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Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler

Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler.

  • Gently rub the nose to relieve nasal
  • Inhale to relieve nausea
  • Genty rub the temples to relax.
  • Ingredients : Menthol, Borneol, Camphor and Eucalyptus oil
  • Made in Thailand

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler.
About Us         Yadom Khun Mor Pim Saen Balm Oil is a clear essential oil extracted from the pure natural herbs. The best quality of Menthol, Borneol, Camphor and Eucalyptus are mixed in a specific proportion of our own recipe under Thai Traditional Medicine Recipes. It is our unique scent of fresh, light fragrant, cool and relax. We select the best packaging to keep the scent of fresh and cool from our factory reached your hand. They are also designed for your convenience to carry and ready to use anytime and anyplace. Yadom Khun Mor Pim Saen Balm Oil s herbal properties are an option at hand ready to offer for help when you feel dizziness or relieve stuffy nose. It is a nasal inhaler for external use only and its instruction is for inhaling or applying on your nose when you have the symptoms. An aromatherapy made you feel relax is an optional for people s happiness. Product Properties     Releive stuffed nose.     Relieve dizziness.     Gently rub to relax.     Cool and fresh breathing. Ingredients     Menthol 57%     Borneol 29%     Camphor 9%     Eucalyptus oil 5% How to Use     Tap the top or either liquid or handkerchiefs, napkins smell or rub your nose gently.     Take a breath with Yadom Khun Mor nasal inhaler as needed. Cautions     Beware of around eyes area. External Use only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler.

Question Question 1

Can You Put This In A Nebulizer ?

They do not include ingredients list – we wouldn’t use it in nefulizer, to play safe.

Question Question 2

How Many Items Are In This Set? We Can’T Tell If It Is 12, Or Only 3?

It is 12 piece in pack.Thank you It is 12 piece in pack.Thank youPiromdit

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Yadaom Khun Mor Thai PIM Saen Balm Oil Nasal Inhaler, these might be useful for better understanding.

We absolutely love this product and am happy to see it on . We use this product mainly for our allergies. We typically apply after a shower, at morning and at bedtime. We apply this after shower behind our ears, sort of behind and just under the ear lobe and also around the jaw bone joints. In the morning, we apply a small amount on the top and top area of the nose. This helps clear our sinuses and gives a little wake up boost. At bedtime we do the same unless our allergies are acting up. In that case, we apply liberally to us forehead, temples, nose and cheek just under the eye sockets. We then lay on our back and let it work. We started using products such as this a few years ago and have not looked back. We have used some of the competitor oils like this such as poy sian, golden cup and siang pure which also work well. They differ on ingredients a bit thus also have a different aroma, but the reason we use this product is simply due to the price. It comes in cheaper than the alternatives and for our allergies, the end result is essentially the same. After ordered this product from thailand, the manufacturer eventually told us that they listed this on in the 12 pack. We were happy to see this as we could get the 12 pack around the same price point but shipping was days instead of weeks. We have used this product and similar ones in this form and also in the 8cc package with cotton and the 5cc roll-on applicator. We personally find this packaging of the product easier to use for our specific needs. The uses of this product go far beyond only allergies and we consider it an essential part of a medicine kit.

We put drops of this thawe pim saen balm oil in a vicks-style diy nasal inhaler, and am blown away by how instantly effective it is at clearing our airway & stopping an unproductive cough. Thawe pim saen contains 30% borneol, wqhich helps explain its effectiveness over western-style menthol & eucalyptus inhalers. It took a while to arrive, as we expected, but was well worth the wait. Amazingly, it also clears our head. When looking up the benefits of borneol, we found it’s used to focus & calm autistic kids in a clinical trial. We are very happy with this purchase. Thank you for offering this product.

We wanted to try this because we hate paying so much for vick’s inhalers. These are pretty neat. You just dab a bit on your finger and under your nose. Don’t get it in your eyes or mucus membranes because it will sting like the dickens. We love the smell and it opens your sinuses very well.

Excellent product. Second time buying it. We wish it came in a larger size. Will definitely keep buying.

Took a month to get to colorado from thailand, but worth the wait. We like the packaging – the bottles are quality glass and really cute and small. The balm oil is very strong and smells of eucalyptus and mint. It is very refreshing for smells that may cause discomfort to certain individuals.

This is wonderful. It took some time due to coming from thailand but it was worth the wait. We immediately opened one bottle inhaled through the nostrils and instant relief for our allergies. Very strong and very good.

Good value. To us this is best used in inhalers that can be brought with inserts, and this is put on the cotton insert.

This we added a few drops to to the inhaler/,,,in little green bottle. Forget vicks,this is 10 times better. And last much longer. Than vicks inhaler. And cost so much less. We wish we had found this 20 years ago. Best purchase we have made from . Our nose is so clear now///we love it. We just ordered more. Really gives us a little thank you.

We wanted to get a natural broncodilator and found this awesome product. We did some experimenting and just boil a little bottled water and throw three drops in and inhale the steam through the nose and then repeat and inhale through the lungs and exhale. Very smooth and invigorating. Thank you.

It s really helpful when having a cold. Can inhale directly or put 1-2 drops on neck collar. Price is acceptable. Small and handy.

It gives you a good crearance of sinuses. We put it on a wick in our inhaler. It last for ever.

This is our second time buying it. These oil is strong. We help our congestion. Recommended.

Clears up a stuffy congested nose. Helpful to sleep also better than vicks.

Great products.

As described.

Great for clearing sinuses.

Good for cold and sinus.

We would travel round the world in person if they ran short of supply. No one else could come close to this combination.

We love it. Small enough to carry everywhere and enough oil in each bottle to last a week.

Works very well. Strong so it only takes a little. Just daub it in our nostrils.

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