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** LIMITED LIST PRICE ** REQUIREMENT EDITION: 2016 abum from Canadian indie-rock/garage-punk trio, taped in Los Angeles including ‘Hungry’ & ‘Kiss Me When I Bleed’.

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We heard this band for the very first time in a hotel space on the indie channel. We have not even listened to all of it the way through, simply the samples and a couple full tracks. We do not require to. This album is extraordinary. This lady is kim offer for the twenty teenagers. We sense we would not like the earlier things. This is a real rock and roll album. It seems like the pixies, breeders, evanescence, and nordic metal had an orgy 9 months back and the infant is simply as smart as the moms and dads, and more youthful and all set to kick her moms and dads in the groin. Its an extremely innovative record. We can’t consider anything else that combines some of the production and technical intricacy of the last years with the organic rawness of fantastic rock and roll along with this album does–and does not sound derivative of any of its impacts. We hope they keep blasting like this, however they’ll most likely tone it down to foot the bill later on due to the fact that individuals will not value. This is the greatest female frontwoman perhaps. Ever, vision-wise. And who appreciates anything else? (well, practically everyone in fact). We hope she composes books if the music thing does not workout Okay, we listened to their last record– even harder and quicker than this one– however less well balanced. We believe they’ll find that this more well balanced method on this record is in fact more powerful. Kurt cobrain confessed nevermind had a power in utero didn’t. The songwriting on this album (talking white lung paradise once again) is much more interesting than their older things. We question where they’ll go next. Anywhere they desire.

Fantastic guitar playing fantastic tunes excellent celebration cd put it on and wait for individuals to come to you asking “this is great . Who is this???”.

Every tune on this album is so ill, the only problem we have is it’s just 30 minutes long. Am absolutely going to be on the scope for some more white lung.

All excellent.

Why exist just 7 (now 8) evaluations of this?. This is one tight punk-pop record. Chock loaded with exceptional rockers, produced incredibly well, and provided with fantastic design by a singer who appears to be directing courtney love. (other than we much choose this band’s structures to hole’s.) we can’t wait to see them live when they concern boston. Get this and support this amazing band.

There are the typical whisperings about “going soft/selling out” surrounding this brand-new cd. We need to state we disagree completely. We believe the band has simply developed its attack, structured the currently amazing songwriting. Mish has kept in mind that these tunes are not born of anger and aggravation as in the past, rather composed mostly in the 3rd individual now that she has found a degree of joy and stability in her life. We are both pleased for her, and pleased that it has remarkably led to the very best release of their profession up until now. We keep returning to this once again and once again. In an age of the non reusable, white lung have produced something ageless.

A development of the band that takes them into brand-new however reconizable noise. Tracks like “below” and “hungry” are unforgettable with memorable hooks that will be stuck in your head long after you listen to them.

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