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Xlear Natural Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refill Packets

Xlear Natural Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refill Packets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Xlear Natural Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refill Packets.

  • THE XYLITOL REVOLUTION: Xlear s revolutionary patented saline solution formula adds 4g of xylitol along with 2g of saline. Unlike the typical nasal rinse , this is a superior, longer-lasting, proactive treatment that tackles the root cause of congestion and infection rather than just relieving short-term symptoms. Our natural sinus rinse works great with any nasal irrigation system or as a replacement for neti pot salt packets as a daily nose cleaner.
  • MORE THAN JUST SALT: Xylitol is a safe nasal cleaner with natural ingredients that prevents irritants and bacteria from sticking to nasal passages while reducing swollen tissue. Our saline packets sinus rinse offers a superior nasal and sinus congestion relief and keeps sinuses healthy for clear breathing. Xlear natural sinus rinse can also be used with our nasal spray for alleviating severe sinus congestion.
  • REAL RELIEF AT LAST: Xlear s groundbreaking formula offers superior congestion relief brought on by allergies, sinusitis, post nasal drip, weather, colds, or smoky environments, remaining effective long after initial use so you can breathe comfortably. Quick and easy sinus buster, just add the solution to a sinus rinse bottle to find fast relief.
  • REDUCES SWOLLEN TISSUE: While the plain salt of regular saline water rinses can dry out the sinuses over time, Xlear s xylitol increases tonicity, allowing it to pull more moisture into your nasal passage for long-term moisture and reduced swelling. Can be used as a daily nasal wash with neti pots or sinus rinse bottles.
  • ALLEVIATE YOUR ALLERGIES & COLD SYMPTOMS: Naturally open your airways and reduce bacterial adhesion by removing airborne contaminants, pathogens, pollen, dander, dust, allergens, and more with Xlear s patented formula. Our rinse is also great to be used as a sinus cleaner to provide dry nose relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Xlear Natural Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refill Packets.

Question Question 1

Does The Powder Contain Grapefruit Seed Extract Like The Spray Soulution Does?

No it doesn’t have grapefruit extract in it.

Question Question 2

What Means The Digit In The Red Circle On The Box: 3 ( Sometimes 1 Or 3X )? What Difference?

we assume that means 3 times stronger in Xylitol powder. we used it for a month it helped us while we are using it. When we stopped using it, our symptom started it again. That means you have to use it every single day for a long time.

Question Question 3

Does This Use The Same Xylitol That’S Also Sold And Used As A Sweetener?

Please refer to this link for an answer: https://xylitol.org/xylitol-nasal-spray-recipe-whats-xlear/

Question Question 4

Is This Xylitol Derrived From The Tree Or From Corn?

Thanks but we don’t know the answer. You should ask the question to the manufacturer.

Question Question 5

Are Xlear Nasal Rinse Packets And Xlear Nasal Spray Gluten Free?

Yes, they are gluten free.

Question Question 6

Is This Xylitol Derrived From The Tree Or From Corn?

In the company website it says non GMO corn

Question Question 7

Is There A Photo Of The Vessel?We Have Never Used This Product And Can’T Tell How It Works.?

we use a plastic squeeze bottle whose top has a tube that exends to nearly the bottom, so it draws solution from there.You use it pretty much upright, not inverted.

Question Question 8

Does Xlear Make A Nasal Rinses Packet With Grapefruit Seed Extract Like In Their Spray Bottle?If Not, Why Not, And Does Anyone Have A Recipe To Add?

They list grapefruit seed extract is a preservative in the spray.The sinus rinse packets wouldn’t need a preservative.Just our opinion.Have to contact manufacturer for exact answer.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Xlear Natural Neti Pot Sinus Rinse Refill Packets, these might be useful for better understanding.

We were using neilmed in california. We visited montana where it was dry and we were getting sick. Their local health food store only carried this brand and ive been using it ever since. The xylitol in the product is soothing and this product doesn’t sting if the water/salt ratio is a little off. Ive never felt the painful feeling of water-up-our-nose with this product.

Im a bad” allergy, and sinus suffer. We were having very bad pain in our right nostril, a rinunitus suffer. After several day’s of rinsing with this product. We feel better than we have in a very long” time. Yes” we would recommend this. We haven’t felt fluid in our ears since. Not saying that it’s a fix all”, but we are saying that it assist in helping you have, and live a better quality of life.

Had sinus problems for years. Now – no more zertec – no more flonase – no more breathright nose strips. Use it twice a day – it works for us.

We ran out of our regular saline rinse and tried this – much better results. More moisturizing than regular saline – the xylitol really seems to open sinus passages longer too. Also gives you a slight sweet taste instead of the irritating salt taste. More expensive than standard saline, but if you suffer with allergy symptoms like me, it’s worth it.

We were skeptical when our doctor recommended this nasal wash. It is different from the salt action and much preferred. Although the saline packets did the job, our nose and the membranes feel so much better with xlear. The solution cleans our sinuses and has helped to keep away any infections. Great stuff.

We have had acute sinusitis for over 10 weeks. While it’s gotten better, we still had clogged sinuses and ear congestion (which caused lightheadedness). Yes, it was awful. And our first time having it (doc said it was from a viral and/or bacterial infection). Long story short, we were doing a saline rinse, flonase, mucinex and antibiotics. All of the above helped but we reached a point where we thought we would never fully get well. It was very frustrating and depressing (and we are not a depressed person at all). We found out about xclear from a facebook message board, this is our third day using it–third day–and our symptoms and pretty much gone. At this rate, we expect to be 100% healed within a day or two. It is a relief both physically and emotionally. We feel great and after being sick for such a long time, well, we highly recommend this product. We wish we had heard about it sooner.

This product is definitely worth your money if you suffer from allergies. The ragweed pollen count in our area this year has been especially high. If not for this product we would probably have to spend most of our day in the house on the couch sneezing and wiping our watery and itching eyes. We ran out of xlear and failed to order more before we needed it. We tried other products but they didn’t work. We spent a few miserable days until our xlear finally got here. Will not ever run out again.

This product has been very helpful with our sinus issues which are related to mold exposure. We were doing rinses with only sodium and doing alright but the xclear has been removing matter from our sinuses that we didn’t even know was in there. The second time we used it, a big blob or orange and yellow mucus came out. We will continue to use this product.

This product works well. We were used to the other saline packets so it took a bit to get used to the sweet taste of these. But we believe these work better. We wish they also sold a holder for the bottle so that it can dry and store more easily.

We like this product because unlike plain saline rinses, it keeps our sinuses open all night so we can breathe. The carton was ripped and bent when it arrived, but the product inside was fine.

Works great with all pots or bottles, we use one package. Our ent was pleased that we had found this on our own and asked us to keep using it.

We have been looking for a sinus rinse that was more than just saline and baking soda and this is it. Takes a few times to get used to the sweet after taste but it definitely seems to work better than just plain salt.

This was a prime item but we waited almost a week for it. We had a bad sinus infection and was very helpful this would help. We did work well once we receive it. We would buy this again.

It is easier on our nose. It does not dry out like it did with just saline products. We have issues with winter sinus infections and this keeps our sinuses clearer. Rinse every morning. If we feel an infection coming on we rinse both morning and night and so far it stops. Have tried many rinse products. This is the best for us.

Love these. They are great if your having sinus problems. We will buy them again.

Use these. They save your life if you’ve got sinus issues. Our sinus infection came and left within 4 days and we give the credit to xlear. Use their pressure bottle not just a netwe pot as well.

We suffer from nighttime congestion. This along with xlear spray have us breathing all night long.

Use for allergy since. It seems to break-up mucus and allows to open up sinuses. When we first ordered this product approximately 9 months ago the cost was $19. 95 for 100 packets. Just ordered and price has suddenly increased to $17. 99 for 50. Please don’t let this product get out of affordable range.

This product was recommended by a friend an$ is a great purchase.

Really works. We have mold at home and cat fur to deal with. Helps clean the sinuses so we can breathe when we are clogged.

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