questions. Warmest, Belma Customer Experience Associate vitruvi

Question Question 18

Will You Sell This In White?

Yes. The White Stone Diffuser will be restocked shortly.

Question Question 19

Is The Unit Wickless?

Yes. and stays cool.

Question Question 20

How Well Does This Work As A Humidifier?

Great question.The Vitruvi diffuser is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser meaning that it was designed and built to diffuse essential oils, and covers approximately a 500 square foot space. Because it is ultrasonic in nature it does mist into the air and adds some moisture to the surrounding environment but not as Great question.The Vitruvi diffuser is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser meaning that it was designed and built to diffuse essential oils, and covers approximately a 500 square foot space. Because it is ultrasonic in nature it does mist into the air and adds some moisture to the surrounding environment but not as much as a traditional humidifier does. If you are using the Vitruvi diffuser somewhere close to you such as beside a bed while you sleep or on your desk while you work the neutral mist will be an added benefit but it will not fill the room with moisture like a humidifier. Cheers,SimoneDirector of Experiencevitruvi

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Vitruvi Stone Diffuser – Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, these might be useful for better understanding.

This is our second diffuser. We have this one by vitruvi, and we also own one manufactured by young living, which you can find here: young living essential oil home ultrasonic diffuser with dew drop design tear drop. This review will be a comparison between the two. We use them both almost daily. First and most important, they both function very well as aroma diffusers. They each perform this function by ultrasonic technology (not heating), and they both have an automatic shut-off once they go dry. They can also each function only as a small humidifier if you prefer to only use them in that way. They also both have a light, but the light on the one from young living has more of an ambient quality to it. The light feature on the vitruvwe is more of what we would define as a basic nightlight. If you want something that is more mood setting, say for the bedroom, then we like the light provided by the young living option the best. (see photo)each one can function without the light being on, but what we like about the vitruvwe design is that the light has a completely separate button, so you can use it only as a nightlight should you prefer. With the young living model, you press the on-off button once for the light and the diffuser to come on, press it again and the light goes off but the diffuser stays on, press it again and everything shuts off. Another selling point for us for the vitruvwe model is that you can have it work as a diffuser in intervals. You press the power button once and it will turn green and will run continually for around three hours (the young living diffuser will run for about an hour longer). You press it again and it will turn amber and will work in intervals of around 30 seconds, and with this setting it will run for around seven hours. Press it again and it powers off. Again, the on-off button for the light is completely separate. As far as the design and build quality, both are about the same height, but the young living design is wider, and aptly named on the manual as dewdrop diffuser. The vitruvwe is also aptly named stone diffuser, because the outer casing is made of thick porcelain. It is fairly heavy, has a much more solid feel. And just a more luxurious look to it than does the vitruvwe design. Both come with detailed, easy to follow instructions. We do highly recommend the vitruvwe stone diffuser. It is clearly of high quality and we think the fact that you can set it to diffuse intermittently is a major plus factor. If things change as we continue to use it, we will update this review and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope it helped you to some degree thanks for reading.

We had written earlier that we were disappointed when the diffuser we loved stopped working after 5 months. When we contacted vitruvwe customer service, simone, director of customer experience, quickly replied that a new diffuser would be sent immediately as they would always honor their warranty. As a result, we give vitruvwe 5 stars for a great product and most importantly, excellent customer service. The new diffuser was received within a few days.

We did a ton of research before buying a diffuser. There are so many available and really different price points so we wanted to pick the one that would function flawlessly and look nice – not look like a plastic spaceship. There were cheaper options than the vitruvi, but they all looked really cheap. When our diffuser arrived, we weren’t disappointed. It was beautifully packaged and has a nice weight to it. It is smaller than the others we had seen in person which is wonderful, it takes up way less space. It looks like a lovely little vase, not too modern, not too classic. It functions flawlessly and really puts out a nice amount of aroma. The lights are unobtrusive and only on one side, so we have it turned so the lights aren’t visible at all. The sound is a very minimal, soft, pleasant water gargle and hum. We are so impressed, we bought a second one for our office.

We were so excited to use our diffuser the day it arrived— got shipped to our house in one piece and was very speedy delivery. This is a very classy looking diffuser that goes great with the decor in our house— it s white, stone, and somewhat discreet. It s not too big so it doesn t look bulky in a room, but it s also not too small where it doesn t diffuse the scent throughout the space. It was very easy to set up, and our favorite feature about this whole thing, aside from the looks, is that it is very quiet. Great purchase.

Why we like it better than our old diffuser:1. 3-hour continuous setting and a 7. 5-hour intermittent setting (we put it on when we fall asleep, and it turns off just as we wake up). 2. It does’t take up too much space on our bed-side table (it’s tall and narrow, opposed to the short and wide options out there). 3. The gentle white light makes a great nightlight, but we love the option to completely turn it off. 4. It comes with small spouted cup that makes it easy to pour water in to the reservoir. 5. Plastic components are bpa free. 6. We don’t really care what it looks like, but the stone cover does look pretty nice.

Stopped working after one month and there is not return option. When we push button to turn it on, the light just flashes like it’s shorted out. So we emailed vendor, they responded immediately and are sending a new one. It did work great, would be best in a smaller room.

We bought the white vitruvwe stone diffuser and am so so happy that we did. We have tried other diffusers in the past that look and feel cheap and then they don’t work how we would like them to. We love the material of the vitruvi’s porcelain, it looks and feels like high quality material and it really acts like a piece of décor in our living room. We have this set up on a shelf in between our living room, dining room and kitchen and the scent fills the entire space quickly – this was surprising since the diffuser is so small but it works hard. We love having the options between 7-hour intermittent and 3-hour continuous – we always like having different mode options and this is ideal. We have been switching between the bergamot and the eucalyptus oils and it only takes 10-15 drops to last the 7 hours and diffuse our space. Both oils smell so nice too.

After researching, this diffuser cost a little more than others, but the design and quality more than justified the price difference. We have seen other diffusers and they are all plastic and feel/look cheaply made. The vitruvwe model really is stone, which adds value and appeal to our whole apartment. Also, it’s smaller than other brands out there, so fits in well as an accessory. We ordered the peppermint oil and the diffuser worked great in our home. Great product and would recommend.

This is the first diffuser we have seen the looks pretty and discreet and is not overpowering. We can detect the scent of the oil but it’s subtle which we like. We can even sit next to it. The setting options are nice so that you can conserve the oil/water over a long period of time without having to fill it. And, you can turn the light on or off. It looks like a vase, we love the white. We will use it in our office and might get one for home as well. We especially like the idea of having a scent diffused through the room without being so aware of it. We tend to be sensitive to strong candles so this is perfect.

We bought this product for our girlfriend. We absolutely love this product. It’s beautiful design has a minimalist feel. The diffuser is quiet, sleek, and wonderful addition to any home that cherishes essential oils. We highly recommend this product. Also a side note, we found that the lavender and orange was a perfect cocktail of oils.

We have been using this diffuser for about a week now and so far, we are loving it. We have a similar style in black from saje but the design and quality of the vitruvwe diffuser is definitely better. The porcelain shell gives it a much solid feel, giving it a luxurious look and is not only a diffuser but a nice decor too. The 3 hour continuous or 7 hour interval settings work great with the light function. We use about 10 drops of their oil – bergamot (smells great) and find that it is plenty to diffuse our living room area. It is on the higher price point but we think it’s well worth the price for its quality, design and functionality. Highly recommend this.

We have found the diffuser we needed and wish we made the purchase earlier. We own two of the less expensive plastic diffuser’s and there really is no comparison to the vitruvwe diffuser. This is a beautiful machine and is more like a decor piece for the apartment. With a english bulldog it’s a constant battle to keep the air quality high. After turning it on we were blown away by how immediate the results were even with less drops than we are used to adding. Nicely packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

We love the sleek design and the large coverage area of this diffuser. The issue we have had with diffusers in the past is that the light is too bright and and can t be left on in the bedroom or you won t be able to fall asleep. This diffuser has a cool and minimally invasive light that isn’t overwhelming. The coolest part is that it isn’t the standard plastic cheap device. It s made of stone and we can t tell you how awesome it looks. It even comes in a nice box too. We are super happy with this product and highly recommend it. **if our review was helpful to you, please click helpful below. **.

Beautiful diffuser that dispenses a light vapor that refreshes space with a delicate scent of your choice. We gave it 4 stars because the water holding tank is small and runs out of water quickly. Otherwise, very pleased with it.

We love our new diffuser. It arrived on time as scheduled and was packaged beautifully. We were surprised at the weight of the package and how heavy and durable the porcelain is. We also love how elegant and classic the design is and how it fits in beautifully with our decor. It is very quiet and easy to use . Will definitely be buying another.

We have been through a few diffusers before finally purchasing this one, and we must say we will never look back. It s amazing and works. They also have a wide selection of authentic oils. Love this company.

Just received our vitruvwe diffuser and absolutely love it. The design is simple and elegant, and the porcelain is clearly of high quality unlike other “high-end” diffusers we have bought. We had heard good things online and saw this at nordstrom and goop so had to try it. It is on the smaller side and works best in spaces like our bathroom or bedroom – we think the capacity is 100ml. We would recommend putting in a few extra drops if your’e using this in a larger room. Also picked up the peppermint oil which is very strong and works great in the diffuser. Very affordable as well at a high quality oil.

Absolutely perfect customer service from vitruvi. Bought a diffuser for our daughter for christmas and accidentally jostled it while moving some furniture, causing it to stop working. Contacted customer service, got a live person on the phone, who told us that their product should be more durable this and immediately sent a replacement which we received within two days, free of charge. Our other vitruvwe diffuser has been going strong for a year with no issues whatsoever. Plus the product is beautiful. So nice to have a responsive, customer friendly company.

We bought a black diffuser for our relative as a gift because she had been talking about it after finding it on goop. It’s easy to use and there wasn’t a set up process which we had been expecting. Although it was a gift we really enjoyed it too and since have purchased one for our office. We would say best to use in a smaller enclosed area like a bedroom or office vs. A large living room.

We have been using our vitruvwe stone diffuser for 3 days now and we are quite pleased with it. First off, it was very well packaged and super easy to set up. The instructions were clear and helpful and, after a brief cleaning of the internal parts, we had it up and running in minutes. The black stone diffuser is very attractive and something that we would have no problem leaving out for view. It will probably be an interesting conversation starter with guests, particularly if it is running. It does make a soft gurgling water sound which, at first, we weren’t sure if we liked. But, we quickly got used to it and find it relaxing, like sitting near a brook. It diffuses the essential oils very well and does not make any mess or leave any water / oil residue around it. We recommend it.

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