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Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Portasol Professional Self-igniting Cordless Butane Solder Iron, ESD safe to protect sensitive components
  • A lightweight, compact cordless butane soldering and hot air tool, Piezo ignition with push-button ease & convenience
  • Fast heat-up for high productivity, melts solder in less than 40 seconds, Gas capacity allows up to 1 hour of continuous use, ample for most jobs
  • Refills in less than 20 seconds so you can stay on the job, Automatic cut-off switch when cap replaced for safety

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Here are some more information on Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit.
Style:6-piece kitProduct DescriptionThe New Portasol Cordless Soldering Tool From Weller Gives You The Ultimate In Portable Power And Convenience For All Your Soldering Jobs. Slide The Fuel Button Forward, Press The Piezo Switch, And The Tool’S Super-Fast Heat-Up Lets You Melt Solder In Under A Minute. The Portasol Cordless Soldering Tool Is Powerful Too, Adjusting From The Equivalent Of 25 To 75 Watts For Temperatures Up To 850 ‚ °F. Refueled With Standard Butane In Just 20 Seconds, The Portasol P2C Lasts For Up To An Hour Of Continuous Use. Kit Includes Tool With Five Tips (Ppt6 3/32″ Double Flat Soldering Tip, Ppt12 Flame Tip, Ppt10 Hot Knife Tip, Ppt9 Hot Air Tip, And Ppt11 Hot Air Deflector Tip), Sponge And Tray, Tool Holder, Storage Case, And Instructions. Mfg. #P2Kc. Replacement Tips Available.From the ManufacturerA lightweight, compact cordless butane soldering and hot air tool for ultimate portability. The Piezo ignition with push-button ease and convenience adjusts from 25-watts to 75-watts. Fast heat up for high productivity, melts solder in less than 40 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit.

Question Question 1

How Do You Refill The Unit?

Get in any bottle of butane for zippoOr get one for lighters The how to refill is self explanatory Just look in the bottle

Question Question 2

Does It Work Good In Outdoor Cold Temperature? We Change Switches That Are Outdoors And The Plug In One We Have Doesn’T Get Hot Enough?

Yes,. since it’s Butane,. it works in really any temps as it heats up internally (you can see it burning) via the Butane gas being ignited.we personally have used this in -13c/8f temps and it worked fine.It’s really well made, and designed for portability.Weller is a great brand,. and we did a ton of research Yes,. since it’s Butane,. it works in really any temps as it heats up internally (you can see it burning) via the Butane gas being ignited.we personally have used this in -13c/8f temps and it worked fine.It’s really well made, and designed for portability.Weller is a great brand,. and we did a ton of research before we bought this iron. as we had been through a half a dozen other “cordless” irons. and wanted something that worked.This was what we found.There was another that was as good, but it had issues where it would break in 6 months for most people. so we went with this one that is dependable. as it isn’t super cheap for an Iron,. But that said. it’s currently $36.71,. and for a cordless Iron that works. even if it wasn’t as good as this thing is. It would be worth it to me.we would honestly pay $100 for this Iron all day long.Now we will say, it’s not AS good as a $400 Corded Iron with the whole dial setup that you would have in your shop working all day long everyday on PCB boards, etc. But it’s PORTABLE (non-corded) and not $400 — But, it’s worth EVERY penny of the cost.we like the fact it uses Butane,. Butane is relatively cheap, and easy to refill (few seconds with the Butane can on the bottom). and we filled it once. did a 2 week long job using this and never had to refill it. so it goes a fair bit on one “fill” of butane.Of course that is dependent on how long you keep the Iron on.we tended to ignite it and let it sit for 10 seconds at most. while we put flux on the what we were doing. and then picked it up and it was definitely hot enough to solder (faster than our corded iron for sure).Then we would cut it off after each solder because it heats up so quick to not waste gas.It has a dial on it to set the gas flow. which will correspond with temperature of course. so that helps you adjust it to your liking for temp.we see no real faults with it — As you may or may not know. finding a CORDLESS soldering iron that is worth using is a difficult task in and of itself. then finding one that is reliable is another task.we honestly believe this is the best you can get for the money.we are sure somewhere there are $300-$1000 cordless irons somewhere for more commercial use. But we use our iron a few days a week. and it lasts.As with our other irons, we keep solder on the tip when we put it up. this has helped our irons last longer . you may disagree.Bottom line,. the price is very reasonable. pays for itself the first time you use it and are like. Ahh. we have needed this portability and quality for the last 10 years.nothing Beats being away from a socket. etc — Or just not having the stupid wire in your way and being able to manipulate the solder with ease with this super hot Tip/iron.– we even used it INSIDE our car on some rewiring work we were doing . and it worked beautifully. and burns/errors would only have been our fault with letting solder drip, etc. If you are careful you can use this thing literally anywhere.It get’s super hot, but that heat is confined rather well in the tip (It heats from the middle core, and that radiates up to the tip above it.) — So it doesn’t burn up everything around it due to the heat.we would say it has the same chance of burning things around it due to temp as a corded iron would. no more , no less.Hope that helps.

Question Question 3

Can You Change The Tip?

Yes, you can change or add different tips that are also sold on .

Question Question 4

For How Long Does Each Refill Last? (On Average)?

It depends on quite a few things. If you fill it all the way, and use it at a low flow setting, it lasts quite a while. There are lots of variables including the outside temperature around the iron and the can, if you turn it off when not in active use, temp setting, and that type of thing.This is a convenience use s It depends on quite a few things. If you fill it all the way, and use it at a low flow setting, it lasts quite a while. There are lots of variables including the outside temperature around the iron and the can, if you turn it off when not in active use, temp setting, and that type of thing.This is a convenience use soldering iron, not really a use everyday iron. Not really for intricate use, or temperature sensitive soldering.

Question Question 5

Is There Some Trick To Get This To Ignite With The Soldering Tip?Torch Tips Light First Try Every Time. Only Having An Issue With The Soldering Tip.?

They should light just as easily. Double check the tip in installed right. Gas on. Few clicks. And then give it a few to see if it warms up. The fire may not be entirely visible.

Question Question 6

Will This Solder Sterling Silver Jump Rings In Jewelry Making?


Question Question 7

Power Rating?

1 – 10 we say 9. Just don’t solder real thick cable like batteries cable.And if you always work on things, always have extra butane.

Question Question 8

Can This Be Used For Wood Burning?

Great for wood burning and you can buy different sized tips. we use it exclusively for wood burning and we love the short handle. It allows you to hold the pen more like an actual pen.

Question Question 9

Our Torch Is Leaking Butane. How Do We Fix This?

Are you putting the cover on it-that shuts off the gas valve.Use soap water to find the leak.If leaking from the filler try poking it with a small drill to clean out debris.Not much help but some thoughts.

Question Question 10

How Do You Fix Them When They Won’T Strike? We Have Bought 3. The 1St Is Great, But The Other 2 Won’T Strike Despite Being Fully Charged.?

This soldering iron uses a piezo-electric igniter. When you pull back on igniter lever, you should hear a loud click.If click is heard, soldering iron should be lit.Make sure that soldering iron cylinder is full of butane and fuel adjustment knob is open.If this does not solve problem, contact manufacturer of of so This soldering iron uses a piezo-electric igniter. When you pull back on igniter lever, you should hear a loud click.If click is heard, soldering iron should be lit.Make sure that soldering iron cylinder is full of butane and fuel adjustment knob is open.If this does not solve problem, contact manufacturer of of soldering iron as there are no consumerfixable parts. on soldering iron.

Question Question 11

Is It Also A Torch??

No, it should not be used as a small torch.That’s why Harbor Freight sells their inexpensive Pencil Torch item # 94185.

Question Question 12

We Know This Is An Odd Question, But If You Wanted To Move The Burner Assembly A Foot Away From The Tank And Switch, Could You Figure Out How To ?

It would be very difficult, as the tip screws on and stays on by means of the actual body of the soldering iron. And if you don’t have a tip, it is incapable of functioning at a practical level.

Question Question 13

Gas Is Flowing And I See Spark But It Will Not Light. Using A Lighter We Were Able To Ignite It. What Could Be The Problem?

Try turning the gas flow up a bit using the control on the bottom of the solder iron.Mine likes to be about 3/4 of the way on when it is cold.Make sure it is filled with Butane.

Question Question 14

How Many Tips Does The Kit Come With?

It comes with 5 tips.Kit includes tool with five tips (PPT6 3/32″ double flat soldering tip, PPT12 flame tip, PPT10 hot knife tip, PPT9 hot air tip, and PPT11 hot air deflector tip), sponge and tray, tool holder, storage case, and instructions. Mfg. #P2KC. Replacement tips available.

Question Question 15

Where To Find Additional Tips Or What To Search On For Them?

Type in Weller P2C solder tips in the search bar.

Question Question 16

Can This Unit Be Used As A Micro Heat Gun? Ie Directing A Stream Of Hot Air Away From The Tip?

There is a flame port on the side of the tip where enough heat is available to shrink heat shrink if you are very careful.Heat is not forced out of that port just in close proximity.The tip itself is solid like a standard soldering iron for electronic soldering.

Question Question 17

What Tip Does It Come With?

You can purchase the torch with a single soldering tip for about $28 or you can purchase the kit for $38 which includes five tips . See the listing for details on the assortment.Overall, very high quality product compared to the cheap knock-offs.

Question Question 18

Can I Use Any Universal Butane Refill Canister With This Iron? Weller Wb1/Wb2 Butane Canisters Are Unavailable In Our Area.?


Question Question 19

Will The Easily Solder 14 Through 8 Awg Auto Primary Wire?

Yep, 8 would take a little bit to heat but it will. we went from a Matco butane that we used for years and bought this after it broke. This heats faster and works better at a fraction of the price. we use it daily to wire test equipment on prototype vehicles and it was money well spent.

Question Question 20

What Is Overall Size ?

The overall size is 7″.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Weller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit, these might be useful for better understanding.

We would buy the portasol pro piezo 75 kit, which has the same butane soldering unit, if we could have a do-over. This kit does not include the fine and broad solder tips that are included in the similarly priced portasol 75 kit. That makes the portasol 75 kit a better value considering the tips cost ~$12-$15 each if purchased separately. The p2kc kit performs wonderfully but soldering is limited to what you can do with the ppt-6 3/32″ tip.

We love these weller gas soldering irons. The best thing is that it comes up to heat very quickly, no long spool up time as with electrics. Conversely it cools off quickly as well. These are very efficient with the fuel, we don’t have to refill too often, you turn it on, solder, then turn it off, you don’t keep it running continuously. It has a heat resistant cap, so you can toss it in your toolbox without having to wait long for cooling off. We have found we used this for all our soldering jobs and not using our electrics unless we have a long drawn out project. Another feature which is great is that it activates heat shrink tubing beautifully. Best way to do that, much better than a bic lighter or match. There is a small “exhaust” hole you aim at the heat-shrink and boom you are done.

One of those tools that- once you’ve bought it- you don’t know how you ever lived without it. We initially planned on just getting one of those cheapo radioshack butane soldering kits for the odd occasions that we need to solder wiring in our car, but was talked into this one by one of our cousins, who owns and uses an older version. We were initially hesitant because of the price, but we are really happy we bought it. This is an exceedingly nice, well-thought-out kit. We really love the fact that it comes with a stand for the iron that clips into the case. Whats really nice is that- due to the way its angled- you can either put the iron in from the top, angled down (for soldering) or from the bottom angled up. (for when you want to heat/torch things without having to hold the tool in your hand)we also really like the fact that they give you a separate spot for the cover, so that you can store the tool with it on or off. We initially thought we wouldn’t use the hot knife, but its very useful for cutting nylon rope, as it both cuts and fuses at the same time giving you nice neat rope ends. The torch and the hot air tip are both very useful. We really like that it comes with a sponge for soldering. The butane lasts a long time- at least an hour. We really don’t need to refill it that often, and we use it very, very often. However, note:if you don’t already have a good soldering iron, and don’t have an urgent need for in-the-field soldering, get yourself a good weller soldering station first. The iron in this kit perfectly useful, mind you, but if we could do the work at our bench with our electric soldering station, we would do so every time. With butane, you always have to be mindful of the jet of heat shooting out of the exhaust port. That is the nature of all butane irons (that we know of), however. Just know what you’re getting into, and you will be extremely satisfied. Would we buy this again? yes, many times over.

We recently bought a new weller p2c, as the one we have used for many years (at least 10) developed a small crack & the butane would leak away. This is one of the most useful tools you can own for small electrical soldering tasks. Things you will like:* very good functionality & fit to the hand* super portable. You can take it anywhere. Work bench, up a ladder, or inside a cramped boat engine compartment* excellent proximity of the gas on/off & the ignition buttons* good control of the butane flow rate* simple to fill & to easy read butane level* easy to replace the tip* good safety design — the tool can be immediately capped after use to avoid accidental contact with the hot tipwe won’t generalize to say that a +10 year life span will be typical, but we certainly feel we got our money’s worth.

This beats all the battery-powered soldering irons and all the cheap ac irons you can find in electronic stores by a long shot, while being smaller and not that much more expensive. There is a gas flow control, but no exact temperature control, so it still won’t replace a decent soldering station. However, for quick work in the field and small fixes, this one is king. It’s reliable, runs for a long time, doesn’t require you to hold down a button, doubles as a heat gun, smaller than most battery soldering irons, and can reliably solder wires onto heavy metal plates and large ground planes quickly without you having to worry about cold joints.

We love our little butane soldering iron/heat gun, and since we got it, we use it a lot more than we thought we would. It’s really compact, starts cleanly and easily, and does exactly what it claims it can do. If you get the set of tips for it, you widen your value quite a lot, since you can shrink tubing on electrical connections, heat up recalcitrant glue, get into tight spaces and add a little heat to speed curing of epoxies and so on. In fact, we really cannot think of a single thing we don’t like about the weller p2c butane soldering iron, and that is saying quite a lot. Weller makes good tools and they have never steered us wrong, so we had high confidence going into this purchase. They sure didn’t let us down.

If you’ve never used a butane soldering iron before, we would recommend you try one. It is very nice not to have an extra wire dragging around the workplace when you are trying to get something done. Temp control is lacking compared to an electric, for obvious reasons, but you sort of learn how to manage it properly. The multiple ends on this are very useful ie theory, but so far the only real use we have seen is just messing around with them as a little homemade pen torch, though the “blower” end is pretty useful for heat shrink tubing in tighter environments, so long as you are careful. This seems pretty good. We have had it flare out now and again, but it always lights right back up again. This model seems relatively well made, so we would recommend using it if you are doing inexact soldering work in places where traditional soldering irons just won’t work.

We work out location and need a portable soldering iron, that did not need electricity. We chose this one after looking at meany different types on . We are glad that we did choose this one. We have found that it lights easily with it’s igniter from a cold start. It also easily relights when hot as well. It heats up very rapidly, but not so hot that it melts everything as you solder with it. We mostly use it with #12 through #18 wire and alike. For small components, we would be very careful; the tip is rather large. The exhaust port on it’s tip, also works well for heating shrink tubing.

Made in ireland. So nice to see a moderately priced tool that’s not made in china. Good heat output and feels great in the hand. Its a little bigger than a corded “pencil” iron, but for the portability, it’s hard to beat. The value(paid 26 dollars) is excellent for this, it feels well built and worth way more. Heats up fast and the trigger start is a great bonus. The one caveat is the trigger start doesn’t seem to work if the gas is turned to either the max setting or the low setting, but is that’s hardly a concern. We can’t believe we spent so many years wasting our time with a radio shack butane soldering iron that wasn’t much more expensive than this. We can’t wait to get different tips for this.

We love this soldering iron. It is easy to turn on, quick to heat up, and best of all we don’t have to worry about accidentally melting the power cable. The iron is very easy to handle and about the perfect weight for tacking down a joint or just soldering loose in-the-air joints, which we end up doing a lot of in the car. The solder tip is not our favorite, though very easily replaceable. The tip that comes stock has a beveled flat end that is about an eighth inch long, too clumsy for delicate instruments, but good enough for our work. However, we would prefer a conical tip. Also, we don t know if this is a pro or con yet, but the tip does not cool down very fast at all, in fact, sometimes the unit is so hot after we turn the gas off, that a minute later we can turn the gas flow back on and not have to relight the torch. A very nice feature is that the torch is completely contained, no open flame. And it is self-lighting, just a little slide button to click when it needs to be lit. According to the specs, when completely filled with butane, the torch will last for an hour of usage at maximum gas flow. And when we filled our torch with the $3. 99 tank of butane, we probably used about 30-40% of the tank. That is far less expensive than batteries, which can t heat an iron nearly as hot. Perfect for on the go, we highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lightweight soldering iron for hobby projects and repairs.

We had one of these a few years ago and it finally died when we bought cheap grocery store butane and used it a few times. We were warned about that and used what we had. They work great and are fantastic irons otherwise. The case is great for putting everything in one place. We found the weller fuel for under $5 and am stocking up so it doesn’t die on us again.

We have had countless el-cheapo radio shack corded soldering irons over the years. For casual diy soldering and light hobby duties, the radio shack units are capable. The tips do disintegrate quickly though, and you’ve always got to be hyper aware of the heated iron’s tendency to follow the whims of its cord. The irons themselves are so light and the cheap cords so stiff, you need to work hard at making sure the iron stays put; not burning self, carpet, table, etc. Then you still need to deal with the damn thing while it’s cooling down. We finally bit the bullet and picked up one of the weller butane units after escrow closed on our new home. For casual use, there is no comparison. This is the cadillac of light-duty soldering irons. It heats within about 30 seconds. A full tank lasts a sufficient amount of time. It lasts even longer if you turn off the unit while placing parts/components. Considering how quickly it heats, you’re better off to just turn it off than leave it running if you’re going to leave it sit for more than about 15 seconds. Best off: no more cords. No need to position your work close enough to an outlet or have to hunt down an extension cord. The unit is idiot proofed with a cap that forces the iron into “off” mode when capped. When you’re done working, just cap the iron and put in with your tools. Though the cap does get warm from the radiant heat, it is thick enough to stay cool enough to touch as the iron cools. The only downside is heat that comes from the exhaust port. If you’re unaware, it could be easy to accidently burn something.

Best thing we have purchased for our boat repairs yet. We love this thing. Lights easily, easy to determine if it is lit, stays lit and works in breezy outdoor conditions. Used it for soldering marine connections, shrinking environmental shrink coverings, and even cuts/melts our halyard ends. Highly recommended 10/10 would purchase again. We are going to be so sad when we inevitably drop it over the side. Comes in a decent useful carry case, has two hot air tips, a melting wedge and of course a mid sized soldering tip. Seems well made, we have dropped it a couple times already and no issues.

We have owned a few cheaper butane irons over the years and when we purchased this was left wondering why we waited so long to get the right tool for the job. First, it looks, feels and performs like a professional tool. It is easy to use, heats to melting point in moments, and can operating continuously for well over an hour without a refill. The tips are top grade. The innovative cap design automatically shuts the gas off when the job is done. All in all, it is as good as it gets.

The best portable soldering iron / heat gun you ll ever get in the market. Very reliable and it will last for a long years of service. We are maintenace engineer/ automotive and industrial mechanic / electronics tech and mobile electronics technician. We almost use this tool every single day at our work place & even at home. The last one we had still works , just the clicker /igniter doesn t work but it still fires up if we spark it with a lighter and we have had it since 2006 ,when it just first introduced out in the market ( bought the kit in sears for $99 + tax with the case and 4 diff kinds of tips for it including a small roll of solder) . We will strongly recommend for you to buy this one and you ll see what we are talking about. We could not believe when we saw how much the price dropped down that s why we got us a new one .

This is our third butane soldering iron and much nicer than the admittedly cheaper ones we have owned previously. The piezo-electric lighter is much easier than the zippo-style flint wheel found on cheaper irons and we really like the fact that changing tips doesn’t require any tools. We also appreciate that a variety of replacement tips are available. Durability will have to be determined but the build quality appears really good.

Wow this works about a million times better than we expected. We were getting very frustrated with soldering and starting to wonder if we were just an idiot. We watched youtube videos, read articles, etc, yet we could never solder anything. The solder just would not melt unless we touched it directly to the tip. We realize now it was because we were using the cheap electric soldering irons that are less than $20. Within 5 minutes of opening this up we easily and successfully soldered in a new fuel injector harness in a friends car (rats or mice chewed through the old one). It saved over $1000 on it’s first use since ford wouldn’t do it, they wanted to replace the whole wiring harness not just the one fuel injector harness. We can finally solder things. It’s super portable too. Best tool purchase we have made in years.

Great soldering iron. Glad to find it as a stand alone iron and not a more expensive kit. We used this for usdical device manufacturing. We have 1/2 dozen in use each day and replace two or so a year. The kits have too much stuff that we just throw away as they are not useful for our process. Find a stand alone iron is great way to save money.

Used to install dual 158db air horns with two 1. 5 gallon air tanks, electric trailer brake controller and back- camera , quick 50amp connect/disconnect 12v weather protected plugs for electric wrench on our new chevy silverado 1500 super cab . Don’t know how we got along this long installing automotive electrical wiring harnesses with out this little jewel . Fast , efficient and clean wiring soldering . Works great on large soldering jobs like 6,4 all the way down to 1/0awg copper wire.

Our old radio shack iron was problematic. It was difficult to light with the built-in flint sparker, the control valve was prone to sticking and it often leaked butane. Still, it served us for nearly 20 years, so we guess we shouldn’t complain. When it finally died (control valve no longer functioned) we found this one. First off, this one has a piezo igniter, which instantly lights the iron with a single click, every time. Since it heats up very quickly and is so easy to re-light, we don’t hesitate to shut it if we need a few minutes between soldering connections, which saves a lot of butane. And unlike our old one, the tip is replaceable in case it wears out or you need a smaller tip for fine work. It’s a great product, particularly if you need to work where electricity isn’t readily available, we sometimes use it in our house for quick jobs, just because it’s easier than stringing an extension cord. It creates plenty of heat for any typical household or automotive purpose.

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