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VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus

VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus.

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel&AAA Quality Microfiber Leather,Never Rust,Sturdy and Durable,High Quality,Item Size:Width 11.6MM,Length 205/230MM(8.0/9.0 inches).
  • PEOPLE WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS SHOULD WEAR A MEDICAL ID JEWELRY:Alzheimer’s,Autism/Special Needs Children,Blood Disorders,Blood Thinners,Diabetes,Dementia,Drug Allergies (i.e. Penicillin, morphine, sulfa),Emphysema/Breathing Disorders,Epilepsy/Seizures,Food Allergies,Hearing,vision, or mentally impaired,Heart Disease,Insect Allergies,Kidney Disease,Pulmonary Conditions,Sickle Cell Anemia,Surgery, transplant,cancer patients.
  • Come with a Medical ID Cards,Front and back availability for medical and emergency contact information,Carry in Your Wallet.
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee or Exchange,within 12 Hours Reply.
  • Please Find Other Emergency Medical Jewelry We Offer.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus.
ABOUT MEDICAL ID JEWELRY: Medical ID jewelry is for people with hidden medical conditions such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Hypothyroidism, Heart Conditions, Allergies, Lymphedema etc.It will alert medical technicians, caregivers, and first responders of your important, lifesaving medical information in case of an emergency, allowing them to treat you quickly, and safely. P E R S O N A L I Z E * T I P S: -We recommend you engrave: * Your First and Last Name * Medical Condition(s) * Treatment Considerations * Food and Drug Allergies * Emergency Contact Number with area code -How To Order: 1. Select style&color from the menu 2. Click button”Customize Now” fill out your personalization request 3. If you want to check or change your custom information or have more special requirements(e.g.add some simple logo), Please send us the information within 24 hours of of placing an order, and we will return within 24 hours. -How To Choose Right Size Bracelet: To measure for your bracelet,wrap a soft tape measure around the smallest part of your wrist,taking a snug,but not tight measurement.This will be your exact wrist size when placing your order. A B O U T * V N O X VNOX Focus On Medical Jewelry & Accessories,Discover the Vnox of elaborate and fashion medical jewelry. The high-quality jewelry featured in the Vnox offers,they mainly made of high quality Stainless Steel,Tungsten,and Leather. Caring For Your Stainless Steel Jewelry:Stainless steel jewelry is very easy to care for with its tough material that is able to endure a lot of wear and tear.This metal type is able to withstand moisture without tarnish or corrosion. CONTACT:Always feel free to contact VNOX through the contact button with any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus.

Question Question 1

Can You Showe In This Bracelet?

we don t usually wear it in the shower.But, we have sweated with it on and have given it a rinse. Looks fine afterwards.

Question Question 2

Why Is Epilepsy Not Offered?

The bracelet is custom engraved.Have whatever you want on it as long as it fits in the space allowed.Mine is for liver transplant on the front we have liver transplant and the hospital on the rear is our name and dob. The bracelet is custom engraved.Have whatever you want on it as long as it fits in the space allowed.Mine is for liver transplant on the front we have liver transplant and the hospital on the rear is our name and dob.Hope this helps you .

Question Question 3

Is The Dnr Version Really Engraved “Dnr(Do Notresuscitat”Or Is It Spelled Out Correctly On Three Lines As”Dnrdo Notresuscitate”?

Sorry?it is our fault?it should shows dnr(do not resuscitat)

Question Question 4

Could I Get This Engraved To Say Penicillin Allergy And Asthma On It Along With Our Name?

Yes. There is also limited character spacing on the inside of magnetic clasp.

Question Question 5

Can 2 Phone # S Be Engraved On The Back With Our Parents Names?

No space is very limited. we were able to put a name and a phone number.

Question Question 6

It Only Allows 11 Characters Per Line, Which Doesn’T Even Get You A Phone Number, But The Image Shows Up To 20 (Last Line).Am We Missing Something?

Actual item may differ from image.It is restricted to 11 charectors per line. we abbreviated a lot on mine to make it work the best we could. There is also a limited char5area on inside of clat that will allow addition writing like ICE info.

Question Question 7

Can We Have Two Allergies Put On The Front?

we would use custom engraving for that purpose

Question Question 8

Are These Available In Different Sizes?

Could you please tell us what size fit you?

Question Question 9

What Size Would Be Close To 7.25 Inches,What Are The Different Lenghts?

Sizes are 8 or 9 inches. Mine needed to be a 7.25 we ordered a 8.It does not come off at all at it can’t get around the thumb and pinkie without physically squeezing fingers together.

Question Question 10

Cómo Responder La Parte De Personalización?

We can engrave free on front sides & back side of the bracelet with 3 lines up to 11 characters per line,pls email tell us your leetters after you placed the order ?please click”Customize Now”select engraving font and fill in your engrave information then “add to cart”,

Question Question 11

Are The Words Actually Engraved Into The Metal So It Doesn T Wear Off? Or Are The Words Stamped On With Color?

They are engraved. This is one reason you won’t recieve item in 2 days even as a Prime member. The lettering on mine is 100% intact however the black coating is wearing down in areas. we would still recommend this bracket to everyone.

Question Question 12

We Ordered This Prodyct On December 16, 2019.It Broke On February 3, 2020.Why Can’T I Get A Refund? Very Bad Quality Product.?

we would contact directly to resolve the issue not the seller

Question Question 13

Do You Make This Product In A Kids Size, 6 Or 6.5 Inch?

we don’t know.

Question Question 14

Does This Come With Type 2 Stamped On It?

Yes,it comes with stamped type 2 diabetes.

Question Question 15

Is There Nickel In The Metal?

Since we are not an actual manufacturer, we can only tell you that we have owned it for a number of months now and wear it 24/7 and have never had an issue with it and we are sensitive to nickel.

Question Question 16

It Doesn T Give Us A Customization Option. How Can We Contact The Seller To Add What To Engrave?

Hi?pls choosing Metal Type: [custom engraving]?then click button”Customize Now” fill out your personalization request before you add to your cart

Question Question 17

Can The Band Be Adjusted To Make Smaller?

It seems to NOT be adjustable.It seems snug on us — and we have sort of average wrists

Question Question 18

Would This Be Too Big For A Very Petite Woman?

we bought this for our teenage son.He said it probably would be too large for a petite woman.

Question Question 19

We Want Personalized Wording (And The Site Implies That This Is Possible) But There Is No Button To Click On To Personalize, How Do We Submit Our Wording?

we believe it was when we went to check out

Question Question 20

Can We Get A Smaller Size Of This Bracelet?

Thanks for your suggestion,we are producing smaller size now?pls waiting for half a month.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on VNOX Blue Braided Leather Medical Symbol Caduceus, these might be useful for better understanding.

Our relative and we puzzled over how to get it open for a long time. Finally in one of the reviews we got a hint that worked. Instructions could say to hold the left side of the clasp with your left hand and the right side of the clasp in your right hand. Then move your left hand toward you and your right hand away from you. (also: one more space would allow a complete phone number with both hyphens. ) a little too snug so we will try the soaking and stretching suggestion someone made. Thanks to the commenters.

Absolutely love it. Shipping is a bit longer but well worth the wait. The magnetic closure is strong and we have yet to break its bond without some good leverage. There was nothing included about how to open or close it and was baffled for a few minutes. But a nice sliding magnetic clasp. It could stand to be a bit wider so more could be inscribed. All in all we are 100% happy with our purchase.

We purchased the black/blue braided bracelet with penicillin allergy alert a few months ago (after years of doctors’ advice that we should wear a medical alert bracelet in case of emergency)– initially we thought it was a little too big, width-wise, for our taste, as we never typically wore any jewelry, so we didn’t wear it much at first. We have now been wearing this everywhere we go now for over three months, and we love it. It looks nice, is very durable, and has not once accidentally unclasped. Honestly, we don’t see how it can accidentally unhook. Probably going to buy another in slightly different design/color at some point, just for variety, but would definitely buy this again. Thanks.

This looks like any normal 550 cord bracelet minus the fact that it has the medical alert symbol and the condition inscribed into the clasp. Bought this for our son and he is wearing it because it looks nice.

Husband needs to wear this for a few months while on some medication. This is exactly 8″ fit very snug on our husband. We were able to stretch it out a tad by soaking in some warm water and gently stretching so it wasn’t as snug. The fastener is easy to open and close, just slide it. It compliments his thin blue line ring he wears. 6mo update, still looks brand new after wearing it everyday, not as snug as when he first got it. Did need to do the hot/warm water soak and stretch a few times, but no need to do it now.

It’s easy to take off — not so easy to get back on, because the magnetic closure is a bit tricky to align — still far more comfortable than metal bracelets — and sturdier than the silicone ones. We did have it fall off once so far, as we must have accidentally opened the closure. The wrist strap seems to be braided. We are not sure what’s going to happen to water that gets inside the braids. Is there going to be mold? not sure. We try to remember not to take it into the shower, but sometimes forgetthe second set of messages is against our wrist. We are not sure if a medic would find them.

This bracelet is great looking. We hated the idea of wearing any type of medical id bracelet. Being a guy, we don t mind this one because it looks like any leather bracelet you d wear. It s there if we were ever to need someone to see it, but discreet enough to just wear around daily. We are going to order the brown version now.

As advertised — reasonably stylish, has med alert info (only) displayed. Only (minor) annoyances are that the bracelet is maybe 1/2 more snug than we would prefer the clasp sometimes requires multiple efforts to engage. It is magnetic & requires insertion of one end into a slot on the other. Doable but maybe a problem for someone with lessened manual dexterity. But overall — we are happy with it for us.

Before we ordered the bracelet we read the reviews and we almost didn’t order it because 1 review said it complicated to open but we don’t find that it is. We almost lost it because the clasp separated and luckily it was stuck in our coat sleeve. Now we keep checking to make sure it’s still on our wrist. It is so comfortable we forget we are wearing it. We just slip it over our wrist but it’s easy to take the clasp apart.

Nice bracelet. Wish the engraving was a bit more pronounced. A little tricky at first but after a few times it goes on easier .

We haven’t had it long enough to know about durability or sturdiness yet. We like the look for sure, not so obvious as a medical condition bracelet but should do the trick in an emergency. We have not worn it in water or shower so not sure how it will hold up to those conditions. We like it. We like the magnetic clasp, seems quite good.

We were a bit concerned when we ordered about how this would fit me, since it is not adjustable. But it fits snugly enough so that it does not slide around, buy still loose enough that it does not constrict and came be move up, down, or around by hand if neededvery happy with this.

This bracelet, unlike most medical bracelets, is very stylish. Not only does it serve its purpose, but it also looks great. Also it stays in place, on our wrist, it doesn’t spin. This is exactly what we were looking for.

Having a rugged workday left us deciding on which bracelet to choose from. He’s inside, outside, in the elements and this was perfect for all. We selected this one for casual outings and purchased a rubber banded one for work only due to the rain. This has gotten wet while washing hands and wore just as well. Looks great too.

We absolutely love this bracelet. It looks nice on and has a modern style that doesn’t just look like a diabetes bracelet. Our husband says he would wear it even if it didn’t serve a purpose so the fact that it is a medical alert is an added plus. We recommend it to anyone.

This product was given to us as a gift. It fits our wrist not to small and not to big, very comfrotable to wear and we dont even know thats its on when wearing it. If something happened to the one we have we would defintly replace it with another one.

Seller said that they would replace (6 months ago), but did not. The sizes also run small. A second bracelet that was ordered at the same time for our father is still is good shape without any problems.

Very much liked the bracelet. We did not want something hanging from our neck that advertised our medical issue, but we feel this is very fashionable even for woman. Excellent.

Fits well and stays on. Is a little difficult to put on because of well it fits. We like it to fit a little tight so that it doesn’t slide around on our wrist.

Awesomefits greathad a low blood sugar episode and paramedic said he was able to determine what was happening faster because of our bracelet.

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