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Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser

Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser.

  • This exerciser is meant for INHALATION (breathe in) exercise and measurement. It will work upside down if you Exhale. Made of good quality materials that last longer.
  • Can be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly- helps maintain bronchial hygiene and avoids infection
  • 3-balls Lung Exerciser inhaling breath measurement system. Helps in achieving maximal lung expansion and strengthening cough effort which helps in maintaining clear airways
  • Detailed instructions for Exercising, Calculation of Inspired Volume and Cleaning are provided.
  • Very effective in asthma and building stamina

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser.

Question Question 1

To Be Clear This Is To Measure Lung Capacity Not Build It.This Machine Has No Resistance.Isn’T It Just A Home Pulmonary Function Test?

To exercise properly, you should not try to max out the 3 balls faster, but EACH ball should take at least 1 second to rise to the top.The 3 chambers have inhalation rates inscribed on them- 600, 900 and 1200 cc/sec. This means if the first ball is suspended in the air for 1 second, inhalation is 600cc of air and so o To exercise properly, you should not try to max out the 3 balls faster, but EACH ball should take at least 1 second to rise to the top.The 3 chambers have inhalation rates inscribed on them- 600, 900 and 1200 cc/sec. This means if the first ball is suspended in the air for 1 second, inhalation is 600cc of air and so on for all the 3 balls. Taking one second for each ball, total inhaled volume will be 2700cc or 2.7 liter. Inspiratory capacity for healthy adults is 2.4 liter to 3.5 liter, so this device is sufficiently designed to exercise as well as measure your breath

Question Question 2

Will This Help Oxygen Levels, Our Oxygen Level Drops After Walking & We Want To Build Up Our Oxygen Levels?

It seems to have helped me. It will give you an accurate idea of how deeply you can breathe and if you are getting the stale air out. For the price, you can’t beat it.

Question Question 3

What Are The Dimensions?

The dimensions are approximately 5″x5″. Compact but does the job.

Question Question 4

We Ordered This But Received A Box Of Chalkboard Markers Instead. What Do We Do?

return it

Question Question 5

Is This For Inhale And Exhale? Thank You In Advance For Your Assistance.?

Inhale only.

Question Question 6

How Can We Get Replacement Instructions, We Lost The Ones That Came With It?

buy a new one they are relatively inexpensive

Question Question 7

Which Type Of Device Is This: “Pressure Threshold” Or “Targeted Resistance”?


Question Question 8

Is This Durable Enough That It Does Not Have To Be Replaced Every 3 Months Like Another Kind Of Incentive Spirometer?

It is very durable. we have had mine for a long time and use it regularly.

Question Question 9

Can This Device Be Used By Children?

we believe so.Unless they break it, the balls can’t be removed.we would supervise them with it, but the mouthpiece is small enough to fit in their mouth.

Question Question 10

Were There Supposed To Be Instructions Included In Box ?

There are instructions included with this device.

Question Question 11

Continued – More Detailed Info On Disinfecting?

Wash thoroughly in warm to hot water.we soak mouthpiece in vinegar-water solution for 20+ minutes, then rinse and soak it in baking soda for natural PH balance.Keep it clean and you will be OK.

Question Question 12

Can We Use This While On Oxygen?

there is no flame so i would believe so but beat to check with dr. it will increase your lung capacity. but if your on oxygen you dont want to hyperventilate while doing this

Question Question 13

Where Is This Manufactured And Warehoused?

we do not know. Brand Poly Ciser

Question Question 14

Is It Dishwasher Safe For Washing?

Haven’t tried dishwasher, heat when drying might cause balls to melt or plastic to crack but we don’t know that for sure. Easy enough to disassemble and wash by hand, let dry overnight

Question Question 15

Is This Considered An Inspiratory Muscle Trainer (Imt)? I Need That.?

Yes it is. Is very helpful to bring your lungs in shape.

Question Question 16

How Long Is The Breathing Tube?

long enough to get the job done

Question Question 17

Where Can In Get A Copy Of Instructions . Missing?

we also need a copy of instructions.Mentioned the fact that they were missing in our review.

Question Question 18

What Country Is This Made In?Is It Bpa Free?

Does not state country of origin and there is nothing on the box either.

Question Question 19

Continued – Don’T Have Bag To Store It In Between Uses, And There’S No Detailed Info On How To Disinfect.Anyone Know The Material The Bag Is Made?

There was not a bag to store it in between uses.we plan to disinfect it by washing it in hot water and dish detergent.

Question Question 20

What Brand Of Disinfection Agent Should Be Used?

our speech therapist said to clean movable parts with warm soap and water after every three days of use.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser, these might be useful for better understanding.

Because we have adult-onset asthma, our sister-in-law (a cardio-pulmonary nurse) recommended that we purchase this to exercise our lungs. At first, we were able to move only one ball in the chamber. With more exercise, we can sometimes get three of them to rise and remain elevated. It will take some work for us to get all three elevated consistently. We also can see the difference in our lung capacity before and after using our inhalers. Our sil said it’s important for us to ensure that all of our lungs’ air sacs are inflated regularly so we can train them to give us maximum oxygen when we need it for exercising, stair climbing, or other activities that require effort. Normally, she asks her patients to use it a few times each hour, waiting about two minutes between attempts. This device is easy to use, even for young people or seniors. We like that the tube can be detached for washing. It’s also affordable, which was another selling point.

We needed to get this product for our beautiful and loving mom who is 88 yrs old. She came out of the hospital 2 months ago from slipping into a coma. She has been on an oxygen tank for24 hours a day, but just recently that time has decresed. This item is invaluable to us because she gets to exercise her lungs and see her progress. We practice throughout the day. At first, she could only get one ball up, then a few days later she got the second ball up. The third ball is now halfway there, but not all the way up, but she’ll get there because she is tenacious and has a strong will to live and be healthy. It is important for her to see visually her lungs are improving :). We made a game out of it. She laughs at times using it, and it gladden our hearts. Laughter is the best medicine. This is a high quality product that we truly recommend to anyone who wants to improve thier lung capacity. It a gift from heaven. It came promptly and in great condition. We give this item5 stars ??????????.

We suffer from severe copd. This tool forces one to breath in more effectively. We use it every day and we make progress. We do not really like it but it is a must for people like me.

We bought this for our relative who has developed asthma in recent years. She is very interested increasing her lung capacity. Complaints are the instructions are bit obscure. It appears that the goal is to get the first two balls up to the top and then ‘float’ the third. This is basically impossible. The exit holes on the three air columns are progressively smaller and in order to ‘float’ the third ball, you need to reduce the air flow. When you do, the first two balls drop. If the third ball goes to the top is closes the air exit and you can no longer exhale. Wife still feels it is helping her.

We bought this for our mother after she fell and broke two ribs. The lung exerciser helped to keep her lungs from becoming congested with the possibility of contracting pneumonia. Works great.

We have asthma triggered by a number of things. We have fairly good lungs considering but we have had some difficulty in expelling air in the last few months. Also our lung volume has decreased. We got this to improve our lungs and while it is to early to see results we can say it is easy to use and easy to clean/disinfected. No worries about it growing weird stuff or getting germs. With its ability to be taken apart and be cleaned and disinfected when we are done with it we could give it to our other family members who have asthma as well. It is super easy to use. We found lots of youtube videos for directions. The only thing that was a bit confusing was that other brands put the colored balls in a different order. Just look at the pictures here or at the white base on the inside to know which ones go where. It should be blue, yellow, red with the handle on the right and the tube on the left.

This is to improve breathing ability and it works well. It is a simple machine, easy to remove the tube for cleaning.

Took a bit to get the hang of what they mean by “inhale slowly”, but the product itself is ingeniously simple.

We have copd and wanted. Something to exercise our lungs and this works great. We keep it beside our recliner and use it several times a day. It really helps.

When we first received the wonder care deep breathing lung exerciser it was difficult to get the blue ball to even rise a fraction of an inch, but now on the third day of use, we are able to get all three balls to rise and hold them for more than a second. We used to be a professional vocalist and our breathing was important in our singing. Now that we are in our 80 plus years our singing occasions are rare. Our pcp suggested we do the deep breathing exercises twice a day and we agreed that we need the extra oxygen to our brain and body.

We found out we were shallow breathing most of the time. Because we were having blood pressure and heart issues, we decided to try to build up our oxygen intake in our lungs by using this machine. In only 3-4 days, our blood pressure was in the normal range and our arrhythmias were fewer.

We suffer from medication pneumonia and needed a new machine. We liked the fact that this has 3 sections to measure your lung captivity and we are able to see our progress.

As an rn with asthma, this product we find excellent . It s a good exercise in deep breathing for us both before and after we do our nebulizers treatments. Also , we like that it is washable. Great product.

We have copd and we use it a few times a day to help us to breath better. We works for us. We do not have to use the inhaler as often. We think it is a good lung excerise. As a medical device it is a fair price.

This product is simple to use and valuable for giving us more lung capacity. The cleaning process is necessary and could use a bit more detail. Overall, this is a useful product at a reasonable price.

Really helps our breathing capacity.

Doctor recommended an incentive spirometer to use throughout the day for increasing lung capacity after a fractured rib to prevent the onset of possible pneumonia. This spirometer registers inhaling only and not exhaling. A peak flow meter registers exhaled breath. This meter is small enough in size to travel with.

Works great. We use to keep our lungs clear and strengthen them. Seller shipped on time.

We get pneumonia often so thought maybe this would help me. It seems to do the job. We try to do it several times a week to keep our lungs and breathing in good shape.

Easy to use. Easy to disassemble and clean. We think the hosing could be a tad bigger to make it a lil more difficult. Other than that it worked well and we used it during a time it was recommended.

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