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XLEAR MAX Homeopathic Saline Nasal Spray with Capsicum

XLEAR MAX Homeopathic Saline Nasal Spray with Capsicum

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of XLEAR MAX Homeopathic Saline Nasal Spray with Capsicum.

  • NATURAL SINUS RELIEF & NASAL RINSE: MAX Xlear nasal spray with xylitol will gently clean and moisturize the sinus tissues with providing congestion relief. Unlike other normal saline nasal sprays our homeopathic nasal saline spray acts as a nasal decongestant for severe sinus pressure and congestion by targeting the primary causes of nasal congestion. Our nose spray will help reduce tissue swelling from pollen, pollution, bacteria and all other irritants.
  • IMPROVED FORMULA WITH CAPSICUM & XYLITOL: Our patented saline nasal spray solution reduces tissue inflammation and naturally opens airways. With added Capsicum our nasal decongestant spray features antimicrobial and antihistamine properties to help off sickness. Xylitol’s powerful oral and upper respiratory health benefits come from its unique five-carbon structure. Xylitol helps to reduce swelling and allergy symptoms by reducing bacterial adhesion on you nasal tissue.
  • SAFE NASAL RINSE & SPRAY: Our all natural nasal cleaner is safe for kids, non-addictive and Non GMO Project Verified and is effective without the use of steroids, drugs or chemicals. It s the ideal daily sinus medicine that will reduce swelling and open your airways. Use our saline nose spray before bed to help reduce snoring.
  • FAST SINUS PRESSURE RELIEF: Our natural saline nasal spray will wash away pollutants and help to bring relief to chronic sinus infection. Use our sinus spray daily to protect and keep your nasal passages clean. Each 1.5 oz bottle delivers approx. 240 fine mist Sprays so you can find fast and quick relief.
  • EASY TO USE DIRECTIONS: Clear the nasal passageway by gently blowing your nose before using Xlear. Prime the pump by holding the sinus rinse bottle upright and pumping one or more times until the saline solution is dispensed. Insert nozzle into nostril and depress pump completely while breathing in through your nose. Spray each nostril 2-4 times and use at least twice daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on XLEAR MAX Homeopathic Saline Nasal Spray with Capsicum.

Question Question 1

Does It Relieve Sinus Pressure On The Bridge Of The Nose?

we found it relieves pressure pretty quickly. we also think a single spray and then laying down or head back allows it to work into the sinus in our forehead pressure for us is worst. It burns a bit, but we would compare it to a quick brain freeze. It may also cause your sinus to drain suddenly and quickly so be prepared for that.

Question Question 2

Pepper Spray In The Nose? How Bad/Long Does The Pain Last? Is It Worth The Pain Over, Say Sinex?

It burns, not going to lie, but goes away very quickly.we are sick now with an awful sinus infection and we just started using it but we think our infection was settling in when we got the spray. we really liked the other XLEAR That is mild for daily use. we would not use this daily. It does clear our congestion though. Good luck

Question Question 3

Why Can’T We Use It Daily?

This product burned our nasal passages and palate. The regular Xlear is great though and can be used daily or more.

Question Question 4

Do We Have To Blow Our Nose After Spraying Or Keep The Solution Inside?

we first clean our nose with saline soln called Neilmed. After blowing out all mucus in Kleenex.we spray Xlear. Use thisregimen in spring and fall.

Question Question 5

Does It Unplug Your Ears?

Yes.Definitely the best Nasal Spray for unplugging ears. You can use it as often as you want, unlike prescriptions. Better than any prescription we have tried.There is a device that is called Eustachi that we like as well.

Question Question 6

What Percentage Ofcapsicumdoes It Contain?

First ingredient: Capsicum Annuum 8X HPUS. No percentage given

Question Question 7

Is It As Strong As Sinus Buster Nasal Spray? We Are Looking For A Replacement Since I Can’T Find Sinus Buster Anymore.?

You may find it isn’t strong enough for you as it appears the nasal passages get immune to a product after awhileAt least that has been our experience. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try a bottle

Question Question 8

We Are Prime Member Can We Return It If It Does Not Work?

Presumably.we think could give you a conclusive answer.

Question Question 9

What Is The Difference Between This And The Normal Xlear?Not Just Chemical Difference But Relief Difference?

we live in the dry Southwest part of the United States.we use the original X clear daily to stay more humidified and to settle the dust (several pushes) on windy days.we use the X clear Max For sinus pressure & congestion. It’s not as strong as afrin nor does it dry you out, and it might drip depending on the number o we live in the dry Southwest part of the United States.we use the original X clear daily to stay more humidified and to settle the dust (several pushes) on windy days.we use the X clear Max For sinus pressure & congestion. It’s not as strong as afrin nor does it dry you out, and it might drip depending on the number of push sprays you deliver.On a side note . we used the original X clear post surgically(major sinus work) with raving reviews from doc who was very impressed with our healing. we hope you like these products as much as I.

Question Question 10

Is This Brand Vegan?

Xlear is vegan.In addition to being saline, it contains xylitol which is a plant product.our dentisttells us that xylitol also provides an inhospitable environment for bacterial and viral growth.Win-win.

Question Question 11

Does It Give A Rebound Effect With Congestion. Is It Additive ?

No, there is no re-bound effect with this product. It has all natural ingredients. It works well for minor congestion, but so-so on full-blown sinus infections. It is not addictive in any way.

Question Question 12

Is The Product Vegan?

We appreciate the question. This product does not contain any animal products nor is it tested on animals. It can be considered vegan-friendly.

Question Question 13

How Does This Compare To The Old School Sinus Buster Brand That Is No Longer Available ?

It’s not quite on par with Sinus Buster, but it’s the best replacement we can find.That first spray still provides quite a “zing” and we double the sprays as necessary.we use a generic Flonase, but when it doesn’t seem to be working, Xlear provides the needed boost.Xlear also helps us with sinus headaches.

Question Question 14

How Much Capsaicin Is Delivered Per Squirt?

This product contains capsicum from which capsaicin is derived.we have no way to quantify how much capsicumis delivered per squirt.There is a definite perception of heat but not as much of a burn as capsaicin would have.we found it very effective at clearing our sinuses.we hope this helps.

Question Question 15

Does The Max Have A Higher Concentration Of Xylitol Than The Regular Formula?

we would have to check with the MFG to know for sure but think they have the same amount of Xylitol.But.the MAX has Aloe Vera and Capsicum Annum 8X HPUS and is far more effective in opening up the airways in your nose. It has a little burn but man, its effective if you have a plugged nose issue. 2-3 sprays we would have to check with the MFG to know for sure but think they have the same amount of Xylitol.But.the MAX has Aloe Vera and Capsicum Annum 8X HPUS and is far more effective in opening up the airways in your nose. It has a little burn but man, its effective if you have a plugged nose issue. 2-3 sprays in each nostril and within about 15-20 minutes you can breath again through the passages. It works, give it a try.

Question Question 16

How Does This Compare To The Original Formula?

Much, much more effective. has that pepper formula that will burn some when applied but in 15 min or so it clears up congestion so you can sleep.

Question Question 17

Does This Have An Expiration Date ? How Long Is It Good For Once Opened / Used ?

Everything has an expiration date, thats a legal requirement, we believe. But.we have used our XLear for over 12 months at a time with no issues. It works when many prescription drugs don’t seem to help us personally. Even the XLEAR without the MAX label works for us.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on XLEAR MAX Homeopathic Saline Nasal Spray with Capsicum, these might be useful for better understanding.

Few things can teach your sinuses who’s boss like capsicum. We have used xlear, a nice xylitol (natural sweetener) sinus spray for years to help clear our sinuses. Recently, we ran out and found that they had an xlear max. Who doesn’t want to take everything to the max? we mean if xlear works, taking it to the max has got to work even better right?well, it does. Just be prepared. This isn’t for sissies. Mind you, they’ve added aloe vera, as if somehow throwing in a soothing ending is going to calm down your sinuses after the assault of pepper spray. Right now our sinuses are so afraid of us that we may never be threatened with congestion again. So, for that, five stars. Our sinuses know who is boss. We take the time to review our purchases because we know we rely on these reviews ourself when we make purchases blindly on . We hope you have found our review helpful.

We have been desperately ill with sinus issues for over 4 months with little relief from any source. We have had multiple tests (mri, ctscan, angio-gram, ekg, labs, x-rays) with no indication of why we are so dizzy. We went to an ear/nose/throat specialist, who put tubes in our ears. Still no relief. We saw a neurologist, who prescribed several medications. No relief. Our desperation led us to an internet forum where we read someone recommending xlear max nasal spray, so we ordered a bottle. Upon opening the package (at night) we immediately tried one spray in each nostril, praying for relief from the sinus pressure. We were ready for any amount of pain, and didn’t care, as long as we get some relief from the sinus pressure. The pain from the spray is nothing to really mention. It’s nothing compared to chronic sinus pressure. This spray has really helped to get our sinuses to open up and begin the long process of clearing out. We are using one spray in each nostril up to three times daily, until our sinuses clear. While the package instructions say 1-3 sprays into each nostril once daily, not intended for daily use, we have spread the sprays out throughout the day for the best results. We are not symptom free but we are feeling better than we have in months. Xlear max sinus spray really does go to work to relieve our sinuses of inflammation and pressure. We feel this spray gets higher into our sinuses than other sprays we have tried, and we have tried several. We do have some rebound pressure after using this spray, like with any nasal sprays, but the overall relief is wonderful. This nasal spray is almost miraculous. We will definitely buy this again and look for the companies other products.

We do normal saline spray every day and a nasal spray so this didn’t burn us that bad since our nose is used to sprays. We bought this because our ears nose and throat doctor told us it was something we need since we always get sinus infections and other sinus issues. Our nose was stuff up and we had sinus pressure behind our eyes. We did 2 sprays in each nose and about 15 mins later our nose wasn’t stuffed up and we finally started to get some drainage after being stuffed up for 2 weeks. It did burn the box said it would so we did a half spray in each nose instead of full sprays the first time to make sure we could handle it. It burns but not that bad, everyone is different but it wasn’t that bad. On a scale of 1-10 it was l a 4 for us. Our nose did stuff back up a few hours later so we did 2 more sprays in each nose again and it did still burn just as much as the first time and our nose has been unstuffed every since. We just now did it again and it didn’t burn as much as it did the first 2 times. Our eye pressure is also gone. We gave it 4 stars out of 5 because we just started using it and we are not sure if it’s a 5 star product yet. Our nose does get a little stuffy many hours later and we have to do the spray again so we are not sure if it’s really getting rid of the issue or just not making it as bad. We need something to get rid of our stuffy nose and we have tried everything and this is best thing we have found so far this and the vicks inhaler relief for cold sinus nasal congestion but you can only use that for a week or you will make things worse.

We were unsure about buying this based on some of the reviews about nasal damage. However; we have followed the instructions and not overused it. We use it perhaps once every few days when congestion gets bad. We would have to agree that it really does open things up. The burning sensation when first inhaling is fairly mild and brief and goes away in about 5 seconds. We still use regular xlear every day just to kill any nasty stuff that may have gotten in our nasal passages but it doesn’t do much to relieve congestion. This does. Quite surprising and we feel it is a lot safer than other options like nasal steroids. We would say that the clearing effects last most of the day.

In florida sinus problems are fact. When the worst sinus headache could not be relieved, we used sinus buster nasal spray. It contained capsicum (hot pepper). The bottle states “intense relief. ” we would snort it, then in 2 seconds or less cough, and grip our nose. Intense, yes. After awhile a little drainage and some ease in sinus pressure. The pressure had to be bad to use the sinus buster. The reason we tried xlear max? it contains capsicum but also aloe vera and xylitol. We knew the capsicum was effective if you could stand it, but had read a lot that xylitol is beneficial for fighting bacteria. Aloe vera is soothing. Due to frequent sinus infections, eh? couldn’t hurt to try. Did not have high expectations. Holy moly. When it came today, we had the making of a good sinus headache (began last night). One spray to each nostril and the first thing we noted was a mild pleasant taste, a tiny tingle, then came the drainage. Unbelievable. No horrible burn or cough, just sudden complete relief. We will recommend this to everybody. We plan to extoll its vertues when we visit our doctor next month. Excellent product. We plan to never be without.

We suffer from a deviated septum. This condition has contributed to major loss of our sense of taste and smell. Xlear used several times a day keeps our nasal passages open and for the first time in years we can now taste food and have a general sense for smell. A great product.

We ordered this to replace a product called sinus buster that’s evidently not on the market anymore. The key ingredient in the spray is capsicum, which is basically from peppers. It instantly clears the nasal passages and we use it proactively to keep from getting sick when we have been exposed. This seems to work well for us, as we have been quite healthy. Our only complaint is that it’s not as strong as sinus buster, but for many people, that’s probably a good thing. Good product.

We are so thankful for this xlear max. We have used the xlear regular formula for quite a while (and we still will and do). But our allergies; even with zytec and fluticsone nasal spray and the xlear we were desperate for some additional needed relief. Sudafed, no help. Nothing. We finally researched and found the xlear max. We were skeptical about it because of people saying how much it burned, but we thought ~ it’s still worth a try. So we ordered it. We tried it, and yeah, it burns. But not that it was going to make us cry, and within less than five minutes, we didn’t have a problem. So, it totally cleared up the extremely mess in our sinuses. We did like another person said, and we used it about every 15 minutes, about three to four times in a row; then doing it three or four a day until the really bad sinuses cleared up. It too us like two days. And it really, fully cleared up our horrible, extreme a sinuses. If you’ve been there, you know exactly what we mean. We researched the capsicum, and it can burn because it’s made from a pepper. Go figure. However, it also said it will typically stop burning after each use in about 5 days, with a few people being an exception and reacting to it with terrible burning and not able to use it. So, for us; it’s an amazing relief when our sinuses just go extreme on me. Thank goodness. It was definitely worth the try.

Xlear max definitely has a “zing” to it, especially upon initial use. It is not quite as “surprising” after one is accustomed to it. It seems to help our nasal passages relax and drain better, and assists with taking the edge off a sinus headache. Using this (and fluticasone) allowed us to completely wean off a prescription anti-histamine; we are currently using xlear max twice to three times a day with the goal of discontinuing the fluticasone. We are pleased to find a product with more natural ingredients, which are non-steroidal and which don’t make us feel unnaturally tired. We are on our second bottle and will be purchasing more.

Don’t be fooled with the reviews claiming it burns so bad you have to rinse it. We are glad we ignored it. Those claims are blown way out of proportion. Nothing being sprayed up your nose feels “nice”. It doesn’t bother us at all.

Clears the heck out of your sinuses and doesn t leave them dry or have a rebound effect like afrin. It definitely has a stronger decongestant effect than regular xlear which we use regularly for dry nasal passages. Would definitely recommend this product in addition to normal xlear for anyone who has sinus issues and uses nasal sprays year round and is looking for a natural alternative to afrin.

We have gotten about 4-5 sinus infections in the last few months, with some serious sinus congestion. We couldn’t breathe at all out our nose (either one nostril or both), barely slept, and we were just miserable for several days. We tried both natural and medicated stuff to treat it. None of it worked too well or too long, or the side effects just sucked. A couple of days ago we discovered how awesome the regular xlear works to clear out the mucous, but our sinus congestion was so extreme that we had to use it over and over again. It worked, it just required several doses over about 10-15 minutes to get all of the snot out. Well today we got this xlear max and wow, it works. If only we had this stuff months ago, we could’ve saved ourself a ton of misery of not being able to breathe out our nose. It burns like everyone says, but it doesn’t last that long and honestly it’s not that bad. The burn is soooo worth it, it means it’s working. And it works really quickly, we are blowing out a ton of snot in less than a minute after we use the spray, and we can breathe so much better afterwards. We still don’t feel as great or breathe as great as when we don’t have a sinus infection, but this is the closest we can get we think. It’s pretty awesome. In a nutshell, xlear is great for everyday use when you get a little stuffy, and this xlear max is for serious congestion. We will never be without these 2 nasal sprays again.

This is the best nasal spray we have ever used. We typically have horrible allergies during pollen season. This has been the worst pollen season we ve had for a while and we can walk around the neighborhood just fine without sneezing or headaches. We just use it before going out and we have no issues at all. The pepper isn’t bad at all once you get used to it. And it s not addicting like other nasal sprays.

This is not for wimps. It’s definitely going to clear your sinuses, but it will also burn a little. If you don’t need the max version, the regular xlear will work fine. Otherwise, the max version does work wonders.

We are allergic to all antibiotics, and have chronic sinus problems. We have used xlear for about 10 years, and it helps keep it under control.

It burns so much but it definitely drains out your sinuses. Use with caution.

This product has helped us to quit using the steroid nasal spray that we have used for ten years. We have had hay fever for as long as we can remember. We use to get sinus infections then ten years ago we started using flonase and the infections stopped. We don’t like the idea of using drugs to stay healthy, so when we found that this product controls our allergies as well as the flonase it seems like a no brainer.

Seems to work at the start of cold. Seems to open things up in the nose. Would buy again.

Love xlear nose sprays. During this time of flu and viruses, xlear helps fight these ailments and gives a self peace knowing it helps knock out bacteria and reduces those affects of infection. Been using xlear for several years and we have been doing great without going to doctors for our allergies, sinuses, soar throat. Etc. , we will continue use every year. Best on market?.

Clears your sinuses pretty well if you use it often. Doesn’t burn as much as we thought it would.

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