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Weber Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars

Weber Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Weber Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, including a smoky flavor to food
  • Set Of 5 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars
  • Easy To Set up. Each bar is 22 -1/ 2 inch long
  • Fits Spirit 300 Series (With Side-Mounted Control Board), Spirit 700, Genesis Silver B/C, Genesis Gold B/C (2002 And Newer Designs), Genesis Platinum B/C (2005 Design Year), And Weber 900 Gas Grills

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Weber Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars.

Question Question 1

Description States Bars Are 5.5 Inches Wide, However The Evaluations State They Are 2.5 Inches Wide.Can Anybody Clarify? 5 Bars @ 5.5 Is Broader Than The Length???

The Weber 7536 Flavorizer Bars remain in a box that determines 5.5″ wide.Thank you for you query.

Question Question 2

Can Somebody Supply The Specific Measurements Please.Our Genesis Gold C Flavorizer Bars Procedure 22.5 W X 2.5 At The Bottom, X 2 Highhow Do These Compare?

Mine came that specific size. They remained in a factory original Weber box, the like our Weber had when we first bought it. we could not be better.

Question Question 3

Do These Flavorizer Bars Fit The Spirit 320?

These bars are noted to suit the Spirit320 They might need to be cut to length.we needed to cut them to fit our grill.It was a 10 minute task with a hacksaw.

Question Question 4

Exists Something Within These Bars That Impart Some Sort Of “Flavorizing” Process To Our Food?It’S Flavorlishes.?

There is no unique flavor component in the bars.The concept is that the bars fume from the flames by resting over televisions. This heat triggers the juices from the cooking food to vaporize and impart flavor.

Question Question 5

Where Are They Made?

we are presuming they were made at the Weber plant in Chicago, Ill. we believe.They work excellent and are ideal fit as we determined our old bars prior to we purchased brand-new ones.

Question Question 6

We Have A Natural Gas Genisis Silver (Not A Genisis “B”) Would These Fit Our Grill??

Most Likely, the only distinction in the 2 are the fuel orifices in between Nat.Gas and LPG.

Question Question 7

Can We Utilize Flavorizer Set 7536 To Change 7537?

Yes, they are 2 various products. The 7536 is Porcelain covered vs the 7537 being Stainless-steel

Question Question 8

Do 22.5 X 2.5 Flavorizer Bars Fit Weber 8006?

The finest way to figure out if it will fit Design 8006 – is to determine the existing “Bars” in your grill that you presently have. Then you will understand that the measurements will be right previous to order these flavorizer bars. Procedure two times order when.

Question Question 9

What If Prime Shipping Product Does Not Show Up In 2 Days?

Wait an extra day.

Question Question 10

Do They Fit The 310 Design Of Weber?

we have the Spirit SP-320 and they fit perfectly.As an FYI.The knobs on this Weber grill lie on the right-hand man side of the grill, not the front.

Question Question 11

When Bought Is The Rate Per Bar Or For The Set Of Five?

About $8.00 each and we believe worth the cost. Actually well made and work completely.

Question Question 12

What Is The Distinction In Function In Between Enameled Over Steel Or Stainless Flavorizing And Grillreplacement Components?

The porcelain enameled steel Flavorizer bars are our standard variation of Flavorizer bars, and are meant to safeguard the burners from leaking grease and assistance to impart extra flavor to your food by vaporizing drippings from the food you barbecue. The stainless-steel Flavorizer bars carry out the very same function, however normal The porcelain enameled steel Flavorizer bars are our standard variation of Flavorizer bars, and are meant to safeguard the burners from leaking grease and assistance to impart extra flavor to your food by vaporizing drippings from the food you barbecue. The stainless-steel Flavorizer bars carry out the very same function, however normally have a longer life expectancy, supplied they are well kept. Thanks.

Question Question 13

Will They Fit The Genesis Platinum Grill?

If its an older Genesis it should.These fit our Spirit E-310, however it is an older design with the very same grill box as the original genesis.To ensure, you can check outWeber com where they are parts/service location that will assist you determine the design Weber you have and in turn the parts numbers.

Question Question 14

Will These Fit The Spirit 310 With The Knobs To The Right Of The Grill Dealing With Upward? The 7636 Bars Are Too Brief For Our Grill.?

Thanks for your question. If 7636 were too brief then you need to have a design with the control knobs on the right-hand man side table, in which case these flavorizer bars are proper. Thanks.

Question Question 15

Shippingwhy Can’T Some Products Be Delivered To Our Area?


Question Question 16

Does This Fit Into A Weber Spirit E-310?

we purchased these based upon this answer.They do not fit the weber e-310 If you take a look at the description, it plainly mentions it does not fit the front installed grills.

Question Question 17

What Are The Specific Measurements To The Bars? We Required 22.5 Wide By 2-3/8 High?

they are 22.5 by 2 1/2 or 2 3/8 depends upon where you determined from however these are the only bars they have made for the grills they fit.

Question Question 18

Do You Do Next Day Shipment To Uk?

Dear B.A. Walsh, We might deliver to the UK UPS Expedited International, next day air or 2 day air is going to be expensive.Please let us understand if we can be of any other help. Dear B.A. Walsh, We could deliver to the UK UPS Expedited International, next day air or 2 day air is going to be expensive.Please let us understand if we can be of any other assistance.Thank you

Question Question 19

Will This Fit On Our Weber Spirit 210?

Mine will not fit yours. You require to googleWeber and your grill – spirit 210.

Question Question 20

Can I Put Flavorizer Bars In An Electric Indoor Grill?

Our flavorizer bars are developed particularly for Weber gas grill designs, and are not meant for usage in 3rd celebrationproducts Thanks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Weber Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Bought these to change the breaking down flavorizer bars on our 7-8 year old weber spirit. We were a little reluctant in the beginning as much of the evaluations grumbled that the parts they got were not weber brand name however some other business. We nearly purchased them straight through the weber website however viewing as they were $15-20 more there we chose to take a threat and buy them from and conserve the money. We are really pleased that we did as the parts did wind up showing up in a weber box and they fit completely in our grill. Pretty delighted to attempt themout Absolutely suggest them for anybody whose present flavorizer bars are relying on rusty dust like mine were. Side note: we are totally puzzled why numerous individuals have offered this product a 1 star ranking with the remark “it did not fit” or”it was the wrong size” An individual’s failure to utilize a measuring tape need to not affect the ranking for the product itself. If delivered the inaccurate product that’s another story however that would be quickly solved as they would change the product with the right one.

Perfect replacement to refurbish a reliable grill that lasted 5 years with original parts. We have a weber spirit 310 that is black with stainless side pieces. The knobs to our grill lie on the side and it is from around 2010.

Upgraded 7/1/2016: while these bars are still okay, they are not holding up anywhere in addition to the originals. We are not exactly sure how the product has altered throughout the years, however our original set lasted about 10 years. These, under the very same usage and storage are currently revealing significant rust and wear. About 2 years in, we would be shocked if they last another 2. Worth sensible that’s not a huge offer, $40 approximately is well worth securing your flame bars and including some flavor from drippings. However simply note, if you are changing older original flavorizer bars, these more recent webers might not last as long. Original evaluation: these are weber products, in a weber box and most likely similar to the ones that came with your weber grill. Our weber genesis silver b has to do with 10 years of ages and these match completely. The bars we got were made in the u. S. A. These are porcelain-coated. They will last a few years prior to they begin to break down. Some individuals recommend the stainless-steel variation, however we do not believe the weber guarantee is any longer on those, and some individuals grumble that they rust as dothese Personally we stick withthese These are our first replacements in 10 years; we leave our grill on our deck all winter season with a weber cover, and we reside in the northeast. We most likely required these a year or 2 earlier, however didn’t recognize it previously, when we went to completely clean up the grill in preparation for barbecuing season and saw the old bars were shot. If you aren’t sure which size flavorer bar, or any other weber device, fit your grill, it’s basic to figure out. Check Out [. ] and simply answer questions about your grill type, gas versus charcoal, 2 buttons or 3, wheeled or fixed cart, and so on. And your actions to the triggers will identify your grill design. These are ideal replacement for your weber grill. Some individuals feel they are unneeded. We believe they do assist return a little flavor from the cigarette smoking fat drippings which struck them. However where we believe they are necessary is they form a protective canopy for the burner bars, so rather of grease striking the bar, it falls on the bars, burns off, or rolls past the burners into the drip pan. We extremely suggest utilizing flavorer bars and these are ideal replacement, as they are made by weber.

These are excellent replacement, real to the mentioned measurements. These brought our old grill back to life by rearranging the flames from the burners equally and leveling the cooking surface area temperature. (significance: our fronts burn low, middle medium, and back burners high. The old ones were so decayed it resembled cooking over an open fire with no flame control.) they hold up too. (lily behind in composing our evaluations).

Our weber genesis silver b will not let us buy a brand-new grill. It simply will not pass away on me. Thank goodness. In time (now on our 14 th year), we require to change the basic things – grates, flavor bars and even, simply recently, the ignition kit. These flavorizer bar replacements are excellent. They fit completely and continue to show the very same toughness of all the weber-madeproducts We instantly christened them with a porterhouse steak and a rack of st. Louis ribs. We anticipate numerous more years of barbecuing enjoyment leaking delicious fat and sauces on these bars to keep our barbeque dishes yummy.

These healthy completely in our older genesis silver weber grill. The old set was rusting terribly and it was time to change them. These fit completely and look excellent. The evidence will remain in the cooking and we will check them out in a few days. The cost was affordable for original maker replacement flavorizer bars. We more than happy currently.

It’s great to change the old rusty weber flavorizer bars on our weber 310 gas grill. The old bars were rusty and trying the edges enabling excessive flame to come through. The brand-new replacement bars fit completely. Utilizing prime with free shipment made the procedure easy. Consisted of: pictures of the old bars & the brand-new bars set up.

Rather expensive however can considerably extend the life expectancy of your grill. Our weber grill is rather old however most parts are still in excellent shape, the only thing that rusts and breaks down in time is these flavorizer bars. With all the grease and other drippings falling on them (and us never ever cleaning them), they gradually deteriorate. These bars were an ideal fit. We searched for our grill part number and validated the lengths we would require, then found these and they fit completely. Now our grill can last numerous more years.

Perfect fit for our grill. The originals were rusting out after 9 years of being outdoors all year in upstate ny. We barbecue even in the middle of winter season so the grill takes some abuse. We were at the point of changing or fixing. The rates of the brand-new grill “guided” our choice to fix our existing weber grill. We hope we can get another 9 years out of it now.

If you have any doubts, yes. These are really essential. Our had rusted out numerous years earlier, and we will toss out our dependable grill and buy a brand-new one. Simply on an inkling we were scrolling through, and discovered them. We purchased them simply to see if they made a distinction, the old grill works better than brand-new. Night suggest.

Along with brand-new grill plates, we changed the flavorizer-bars on our weber genesis silver grill after 6 years of routine service, as they were breaking down. By making this financial investment of about $40 (along with $80 for the grill plates), we have a practically brand-new weber grill that is cooking as equally as it ever did. Well-worth the cost to delight in barbecuing food well once again.

We purchased weber this time and what a distinction in the quality. We have had a weber grill for about 15 years and with the weber replacement parts offered, we most likely won;’ t ever need to buy a brand-new grill. Their parts are far better than other brand names. We discovered our lesson and from now on we will just buy from weber. Thanks.

Bought this as replacements due to the fact that ours were totally rusted through after five years. They fit completely in our weber. They got here rapidly, were well packaged and in ideal condition. It took about 60 seconds to install them. We have had them for a few weeks and they are working completely. We barque a lot, a minimum of three times a week. They still look tidy. We paid full cost for these and were not compensated in anyhow for this evaluation.

We have a 12 to 15 years of age weber genesis silver. The enamel burner covers were shredded and burned from years of usage and heat circulation and flare were dreadful. We nearly purchased a brand-new grill, however whatever else with the grill was great. We purchased these and set up and it resembles we got a brand-new grill. Heat circulation back to typical, lowered flare and like barbecuing once again.

We purchased a old weber genesis grill that required brand-new flavorizor bars. Bought these and cleaned up the old grates along with the within the fire box. She’s got alot of life left in her and working great now. These bars were an ideal fit. No issues at all.

After 7 years of quite heavy grill usage, the old flavorizer bars were rusting and required replacement. The brand-new ones are carrying out as anticipated. In investigating online merchants, we found the number of a little various flavorizer sizes there are for the numerous weber designs. To prevent returning the incorrect size, ensure you buy the bars that fit your design. In a various matter, in spite of’s push to lower excess product packaging, the external () box they delivered had to do with 4 or 5 times the size of the inner (weber) box. No filler cushioning, so the inner box simply knocked around in the big external box. Keep attempting,.

These are the right flavorizer bars for the weber silver b gas grill. We provided these just 4 stars due to the fact that they need to be changed more than any other part on the grill. We have had our grill, our company believe, 14 years and we have needed to change these about every 3 years. Every spring we switch them around to attempt to get more even use out of them. Among the old bars had decomposed thru, another had some pin holes. The ranking is based more on the old set than the brand-new. Otherwise, they drop right into location. Eliminate the cooking grids, thoroughly eliminate the old bars, (we have a 5 gal. Plastic container we drop them into), drop in the brand-new bars, change the cooking grids. Your done. Ok, perhaps take a few extra minutes and tidy out the grill while you are at it.

A bit pricy we think however honestlyweber makes the very best grills and these flavor bars are no exception. The last set lasted us a minimum of 5 years. We barbecue a lot, throughout the year. Fit our 300 series spirit grill.

Can’t beat one day shipping, simply gotten these and they fit ideal, can be found in tough box which was crammed in an box. Old grill appear like brand-new, well the bars do.

This is the 2nd set of flavor bars we have bought for our 18 years of age weber genesis silver c grill. They fit/work as explained.

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