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Westmed Kink Resistant Oxygen Supply Tubing

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Westmed Kink Resistant Oxygen Supply Tubing.

  • Laytex Free
  • Clear in color
  • Kink Resistant
  • Basic port
  • Pack of 1

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Size: 7 Feet|Color: Clear (1 ) 7 feet of oxygen supply tubing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Westmed Kink Resistant Oxygen Supply Tubing.

Question Question 1

Is This Crush Evidence Likewise??

Up until now there have been no issues with kinking or squashing. our mommy is 100 percent pleased with this product. We want we would have found this product earlier

Question Question 2

Is This Smell Free?

we put on t understand that it s absolutely odor free, however it doesn t have that strong plastic odor that numerous do.

Question Question 3

Does This Curl Up Like The Green Ones Do.?

still snuggles some however not near as bad as green ones

Question Question 4

How Thick Is This Tubing?

The tubing wall itself has to do with 1/16″, outside diameter of tube is about 5/16″

Question Question 5

How Lots Of Channels?


Question Question 6

What Port Is To Be Utilized With This Tube?

has it. 1215 -0 tubing port at $.58

Question Question 7

How Come You Leap From 7.00$ To1800$?

our rate has constantly been $6. we do not understand where you got the rate from $7 to $18

Question Question 8

Does This Deal With Pari Vios?

Was expect to however, it blew at the location to link to the machine.our partner and we believed it seemed like a weapon shot.Scared both people to death, as we were standing right by it when it blew.we bought Medline oxygen tubing after that and it appeared like it was going to blow as our partner completed his treatment. Was expect to however, it blew at the location to link to the machine.our partner and we believed it seemed like a weapon shot.Scared both people to death, as we were standing right by it when it blew.we bought Medline oxygen tubing after that and it appeared like it was going to blow as our partner completed his treatment.we guess these products on here are not the density required for these makers.

Question Question 9

Does It Fit Neb 24 Motivation Nebulizer?

we have three various nebulizer and it has fit all of them we believe most nebulizers air outlets have to do with the very same we believe we have a Philip’s and a Drive plus another that is various we have have had no issues it fitting on the outlet on our oxygen concentrator or the water bottles either. Practically a universal product.

Question Question 10

Where Is This Tubing Made?

we are not exactly sure however it is great tubing. No issues with kinks at all. we would suggest.

Question Question 11

What Is The Inside Diameter Through Which The O2 Circulations?

we are not exactly sure however we believe it s a basic size. Fit completely on the air focused. It doesn t kink at all.

Question Question 12

Does This Tubing Include The Canula Atached?

It does not, however the canula can be purchased individually.The one we purchased from Westmed was likewise soft and versatile and well worth it.

Question Question 13

Is The Port At The End Versatile To Fit Over Diffrent Brand Name Machne (House, Travel)?

Yes, we linked on our daddies house oxygen concentrator that his insurance coverage supplies along with on his portable oxygen tanks.

Question Question 14

Whats The Distinction In Between Kink Evidence And Kink Resistant? We Notification Yours Does Not State Kink Evidence.?

we do not believe you can get one that is kink”proof” This one comes close.

Question Question 15

Will This Product Work For A Tabletop Compressor Nebulizer? Our Tubing Broke And We Simply Required A Replacement.?

It depends upon the nebulizer. we have a Phillips resperonics nebulizer and it has a various linking end pieces on it. You can look right here on, browse the brand name of your nebulizer it will reveal replacement parts, not pricey.

Question Question 16

Is This For A Nebulizer?

we purchased 50 feet 0f purple tubing. Way excessive for a nebulizer. 7ft would be terrific for you. Am a respiratory therapist thankful we might assist

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Westmed Kink Resistant Oxygen Supply Tubing, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

If you are on oxygen in the house, and utilize a 50 feet tube to navigate your home, you require to buy this now. It does lay flat. Straight out of the bag, we warmed a microwaveable heating pad, we purchased on, folded it, and gradually pulled the tubing through the pad. It s flat on the flooring. No more curling or flexing. Definitely the very best. We are putting in another order today. Its worth 10 stars.

Our relative usages an oxygen concentrator 24/ 7 and has been having a hard time with the green tubing for years. Tripping, getting twisted in and disappointed with the kinks and coils of tubing that shut down her air supply. Then we bought the westmed tubing. It has made all the distinction worldwide. It lays flat and does not kink. It is a god send out to us. A basic thing like this tubing assists a lot.

We have been on oxygen for over 8 years. For 8 years we have been tripping over our oxygen tubing. We are thought about a fall threat, so tripping over kinked tubing isn’t enjoyable at all. We recently found out about this tubing. Naturally we never ever became aware of it since our medical provider does not bring it and we asked them to, they ‘d simply take a look at us cross-eyed and state no. First thing we discovered when we opened it was that it was coiled. Oh terrific. Once we took it out of the plastic and ran it down the corridor, it was not coiled. We lays flat right out of the plan. The next test was entering into the basement to do some laundry, and then back up the stairs. Yes. Still laying flat and no kinks. We didn’t stress one bit about tripping over it, or getting it tangled around our legsif you resemble us and reside on supplement oxygen and looking for a really kink-free coil-free oxygen tubing, this is it.

We are extremely pleased with this purchase. We are so pleased we purchased this for our partner. No more attempting to untangle and unkink a ball of unsightly green tubing and it getting stuck on something or cutting off his air. It s been 6 weeks considering that we got it and it hasn’t tangled up as soon as. Despite the fact that the oxygen business provides the green tubing, we can never see us returning to that mess. We would rather pay for this anyhow.

Offers our moms and dad the movement to move her house without requiring to carry a tank or depend upon much shorter lines connected together utilizing links that typically hang up on components and furnishings. Has a ‘plastic’ odor when first utilized however that fades after a couple days of usage. Great for o2-dependent individuals that are still self-mobile.

So far we like this tubing vs the green they provided us with the devices. The green tubing is stiffer and if and when you kink it, the kink can end up being bothersome. We have utilized the green for about a year–and even making sure not to coil it and coiling it, there were kinks. This brand-new hose pipe is not as stiff and more versatile. Now it will get coiled up and twisted, however it is a lot easier to straitenout Utilized it for about a week and like the way it deals with. The outside diameter is smaller sized, most likely inside too– however has not trigger an issue with oxygen shipment, that we can inform. In general, like this tubing and will examine back in a few months with an upgrade.

We can not rank the resilience of this product since we simply got it. However as quickly as we unrolled it from the plan we might feel the distinction. It lays flat. Not in kinks and coils and tangles like other lines we have. Well worth the worth to me. Now lets see the length of time it last. If its just a month or 2 it is still well worth it.

We are going out on a limb however we have put this to a test and our company believe it is going to be what it states just utilized it for 6 days up until now however was quite rough on it and the ones we have utilized prior to would be kinking by now so we are intending on purchasing more soon.

Almost as much as the green ones we have utilized for numerous years. The hose pipes are a little smaller sized and the fittings too. We have utilized the first purple hose pipe we purchased for more than a month now, and am extremely happy with its capability to withstand twisting and tangling. We do utilize swivel ports on each end, for it appears in our journeys about your home, we need to turn more one way than the other. Insufficient to decrease one star, however the fittings on completions may be simply a bit smaller sized than on the green ones. The swivel ports do not fit tight adequate to withstand pulling apart in some cases as we drag the hose pipe around your home. Over all, we will buy it once again.

We purchase this for our father, who is on an oxygen concentrator and has a cat that bites holes in his tubing, so it requires to be changed relativelyfrequently Extremely low expense, great quality and shipping fasted.

We buy a fantastic lots of things online from and have never ever sent an evaluation. This tubing is incredible. No kinks or twists or tangles. As marketed. As a 24 hr. A day oxygen user, it has cut our aggravation consider half. Buy this product. It deserves it.

We are so happy that we followed the suggestions of others in our copd group and went with this o2 tubing. We might inform as quickly as we opened it and hooked it up that it was going to lay much better and not be twisting and kinking or holding up making tripping on it a danger. We like this hose pipe and will quickly be bought more.

This is the first tube that worked for our mom in law. We had a lot difficulty with televisions they were offering her. She now utilizes this one and she has no issues any longer (we did likewise buy a swivel to link it to her nose piece to assist it move without getting stuck) we put on t need to fret about tripping.

This is a fantastic product. Now let’s be sincere. It is directly as quickly as you unroll it. The tubing is much lighter that the others. It is kink resistant, and so you understand it will kink. We reside in a quite big living location. It remains quite directly, you simply require to watch and ensure when you’re strolling back and forth to various spaces, to be mindful to correct it backout We have had it for just about a month, and it just did kink as soon as and now we keep a little better eye on it. We like it and bought more in various lengths. Thank you for a fantastic product.

We have been utilizing the routine oxygen tubing and we were continuously needing to untangle it. Some days we untangled the tubing 2 or three times. This brand-new tubings does get tangled up, however much less typically than the routine tubing, we are happy enough that we bought more to be utilized with our portable oxygen system.

Great hose pipe. Permits our relative to put her concentrator in another space while utilizing, hence making it quiter and not in the way.

Other kink-resistant hose pipes are okay for an instant – ultimately the resistance to kinks disappears and the throughput ends up being less than ideal. This one is much more long lasting and keeps its shape, enabling for the appropriate oxygen circulation.

We were amazed by how quickly the cable moves from space to space. It does not kink or bind. We are so pleased with this product that we rapidly bought 2more It does have a small medical smell that rapidly disappears.

We are pleased with this tubing. The green one was constantly getting twisted and kinkedthe purple tube does not kink and it lays flat on the flooring which is terrific we run our tube all around our housethis is terrific.

We have never ever had an oxygen cable that is “kink proof” previously. We can range from space to space turning every which way on all 3 levels and still no kinks. We extremely reccomend this product. Super quickly delivering too.

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