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WonderWink Women's Wonderflex Faith Scrub Pant

WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Faith Scrub Pant

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Faith Scrub Pant.

  • 52% Cotton, 45% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Lady-fit work pant featuring bootcut leg with reinforced seaming and split cuffs
  • Six total pockets: Two front pockets with two added hook-and-loop pocket layers, one cargo pocket, and one back pocket

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Wonderful, expect the unexpected. Top-of- the-line premium stretch fabric. No-expense-spared detailing. Truly innovative and modern styling at a fraction of the price you’d pay for similar products

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Faith Scrub Pant.

Question Question 1

Is This White (Cotton + Poly) See-Thru? The 100% Poly Is :(?

Hi alimom. we spoke with our production team and they said the pants are not see-thru. we also did a test by putting our hand and other fabrics inside the pant leg and they were not visible. That said, when we put a dark fabric underneath right up against it we could see a little color coming thru, but nothing too obvious.

Question Question 2

Would These Be Considered Mid-Rise ?

Hi Deb. Yes these are mid-rise. All women’s WonderWink pants are mid-rise and sit below the natural waistline.

Question Question 3

Is The Pewter Color A Dark Or Light Gray?

The charcoal is their darkest gray, we are not sure about pewter. If you go to the wonderwink web site and choose the wonderflex collection, it has little pictures with the color and trim that were the closest thing we found to see the true color on the 3 sets that we ordered.

Question Question 4

What Color Would Be Closest To Turquoise?

Real teal if you want a green turquoise.Malibou Blue if a blue turquoise.

Question Question 5

We Are 5’5 Do We Go Small Or Small Petite?

Small petite

Question Question 6

We Wear A 28 What Size Should We Buy We Wear Small In Most Brands?

According to wonderwink a size small is a waist of 26-27 and a medium is waist size 28-30Thank you, According to wonderwink a size small is a waist of 26-27 and a medium is waist size 28-30Thank you,Customer Service

Question Question 7

Is The Fabric Is Thin Like Polyester Or Is It Like Cotton? Is It Flimsy?

The fabric is a blend of 52% Cotton/45% Polyester/3% Spandex with the lightweight properties of polyester and sturdy hand of cotton.

Question Question 8

Has There Been A Change To The Drawstring?Love These Pants But Comparing The Older Ones To The Newest Pair There Is About 2″ Difference On Each Side?

Not sure if it has changed. Is long enough for our chubbiness

Question Question 9

What’S The Difference Between Small Petite And Small?

Petite is a person (adult) who height is 4’10-4’11 and small isjust an adult regular small. 100-110 Ibs is consider small. we hope you find this helpful, it’s just an educated guess.

Question Question 10

We Are 5’9″ Do These Run Short? Even When Ordered Talls?

What is your leg length? we are 5’4″ but our legs are only 29″ long. For me, the regular is too long but petite are too short. The regular would fit well with a 31″ inseam.

Question Question 11

How Many Inches Shorter Are The Petite Xs Vs. The Regular Xs?

Wink scrubs typically have about a 1.5in – 2in difference between Regular and Petite. They quote an inseam of 31″ for regular, 28″ for Petite and 33″ for Tall.With the XS size, there is likely some variation from those numbers but the difference should be about the same.

Question Question 12

We Don’T See A Size Chart Listed With The Product? What Are The Measurments?

we usually wear a 14 and xl is rooour.L is comfortable.

Question Question 13

How Do We Start A Return For Item Purchased Too Big?

Just go to the item where it shows your orders and proceed to return.

Question Question 14

Is Petite For Shorter People?

Yes the petite is a shorter length.28″ Inseam.

Question Question 15

Whats The Scrub Top Pair Of Faith Scrub Pants In Carribean Blue?

Style 6108,6208,6308 and 8108 in Carribean blue will all match. Thank you,Customer Service

Question Question 16

Do They Run Big?

Actuallywe found the length is long but the width runs small.we had to order a larger size.

Question Question 17

What Size To Buy We Are 5’3” And 105 Lbs?

we would say a small or XS but with out measurements we cannot guarantee a fit. Here is the size chart for a size small and XS. Small size 6-8 Waist 26-27 and Hip 36-37. Size XS 2-4 Waist 24-25 and Hip 35-36.Thank you,Customer Service

Question Question 18

Do These Nursing Pants Ride Low On Your Hips? They Look Low In The Picture. We Need Ones That Go Up Higher.?

Mine do not. we love that they have the waist tie that you can adjust to tighten. we are currently losing some weight and makes its nice not to have to run out and buy new scrubs right away ๐Ÿ™‚ But again, for us they do not ride low.

Question Question 19

What Is The Difference Between White And True White?

Hi Dena, the true white is a brighter white and has a slight blue hue to it. The white is a softer white and has a slight yellow hue to it.

Question Question 20

Whats The Scrub Top Pair Of Faith Scrub Pants In Royal Blue?

we don’t understand what you are asking.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on WonderWink Women’s Wonderflex Faith Scrub Pant, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have both the wonderflex faith cargo and the grace flare pants. We like the faith cargo scrubs more because the fit is looser, so that the sizing feels more as expected. In general, as you’ll see from various wonderwink reviews, the scrub pants tend to fight tight in the seat and rear so it’s recommended to order a size up if you have a curvy lower half. The wonderflex material is lightweight and flexible, but we don’t think it’s “stretchy” in the way that other pants with lycra feel. We like that the elastic and drawstring go all the way around, so it helps the pants stay up. We tend to have a problems with scrubs in general in that they feel like they slide down when you bend down, as those in healthcare often have to do. Or if you carry too much in your pockets, the pants tend to slide around also. These pants have numerous front and 1 back pocket so it’s super practical. The fit is a wider straight leg. If you like a more clean and streamlined, fitted look, the grace flare may be more to your liking. We have usually ordered wonderwink scrubs, and we are now a big fan of their wonderflex line.

In our 40 years of nursing as a critical care nurse, we have not had a more comfortable, better fitting and fully functional scrub set as these. The fabric lets you move with ease and you are never having to pull anything up or down or adjusting your garment, etc. You nurses know what we mean. Lol.

We are an apple shape and usually wear a 28-30 in women’s plus sizes and the 5x fit us fine. The waist comes up really high on me, above our belly button, but we prefer that in a work pant. The length is perfect, we are 5’10”. We have washed them about 3 times and they haven’t shrunk up, but we haven’t put them in the dryer. They have stretch to them, but not so much that they’re baggy by the end of the day. Very happy with these scrubs. Update: they do fine in the dryer. No shrinkage.

Our new favorites. Would be nice if the inseams were listed for petite, regular and tall. We found those measurements on another seller’s website. For size small, the petite has a 28″ inseam, the regular has a 30. 5″ inseam. These run true to size when compared to other major brands. Fits at our waist, but we are short-waisted. Drawstring wraps all the way around. Enough stretch to easily fit items in your pockets and not look like the pants are painted on yet not enough stretch to make them look sloppy. We ordered in black first and then ordered just about every color.

Petite fits true to size. We are short with short legs so buying scrubs is always a challenge. We also have trust issues when it comes to the sizing of brands when ordered online. They fit extemely well. We never have to worry about tripping over these scrub pants. They also stretch a little bit of you’re worried about being able to bend or run or squat. Black is true to color and unable to see through the material. The only improvement would be to have a better quality fabric. We make sure to use fabric softener with these, but even so, the material is lower on the skin appeal scale. This was not a deal breaker for us, but inknow everyone is different. We have paid anywhere from $10-$50 per scrub pants. So we have been in the cheap and the expensive brands before, and we will say that these scrub pants are decent for the price. We have also purchased a different line of scrub pants from this company and the quality of the material was very polyester-y. These pants were much higher quality, but they still have room to improve. Overall, good for price and would definitely buy again.

We are currently a student in a histology program, so we are in the lab all day. We need to be able to bend, squat, sit, lean in for things and stretch; these are very comfortable and allow us to do all these things without having to adjust them. We have received numerous compliments on the color and style and even have been asked where we got them. They are bit long, but we knew that buying them; since we ordered regular instead of petite (they didn’t have them in petite). We are 5’4″ if that helps you decide on length. The color is vibrant and exactly a in the picture. Our only concern is that the material doesn’t breath, but it is light weight enough that it shouldn’t be a problem we hope since we wear scrubs, an undershirt and lab coat that doesn’t breath at all. We plan on getting a few more of these in different colors. So buy them now before we do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ we hope this answers any questions someone may have since we know buying a comfortable, well fitting, cute (for scrubs) and affordable scrubs can be a challenge when you are wearing them for long long days. We bought the 4-way stretch shirt to go with them in the same color and they match up great. Oh and did we mention that they have a elastic waste all the way around. Hard to find in a scrub and it ties too. Big bonus for us.

These pants where referred to us by a co-worker. They fit perfect around the waist with the draw string to adjust if necessary, multiple pockets for storage for iphone, etc. We wear a medium but it runs a little big so we ordered small. The length is great because we like our pants to fall over our sneakers. The picture shows us with tights on under due to the cold weather. We purchased 6 total when we were done. Washed already 3 times and no shrinking, love these.

Thick enough to be comfortable yet durable as well as stylish. Love the pants – length was appropriate for the size ordered (we ordered petite and they are perfect). Our only complaint with these is the drawstring. We do wish it was a little elastic because with these when you tie them, it stays good. We have done the potty dance several times trying to unknot them because we tied them too tight a few times. Lol. The hips and thighs are generous enough if you are hourglass like ourself. Most brands of scrubs are way too tight in the thighs to be comfortable for 13+ hours plus if you aren’t very young and have a toned figure, no one wants to be looking at that. Comfort, functional, stylish – yes, yes, yes. The pockets are in good places and we have not had any issues/complaints with the tops or bottoms of this line to date. Bought one pair as a test (because we are picky and a hard person to fit correctly) then immediately bought several more.

We love these scrub pants. They fit beautifully. As a matter of fact, these have been the only scrub pants that fit us properly. (we are 5’4″ so we did have to hem them, but we have to hem all our pants, so that was to be expected. ) they wear really well and wash really well. We pull them straight out of the dryer and just smooth them out with our hands. The best thing is the stretch fabric. We are smaller in the waist but larger in the hip and rear, so the drawstring allows us to pull the waistband to a comfortable and workable size (our former all-elastic waistband scrub pants would start to fall down in the middle of the workday. We are not kidding. ) we can bend, lift, carry, everything we have to do during our 12-hour shift as a respiratory therapist in a large city hospital.

We like these pants. We ordered l petite (we are not “fat” per sey, but we are little chunky. We have very wide hips a and a big butt) and we agree with another customer on here that they assume if you have a big hips that you somehow have giant legs. So the bottom part of the pants are very baggy. Still the best looking pants on me. They have a four stretch variety and we couldn’t handle it, they looked so terrible on us and cut into our love handles and hips. We are just concerned that these pants will wear away in the middle of the thighs eventually after some time. We wonder if the fabric being “flex” will prevent that. We ordered two shades of grey. Charcoal and pewter. Be aware that these scrubs have a notch around the neck that’s a different color, if your unit or employer doesn’t allow that. All in all we would recommend them for everyone of all shapes and sizes, they’re flattering and cute.

These scrubs are the best, we always go to the local store and try on and then order on because the price is amazing here seems that this top fit a little smaller than the large we tried on at the store but it still works as long as you don t dry them. We would hang to dry as the length in the top and the sleeves will shrink a bit. The length in the pants will also shrink up some if you dry them we are 5 9 and weigh 170lbs. We order the large tall dont dry the shirt and dry the pants since they shrink in length a little bit as well and if we get the large reg they will b too short in about 6 months. We have ordered multiple pairs of these and always just reorder you can t beat the price and quality also you will never find stretchy good quality scrubs like this for this price anywhere else.

Beautiful fabric. Great color (turquoise). We ordered a xxlarge based on experience with this seller and it is just a touch too big. The length of 31 inches, but blousy. Adjustment with the elastic and tie waist. Cargo pocket not long enough for an iphone 6 plus. But with great service and a price we can live with, we are happy. After many washings and machine drying the fabric is still excellent. Color is true. Would love something else made of of this fabric.

We love these scrubs. They don’t ride too high or too low on the waist, so we are not constantly retucking our undershirt and hiking up the pants. We love the full elastic waist plus drawstring. We are 5’4″ and ordered a medium – the length is perfect. We hope they don’t shrink to become flooders. Our last wink scrubs did. This is a different material, however, so we have high hopes. One suggestion would be to make the front pockets just a touch deeper. We put our iphone 6 in the front pocket and it is not a great fit when sitting down. The white are little sheer, but not drastically and we don’t think it’s even noticeable in the harsh fluorescent lights of the er. We also have and love the galaxy blue. First day we wore them, we got blood on them. Hit the med room with some peroxide and gone in seconds. We also think these scrubs are priced right. No way in the world we would spend $30 on scrub pants for work. Great price, great material, good colors and good fit.

First off we are guy writing this review. Yes purchased these scrubs on purpose for us. We were looking for a comfortable pair on light pants to wear to bed at night. We went to the local scrub store and found a pair similar to these on a rack. We tried them on not knowing they were designed for ladies. They first fine and we’re very comfortable to wear. So we took them to the counter to check out. The lady at the counter informed us that these pants are originally designed for women. She also said alot of guys have come into the store and purchased them as well. We said what the heck why not give them a try. We are glad we did. We loved them so much that we wanted another pair. So we looked on and the prices on are much better. So we bought this pair. The only slight downside to the pants are the openings to put your hands into the pockets are little small for our xl hands. We can get our hands in, but they don’t just float in. We also remind ourself that these pants are ladies with smaller hands than our paws.

We now own five pairs of these, so you can guess how enthusiastic we are about them. We bought the first pair for round the house but we have used them golf, gardening and shopping and have received several compliments. The leg pocket is just the right size for the large iphone. One caveat is that different colors are slightly different sizes – e. G. Our beige ones are slightly looser round the butt than our pewter ones and the pair of sage ones that we just bought is a little tight there compared to the others. The sage is also a much darker green than we expected. These also launder well.

We really like these scrub pants. They are very comfortable and the right length. We are 5’7″, about 150 lbs and the medium fit perfectly. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable, seems to be more breathable than other fabrics. Numerous deep pockets. They are similar to the dickies gen flex scrubs. However, they might be just a half inch longer which is great for us. We have not put them in the dryer so we do not know if they shrink. Unfortunately many of our other scrub pants (all heart, dickies genflex) have shrunk in they dryer. We are not going to take a chance since they fit so perfectly as is and air dry so quickly. We prefer the wonderflex patience scrub top with these since there is a badge loop on the top left chest area.

We do like the winderwink scrub pants. The wonderflex style is great for us. Lots of pockets, a elastic waistband with a drawstring. We really love the multiple pockets. Now, why didn’t we give this a 5 star review? we order the petite size and with past purchases that meant the pant’s length perfectly fit our 5’4″ frame at the extra, extra large size. The wonderflex pants are bit longer than we expected. For summer wear we simply rolled them up below the knee. However, when the weather gets cooler, and we roll the pant leg down they will be too long. It’s a small problem but one that gets 4 stars instead of 5.

We have always worn those low-cut, bootleg scrubs and we have had those for about 5-6 yrs. When they tear at the pocket or the crotch or up the back, we have put them in the mending pile and repaired them (eventually). We were at work the other night and noticed we could see light through the seams of the scrubs we were wearing and that’s bad. So we found these wonderwink’s and we loooooove them. We are 5’10” and wear a 3x in bottoms. These fit perfect. They have a little stretch which makes it so much easier to stand, run, walk, jump, push, pull, and all the other crazy stuff we have to do. The workmanship is amazing. French seams, bar-tacking at stress points, pockets everywhere. They have a drawstring made of pretty wide webbing and it slides very smoothly through the casing. There is elastic too. They sit at our waist and have straight legs. They were a teeny bit snug when we first put them on, but loosened up to a perfect fit as we wore them. The fabric is soft but feels sturdy. If you can’t find any. It’s because we bought all of them.

We love the wonderflex line of scrubs, especially these pants. We are in nursing school so we had to choose this brand (normally we wear cherokee). If you are curvy or can t stand stiff feeling scrubs but need to specifically purchase the wonderwink brand go with this style pant. We personally sized up to xxl tall- we are 5 8 and wear a size 14-16 in jeans, and usually and xl in scrub bottoms. The reason we sized up is because we previously purchased the wonderwink romeo/bravo style pants in an xl – they were stiff and tight with no stretch. The size up fit perfectly with room to spare. These are soft and even more flexible than the four stretch line. If your school/work puts down specific styles you will be able to get away with these unoticed as they are identical to the other lines and are available in most colors, mine had to be real teal . They are so comfortable we might buy a second pair in black just for work. Also if you size up and find they are baggy, the waist is drawstring so you can just tie them tight.

Best scrubs we have ever owned. We own almost every color. We are veterinary technician and animal hair wipes off easily. All the colors we have owned hold up to washing well and have not faded. We are very happy with wonderwink scrubs and will definitely purchase them again in the future. They’re the only scrubs that cover our rear end completely when we bend down so we don’t have to worry about mooning our coworkers. We are 6′ tall and these are the perfect length for us. They aren’t dragging on the floor under our shoes, and they aren’t high waters. The perfect length.

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