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Westmed Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Westmed Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask.

  • Concentration Mask
  • Adult Size
  • 7′ Kink Resistant Tubing
  • Clear in color
  • Pack of 1

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Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Westmed Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask.

Question Question 1

Does This Simply Cover Your Nose?

It covers the nose and the mouth.we see it for our father a few days ago. He had something decrease the incorrect pipe and he didn’t have sufficient air to cough it up. Put this mask on turned the O2 as much as 5. Within a couple minutes he had the ability to cough it up. Conserved us a journey to the ER

Question Question 2

Does This Deal With Cpap Maker?

Links do not compare. This is for oxygen.

Question Question 3

What Is The Liters Per Minute Ranking?

The circulation rate is 6 to 10 liters/min.

Question Question 4

Will This Deal With A Pulse Concentrator (Inogen One G3)?

we think you might however we do not believe it would be any benefit over routine nose ones. These work better for greater pressures.

Question Question 5

Can This Mask Be Utilized With A Nebulizer?

we would believe you might with no issue as long as television hooks to your machine.we do not utilize a nebulizer so we do not understand for a reality.

Question Question 6

Does The Connection Swivel?

The connection point does swivel 360 degrees if needed.Highly advised by me. we simply got my own a few days ago and like it. our evaluation must appear quickly.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Westmed Medium Concentration Oxygen Mask, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This little gem is an issue solver. We have been on oxygen for a few years now. In the house with our big consistent oxygen generator often the nasal canula would slip off throughout the night. We have attempted numerous methods to make it remain on. However none worked 100%. When we get up and it has fallen off we can inform our oxy levels had dropped. The last time (the other day early morning) both of our hands had numb finger pointers. We did not have our lil oxy checker convenient however we presumed this might extremely well have been because of low oxy. Alarmingly low. Last night we slept with this mask on and it remained on simply great and on a 2l circulation setting. We inspected this am upon waking and our oxy level was99 Next issue resolved. We have concerns hanging out far from house if we need to sleep over night unless we were to carry among the huge m tanks around. Being a mouth breather when we go to sleep, breathing in thru our mouth (naturally) does not trigger the regulator on our mobile tank. So once again. This ain’t great. So naturally. Our oxy level will drop and might drop precariously low. This problem has kept us limited from taking a trip if we need to sleep over night someplace, unless we were to carry among the huge m tanks with us and put it on consistent circulation. Which is a helluva inconvenience anybody on oxy understands. Utilizing this face mask it does trigger the sensing unit on our mobile tanks regulator. And utilizing a setting of 4 our oxy remains in between 97-99 (we will experiment with a lower setting tonight). Permitting us to utilize the smaller sized mobile tanks for over night remains if required. However that is not the genuine perk. Equipped with this understanding we believe we can validate springing for among those inogen systems. Due to the fact that then we might take a trip with no requirement for a tank at all on over night journeys. Fingers crossed. However we see no reason that this would not work with the integrated in regulator/sensor on the inogen. With this purchase. We simply purchased us one to evaluate. Today, understanding it works. We will acquire a box full so they last a while. All of us understand that with usage these things get stiff and get uncomfy with usage. We hope this lil evaluation assists out other folks on oxy with the comparable concerns. Others might well have currently resolved these exact same concerns, however it took us some head scratching and experiments to work this out for ourself.

We bought this face mask to change out with our cannula. We have congestion issues & often have a tough time breathing thru our nose. Considering that we need oxygen all the time this can end up being an issue. This face mask resolved our nasal congestion due to the fact that now we can likewise breath thru our mouth. This little gadget has been a true blessing for us. We have a little face & the mask fits completely. The cost is great & it showed up on time. We have even bought a 2nd one for emergency situation backup.

Simply what we required. Easy to use and comfy.

Great product. Fantastic cost. We got this mask extremely rapidly. We would certainly buy once again.

This came rapidly and the quality was respectable for the cost.

It is best.

The air flow is great mask runs rather little.


The product was comfy fit well and work as explained.

Fantastic product thanks.

We bought this for times when our father requirements some extra oxygen. The other day he had a piece of food decrease the incorrect pipe. We turned his oxygen as much as 5 liters, however still could not cough it up after 30 minutes. We remembered we had this mask and put it on. Within 5 minutes he had sufficient breathe to remove it. Conserved us a journey to the er.

Fits extremely well and feels safe and secure.

Great for greater oxygen level requirements. Comfy and reliable.

Quick shipment and fantastic product.

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